Eros Meaning Astrology

Asteroid Eros Meaning in Astrology: Erotic Love and Desire

As a higher octave of Mars, Eros transcends basic sexual instincts and transforms them into a quest for spiritual enlightenment.

In astrology, Eros embodies the yearning for intimacy, the hunger for sexual passion, and the drive for soul-deep connections.

It transcends mere physical attraction, opening the gateway to the ethereal realms of the spirit, where bodies merge with souls, and destinies intertwine.

In the birth chart, Eros is primarily associated with erotic love and sexual desire. It can indicate the kind of energy that attracts us to others and the nature of our own sexual attraction.

Thus, this is the reason why Eros was the son of Mars and Venus in mythology, and it represents the generative masculine power that brought the world into creation.

When Eros and the Moon come together, a yearning for emotional closeness blossoms like a rose’s sensitive flowers opening to the sun.

When Eros and Venus join, it’s like hearing a symphony of yearning; lust and love fuse into one.

And when Eros meets Mars, a raging desire explodes, an uncontrollable rage that longs for the rush of the chase and the blaze of victory.

Understanding Eros is about unlocking the secrets of the heart, finding the divine threads that weave the fabric of love and passion, and shining a light on the road that leads to the union of souls.

  • Character: God of Erotic Love, Desire, and Sex
  • Keywords: Desire, passion, romance, erotic nature, what makes you turn on/off
  • Positive qualities: Passionate, charming, hypnotic, sexy, vigorous, alluring
  • Negative qualities: Horny, erogenous, lustful, lascivious, sexually blocked
  • Astrological associations: Mars, Venus, and Psyche

Disclaimer: Astrology suggests tendencies and potentials. The knowledge presented in this article serves as subjective guidance for your self-development.

Eros Meaning in Astrology

Eros, the Greek god of love and desire, found true love with the mortal Psyche, a symbol of the soul’s journey toward the ultimate experience of love.

Their union represents the transformation of raw, instinctual desire into a higher form of erotic love, which serves as a catalyst for spiritual growth.

However, Eros’ influence extends beyond the realm of sexuality. It also encompasses the passions that drive and inspire us in various aspects of life.

In the birth chart, Eros signifies what turns you on, your passion, erotic desire, sexual attraction, creativity, and vital energy.

According to Asteroid Goddesses, people with a strong Eros influence in the natal chart often experience an intense need to rekindle the thrill of falling in love, so they seek a constant state of romantic excitement.

The transits of Eros can serve as a timing mechanism for sexual activity and creative endeavors.

The sign and house position of Eros in our astrological chart can reveal where our erotic desires lie and the preferred sources of pleasure.

Challenging aspects involving Eros in our charts can highlight potential obstacles in our sexual potency and love lives, manifesting as frustrated desires or depleted vital energy.

It’s essential to remember, however, that Eros isn’t exclusively sexual – it also signifies creative passion and joy, driving us towards pursuits that ignite our spirits.

Eros in Signs

Eros in Aries

Eros’s arrow packs a seductive punch in the sign of Aries, where passions run high. In this placement, love is an intense feeling that begins as a spark of attraction and grows into a raging fire.

The Aries soul is a fierce conqueror, charging headlong towards the object of its devotion with all the bravery and boldness of a warrior.

When it comes to Aries, Eros is all about the thrill of the unexpected. Individuals with this location are naturally daring and passionately yearn for an exciting romantic partnership.

They aren’t afraid to be completely forthright about what they want and are often attracted to partners who will keep them on their toes.

Eros in Taurus

When Eros, one of the best love asteroids, dances with the grounded Taurus, he delights us with a seductive lullaby, inspiring a love that takes pleasure in the gentlest touch and most lavish caress.

This sign, ruled by Venus, entices with the appeal of a gourmet feast, a symphony of tastes, textures, and fragrances that wraps around the senses and draws the victim into a trance of bliss.

When it comes to love, Taureans who are ruled by Eros want security, sensuality, commitment, and steadiness.

Attractive to them are partners who can simultaneously satisfy their need for safety and their desire to explore their sexuality. These people take enjoyment in the finest moments in life and value aesthetic excellence.

Eros in Gemini

Love is a thrilling dance of wit and intellectual play when Eros twirls with Gemini, the airy twins.

Here, minds entangle and flirt with ideas, information, and clever banter; this is where the attraction is stoked. Together, their minds create a magical chemistry that goes far beyond sexual attraction.

Those with Eros in Gemini look for a mate who can keep up with their rapid-fire wit and insatiable curiosity about the world. They are naturally flirty and want to experiment with new methods of communication when in search of love.

Eros in Cancer

Eros discovers the depths of love beneath the starry waves of Cancer’s sea. This sign’s love is comforting and understanding, like a warm embrace.

Flowing with insight and empathy, the Cancerian lover is a soothing cream for the soul.

Therefore, Eros in Cancer yearns for close, secure, and caring partnerships. People with this placement are those who show their feelings through actions and protection for those they care about.

Eros in Leo

Under the bright spotlight of epic love, Eros dances in the lion’s domain, the sign of Leo.

Here, love is a dramatic show worthy of enthusiastic spectators. The Leo lover is a doting, loyal, and enthusiastic companion who takes great pleasure in grand romantic gestures.

Eros in Leo also longs for public displays of affection and ardor. Partners who can match their fire energy and satisfy their constant demand for attention are attractive to them.

These people aren’t afraid to ask for what they want, and they frequently look for love stories with epic plots.

Eros in Virgo

Eros tells tales of gentle love as he strolls through Virgo’s lovely gardens.

When Virgos fall in love, it’s a tender and careful giving, a safe haven where devotion and selflessness bloom into a supportive partnership. The Virgo lover is one who is patient, thoughtful, and careful, and whose “love language” is acts of service.

The beauty of the little things and the self-sacrificing nature of love are especially appealing to those with Eros in Virgo. Those with this placement are drawn to partners who are dependable and responsible, who put in the extra effort to make their relationships work, and who value the little things that matter.

Eros in Libra

When Eros moves to the soothing music of Libra, love transforms into a graceful dance of balance, tranquility, and peacefulness.

Here, people are looking for someone to create a beautiful duet with, someone to share the good things in life with. A Libran partner is a skilled diplomat who can negotiate and find common ground to keep the relationship in check.

As a result, those with Eros in Libra are inclined to look for partners who can help them feel like equals. Diplomacy, companionship, and charm are the means by which they communicate their wishes, and they frequently seek a picture-perfect romance.

Eros in Scorpio

Eros probes the depths of Scorpio for the source of all erotic desire, sexuality, and passion.

Love under this sign is a powerful alchemical alchemy of two becoming one. The Scorpio lover is a master of seduction, ensnaring their partner in a web of mystery and sensuality.

When it comes to love, Scorpions with a strong Eros desire profundity, intensity, and loyalty. Partners who can push them outside of their comfort zone and help them explore their inner world interest them deeply.

These people are also highly attractive because of the magnetic passion with which they communicate their sexual requirements and because they often seek out partnerships that offer them long-term commitment withstanding the test of time.

Eros in Sagittarius

Love is a thrilling journey of discovery when Eros soars with the free-spirit Sagittarius. People here are driven by a thirst for adventure and new knowledge, and they often travel together as they go out in search of the beyond.

The Sagittarius lover is a thinker, a nomad with a never-ending hunger for travel and a contagious excitement for the rich fabric of life.

If you have Eros in Sagittarius, you’re probably often looking for new experiences, more independence, and deeper spiritual significance in love.

People with this placement tend to gravitate toward partners who can help them learn new things and who share their enthusiasm for traveling. They use a sense of wanderlust as a means of expressing their desires, and they actively seek out connections with similar qualities.

Eros in Capricorn

Eros carves a stronghold of dedication and unwavering love atop Capricorn’s mountain. Here, people’s hearts join in a bond based on trust, accountability, and a common purpose.

The Capricorn lover is a master builder, capable of creating a union that can withstand the ups and downs of life together.

Therefore, it’s clear that Eros in Capricorn seeks stability, reliability, fidelity, and permanence in romantic partnerships. They’re looking for companions who can help them realize their dreams and provide them with a sense of security in love.

These people seek relationships based on trust, commitment, and mutual support, and they express their affection via dedication and responsibility.

Eros in Aquarius

Love takes on the color of invention and progression as Eros travels through the constellations of Aquarius.

People born under this sign have unusually rhythmic hearts, which make them attracted to relationships that are unconventional and question the status quo. The Aquarius lover is a unique idealist, a free spirit who values independence and freedom in the search for true love.

Therefore, Aquarius, where Eros resides, yearns for distinctiveness, liberation, and a sense of intellectual unity.

People in this placement often gravitate towards romantic interests who can both expand their points of view and appreciate their individuality. They find unique ways to communicate their wants and needs, and they look for out-of-the-ordinary partners.

Eros in Pisces

Lastly, Eros travels to the watery domain of Pisces, where love is a transcendent experience that blurs the barriers between self and other.

In this place, people’s feelings for one another mingle in a magical waltz that rips away the wall between them. The Piscean lover is a poet and a mystic who hopes to find ultimate meaning in the divine union of souls.

Pisces’ Eros hopes for unconditional love, a deep connection to the divine, and limitless compassion. Partners who can understand and appreciate their sensitivity and deep thoughts attract them.

These people seek connections that are profound, intimate, and meaningful, akin to a union of souls, and they communicate their needs and wants via sympathy and compassion.

Eros in Houses

Eros in the 1st House

Eros arrives at the entrance of the Self in the First House, where he assumes the persona of a handsome hero. When one is in his company, they will feel a surge of ardor that compels them to explore their own sexual passions and become more confident in their own attractiveness.

Individuals with Eros in the 1st House are captivating, intriguing figures. They may act boldly and relentlessly on getting what they want. They are born to be leaders in love because of their forthright, enthusiastic, and passionate approach to romantic connections.

Eros in the 2nd House

When Eros travels to the Second House, he finds a wealth of earthly delights that call to him and tempts him to give in to his baser desires. Here, he educates the natives to take pride in their own values and appreciate the inner beauty of what they already have within.

Alternatively, having Eros in the 2nd house encourages a more sensuous and erotic attitude to love and romance. People in this position have a refined taste and tend to show their affection through physical actions rather than words. They are committed to their relationships and do whatever it takes to keep them solid and secure.

Eros in the 3rd House

Eros is invited into the Third House’s maze of conversation and thought. The ability of words to create a seductive web astonishes him. He turns into a poet with a way with words, filling the ears of the natives with passionate utterances of love.

Those who have the asteroid Eros located in the 3rd house are naturally drawn to those who are able to engage in an in-depth discussion and satisfy their need for stimulation of the mind. Their relationships thrive when they are able to talk to one another about their mutual interests and curiosities, daily and consistently.

Eros in the 4th House

Eros returns to the warm embrace of his loved ones in the Fourth House. He skillfully makes his way into the innermost recesses of the heart, where he shares the knowledge that true love springs from inside and spreads to the world, making the home a place of warmth and kindness.

The presence of Eros in the 4th house is indicative of a profound attachment to one’s family. These people may feel safest in the company of those who remind them of home and family, and they thrive in peaceful, familiar environments. They may feel an intense need to provide for and protect their loved ones, and the home is where their heart is!

Eros in the 5th House

The Fifth House is Eros’ favorite since it’s where he finds great inspiration, love, passion, and pleasure. As he dances and flirts, the god of love paints the sky with the colors of love, encouraging everyone on Earth to follow in his footsteps and find their own expression of love via the medium of art.

Those who have Eros in the 5th house brim with ardor, affection, and vitality in their approach to romance. Relationships that are exciting, risky, and entertaining are what they’re after. These people are attracted to other imaginative people who value a good time as much as they do. They see love as a risky but exciting game, and they aren’t hesitant to play it to get what they want.

Eros in the 6th House

The mundane tasks and duties of adult life present a new challenge to Eros as he moves into the Sixth House. In spite of this, he weaves a fine web of dedication, making even the most trivial duties feel like acts of love and devotion.

When Eros occupies the 6th house, it’s not uncommon for a person’s needs and passions to become entangled with their job and everyday tasks. That is, these people need to feel loved and motivated daily, regularly, and consistently. For them, being in love means being in service to one another. They value the consistency of a committed partnership, and the virtues of commitment, loyalty, and dedication reign supreme.

Eros in the 7th House

As a diplomatic charmer who helps bring people together, Eros finds a warm welcome in the Seventh House. He gives couples the ability to work together and appreciate each other’s flaws and virtues as they move gracefully through life’s difficulties as equals.

When Eros is located in the 7th house, it encourages partners to work together to achieve their partnership goals. Committed, long-term partnerships have the potential to satisfy their innermost desires and interests, not flings or one-night stands. However, having Eros in the seventh house can make it difficult to maintain an independent self-identity as the two people are so intimately connected to one another.

Eros in the 8th House

Eros is not afraid of the unknown, and in the Eighth House, he investigates the secret corners of love, the taboo, the sacred sexuality, and the joint wealth. He demonstrates how a union of two spirits can make unbreakable connections and forge new directions, much like an alchemical process.

As a result, having Eros in the 8th house suggests going to great lengths to fulfill your sexual fantasies. People in this location tend to seek out partnerships that push them to their limits and help them to develop deep, profound emotional connections with their partner. They may be curious about their partner’s inner workings and fascinated by the enigmas of the human mind. Indeed, the power of love here is the ability to transform the ego from lead to gold.

Eros in the 9th House

As Eros explores philosophy, culture, and far-flung locations, he is inspired by the Ninth House. Those who have this placement are inspired to broaden their perspectives, find love in unexpected places, and appreciate the value of differences.

People who have the asteroid Eros located in the 9th house tend to seek partners who can help them grow intellectually and spiritually. Potential partners for them could be those who share their interest in learning, the study of philosophy, and traveling around the world. But watch out for turning into someone whose relationships suffer because they are too dogmatic and irresponsible.

Eros in the 10th House

Eros puts on a mask of superiority and power as he enters the Tenth House of Career. He injects romantic connection into the desire for success and encourages people to think about how their achievements affect the lives and emotions of those around them.

When Eros rules the 10th house, it symbolizes an intense drive to realize one’s romantic potential. These people may see their relationships as a way to leave a lasting impact on the world, thus they may gravitate toward partners who share similar ambitions, dreams, and goals. Your romantic connections may come to define who you are in the eyes of the public, and your romantic relationships may even help you greatly in your professional path.

Eros in the 11th House

In the Eleventh House, Eros changes into a social butterfly, flitting from one group of friends to the next. Dreams and hopes flourish in his presence, resulting in a sense of unity that resonates with the heartbeat of humanity.

Relationships based on friendship, social networks, freedom, and similar perspectives tend to attract those with Eros in the 11th house. In a relationship, they seek liberty, intellectual challenge, tolerance, and mutual support. It’s possible that your friendships will develop into something more meaningful over time.

Eros in the 12th House

The Twelfth House represents the unconscious and the ethereal, and it is here that Eros has finally arrived. In this ethereal setting, he teaches people to let go of their earthly ties and find comfort in the divine’s embrace by planting the seeds of mercy and unconditional love.

Therefore, if you have Eros in the 12th house, you often take love and romance in a profoundly spiritual way. Relationships that provide a means of transcendence, escape, or healing may appeal greatly to those with this location. It’s possible that the people you connect with will be the spark that you need to finally face and overcome some of your own inner demons.

Eros in Synastry

When analyzing synastry, the placement of Eros can provide valuable insight into the dynamics of sexual attraction and erotic desire between two people. Eros’ aspects in the two charts can also indicate sexual compatibility and the exchange of passion within the relationship.

Eros in Mythology

Eros was born to Aphrodite (the Greek goddess of love and beauty) and Ares (the Greek god of war) in Greek mythology.

As you already know, when the god of love, Eros, shot his arrows at two people, whether they were gods or mortals, they would instantly fall in love.

The youthful and attractive appearance of Eros was usually used to represent the mischievous and playful spirit of love.

Legend has it that Eros fell in love with a human princess named Psyche. Aphrodite’s jealousy stemmed from the fact that Psyche’s beauty had inspired her worship from the general public.

Aphrodite punished Psyche by having Eros make her fall in love with a horrible creature. But when Eros laid eyes on Psyche, he was so amazed by her beauty that he shot himself with his own arrow.

Aphrodite was jealous of Eros’s devotion to Psyche, so she set her a series of impossible challenges.

Psyche had to deal with a tangled mess of grains, save a golden fleece from several frightening rams, and get water from the River Styx. In the end, Psyche accomplished her goals with the aid of various creatures and gods.

However, Aphrodite was not very happy with Psyche’s accomplishments.

In the end, Zeus stepped in and made it so that Eros and Psyche could be together forever. Psyche was rewarded for her devotion and love by being elevated to the status of a goddess so that she may spend all of eternity with Eros.

Their romance is now a symbol of the transforming power of love, affection, and commitment for generations to come.

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