Psyche Meaning Astrology

Asteroid Psyche Meaning in Astrology: Asteroid of the Soul

Psyche comes from the Greek psykhe, which means “the soul, mind, spirit, or invisible animating entity which occupies the physical body.”

As a symbol of cosmic unity and soulful connections, Psyche is represented by a butterfly maiden, embodying the principle of transformation of our eternal spirit.

Love is a complex emotion, and Psyche plays a crucial role in how we experience it. This asteroid goddess can represent the soul connections we form with others, as well as the feelings of love and passion that arise from these connections.

In an individual’s birth chart, Psyche’s placement reveals the depths of one’s soul, the trials they must face, and the profound love that may be unearthed.

Not only does Psyche encompasses the soul, mind, and self, but it also represents psychology or the study of the mind, which is why we often see Psyche in words like psychology, psychopath, psychedelic, and psychic.

  • Character: Goddess of the Soul
  • Keywords: Psychic sensitivity, intuition, intelligence
  • Positive qualities: Spiritual, deep, intuitive, sensitive, psychic
  • Negative qualities: Insensitive, spiritually blocked, uncaring, intolerant
  • Astrological associations: Eros, Mars, Venus

Disclaimer: Astrology suggests tendencies and potentials. The knowledge presented in this article serves as subjective guidance for your self-development.

Psyche Meaning in Astrology

The discovery of the love asteroid Psyche (16) occurred while the Sun was in Pisces. Psyche symbolizes the journey of the soul towards completeness and the evolution of the self. It may indicate a person’s potential for personal growth and transformation.

Given the connection to the human psyche, the asteroid is linked to psychological insight, understanding one’s own mind, and the complexity of human emotions.

As with the myth of Psyche and Eros, the asteroid is often associated with the transformative power of love, deep soul connections, and the experiences that lead to spiritual growth within relationships.

The placement of Psyche in a natal chart may also suggest areas where an individual may do significant inner work, confronting psychological issues, and healing from emotional wounds.

Astrologically, Psyche represents a higher octave of Venus, embodying refined personal love and psychic bonds with another person. By following Psyche’s path, conscious love relationships can become a transformative journey toward spiritual illumination.

According to Asteroid Goddesses, “a prominent Psyche symbolizes the capacity for psychic sensitivity to the mind and feelings of another person. This heightened awareness can produce the yearning for mystic, soul-mate union. Stressful placements of Psyche can indicate a total lack of sensitivity to others, a blocked psychic awareness, or the inability to enter personal relationships.”

In Greek mythology, Psyche honed her character and eventually transcended her mortal form to become a divine being in order to marry Eros, the god of erotic love, through her trials. Their union gave birth to Bliss, Pleasure, and Ecstasy, symbolizing the ultimate soulmate connection.

According to Serpil Mostra, Psyche transits are a fine indicator that it is a positive to open the door to love, or that it is time to peel another layer off your present romance. Aspects to the natal Nodes when Psyche is activated can have an especially fated feel to them and will hold some form of karmic twist.

Psyche in Signs

A great spell is cast upon us as Psyche travels through the zodiac, beckoning us to set out on our own odyssey of self-discovery.

Those who answer her call must pass through the valley of death before they can reach the paradise of life; they must cross the line between mortal and divine to emerge like the beautiful butterfly from its cocoon.

Psyche in Aries

Many people’s hearts will burst into flames when Psyche twirls into Aries. She finds her inner warrior, strength, and determination to survive in the realm of the Ram. Those who come into contact with her are moved to seek out their own identities and passions.

A person with Psyche in Aries can be very intuitive and gifted with many leadership abilities. These individuals want to strengthen their sense of self through meaningful soul connections, and they do so with all the fire, intuition, and charisma they generate.

Psyche in Taurus

Psyche enters Taurus’s green garden with elegance and majesty. The appeal of a lover’s touch, the enticement of nature, and the sensuality of the two combine to make this placement irresistible to her.

Psyche in Taurus bestows onto the world an enduring power of affection by weaving an artwork of love out of the purest silks and most fragrant flowers

People with a Taurus Psyche tend to have strong ties to the material world and place a premium on honesty and reliability in their interpersonal connections. They’re looking for deep, meaningful relationships that can endure a lifetime.

Psyche in Gemini

Psyche, ever the inquisitive soul, flits into Gemini, where the winds of change convey the quiet whispers of wisdom and intelligence.

During her time in the Twins’ homeland, she gains an understanding of the value of listening to others, laughing at herself, and trying new things. She shows the world that love is eternal via the universal language of the soul.

A person with a Gemini Psyche is usually looking to learn something new and is always on the lookout for soul connections that will do just that. Their emotional intelligence shines through in the form of logic, flexibility, and the capacity to see things from many points of view.

Psyche in Cancer

Psyche is engulfed by the warm, caring seas of Cancer as the tide comes in. She experiences the comfort of a mother’s embrace, the security of familiar surroundings, and the value of close relationships.

Her presence in the Crab zodiac sign reminds us to treasure our personal relationships and tend to our innermost feelings.

Cancer Psyche people often feel deeply and look for meaningful relationships that can nurture them and make them feel safe in the long haul. Their level of empathy and genuine concern for others is indeed evident thanks to their high emotional IQ.

Psyche in Leo

Psyche enters Leo’s kingdom with a flash of light, where the sun’s beams accentuate her natural luminosity.

She gains self-assurance, inventiveness, and the capacity to stir up respect and affection in the Lion’s domain. She dances under the sun’s warm glow, teaching the world that true love shines brightest when it comes from within.

Leo Psyche people are usually looking for soulmates with to a good time in life. Individuality, freedom, and creative thinking are important to them, and therefore they look for partners who foster such qualities in relationships.

Psyche in Virgo

With the rising of the harvest moon, Psyche enters the realm of Virgo, the sign of wisdom, pragmatism, and humility. She gains insight into the virtues of hard work, service, and self-care through her time in this placement.

Those who are moved by her as she travels elegantly through the night are inspired to develop self-love through selfless service.

Mental bonds, faithfulness, consistency, commitment, and practicality are highly prized by those with a Virgo Psyche. They look for deep, meaningful relationships that help them develop as individuals and advance in their pursuit of good health, productivity, and everlasting loyalty.

Psyche in Libra

Psyche learns the meaning of balance, harmony, and charm in the refined halls of Libra. She dances a fine line between love and collaboration, showing the world the value of mutual respect, teamwork, cooperation, and compromise.

She uses her newfound knowledge to encourage couples to work towards marital harmony, resulting in a symphony of love that can be heard across the universe.

Relationships that are harmonious, serene, and balanced tend to be desirable to those with a Libra Psyche. They seek partners who share a taste for the good things in life, and their empathy shines through in the form of justice and equality in their relationships.

Psyche in Scorpio

Psyche learns the depths of dedication, the ferocity of desire, and the transformational power of love as she journeys into the shadowy, obscure region of Scorpio.

She tangos seductively through the night, exposing the underlying realities and illuminating the inner workings of the human heart. She shows the world that genuine affection goes beyond surface levels and touches us at our very essence.

Those who have their Psyche in Scorpio have a deep well of feelings and yearn for meaningful relationships that delve into the shadowy corners of the human experience. Transformational, therapeutic, and emotionally intense interactions are what draw them in.

Psyche in Sagittarius

Psyche gallops into Sagittarius’ wide-ranging, intellectual realm with an adventurous spirit. She has found in this place the excitement of discovery, the satisfaction of intellectual growth, and the happiness of gaining wisdom through real-life experiences.

As she travels the world, she shares her message that love is limitless and that following your heart is the best adventure of all. Her dance, which is as colorful as the rainbow, honors the coming together of people from all walks of life through the power of love.

Relationships for someone with a Sagittarius psyche need to have excitement, independence, and some elements of spirituality. They look for soul mates who would broaden their minds and introduce them to different ways of thinking and living.

Psyche in Capricorn

Psyche learns the virtues of perseverance, discipline, hard work, and dedication as she climbs the high and spectacular mountains of Capricorn.

Here in the rough, she learns the value of solid foundations and the significance of continuous commitment. She tells her beloved of the strength that comes from being grounded in the land as she dances above the mountains.

Relationships for those with a Capricorn Psyche tend to be very structured, trustworthy, and stable. They’re on the lookout for deep, genuine relationships that can stand the test of time. People like this tend to choose spouses who are just as driven, loyal, and dedicated as they are.

Psyche in Aquarius

Psyche does a cosmic spin and flies towards the progressive, rational zone of Aquarius. Inspiration, uniqueness, and the strength of the collective mind are all things she discovers in this place.

Her dance is a spellbinding demonstration of freedom and originality that encourages everyone to celebrate the quirks that make their own love story special.

Soul connections that are unorthodox and weird tend to attract those with a strong Aquarius Psyche. They look for partners who will help them grow as individuals, encourage them to think outside the box, and respect their freedom and individuality.

Psyche in Pisces

At last, when the cosmic curtain falls, Psyche floats serenely into the Piscean abyss. The enchantment of dreams, the therapeutic potential of empathy, and the depths of compassion are all things she learns from here.

Her dance is a lyrical ballet that rises and falls with the tides, stirring the waters of the spirit and kindling an eternal love in the hearts of all she touches.

Spirituality and intuition are highly developed in those with a Pisces Psyche. They view love as a mystical and transcendent experience, therefore they look for soul connections that will allow them to unite with their “twin flame” on a deep emotional and spiritual level.

Psyche in Houses

Twelve magnificent astrological houses, each with their own unique aura and subject to the ancient forces of astrology, lie in a hidden world between the stars and the moon.

The cosmic forces that shape the lives of humans who live on Earth are contained in these houses. Psyche, the soul goddess, walks across this heavenly realm, providing gifts to each house she stops by.

Psyche in the First House

Psyche’s exquisite wings glitter and create a brilliant glow as she crosses the threshold of the first house, the House of Self. Here she speaks softly to the hearts of the brave, sparking a flame that will guide them to self-knowledge and reveal their authentic selves.

Having Psyche in the first house is a good indicator of a deep connection to one’s own spirit. People with this placement tend to be highly sensitive, intuitive, and compassionate, and they have a strong interest in discovering their spiritual selves.

At some time in their lives, they will most certainly go through profound changes that will have a lasting impact on who they are and where they go from here.

Psyche in the Second House

The second house is the house of possessions, where Psyche rises to comfort the souls that place value on tangible things. Her ethereal touch serves as a gentle yet powerful reminder that one’s true wealth lies inside, and that material possession will never replace the value of one’s inner wealth.

When Psyche is located in the second house, the success and growth of the soul are prioritized. These people may care less about external success and more about cultivating their own inner strengths and personal values.

As people develop emotionally and spiritually, they could also find that their relationships and values evolve.

Psyche in the Third House

Psyche encounters people with a never-ending hunger for knowledge in the third house, the House of Communication.

She bestows upon them the gift of persuasion and the capacity to express their deepest thoughts with eloquence and clarity. This goddess sprinkles stardust onto their minds and weaves complex threads of wisdom and insight.

The placement of Psyche in the third house of communication indicates a close bond between the mind and the spirit.

These people may be drawn to writing, public speaking, or teaching as a means of delving into their own and others’ thought processes. They may come to see that their intellectual development and their spiritual maturation are inextricably linked.

Psyche in the Fourth House

Psyche is warmly welcomed into the fourth house, the House of Home and Family. By running her fingers over the walls of memories, she gives those who are nurturing and loving a powerful sense of self. Through the power of love, she creates relationships that cannot be broken.

When Psyche occupies the fourth house, there is a strong emotional tie to one’s family history and roots. These people may have a deep connection to their ancestors and be interested in learning more about their heritage and customs.

Their development as spiritual beings is strongly linked to their coming to terms with their own family backgrounds and the moral values that have been passed through generations from their ancestors.

Psyche in the Fifth House

Psyche’s laughter is like the most beautiful symphony as she enters the House of Creativity and Pleasure, the fifth house. She moves in sync with the spirits of musicians, poets, and painters, instilling them with a fiery desire to produce works of art whose resonances will be heard for eternity.

It is possible to make significant spiritual progress through artistic endeavors when Psyche is located in the fifth house of self-expression.

They may find that engaging in creative pursuits such as music, writing, or visual art helps them get in touch with their true selves and find meaning in life. Their romantic partnerships may also prove to be highly creative and stimulating.

Psyche in the Sixth House

When it comes to the sixth house, the House of Work and Service, the goddess Psyche’s tender touch is what is needed. She caters to the exhausted hearts within the bustle of hard work.

Having Psyche in this house is a constant reminder that even the most ordinary of duties may be imbued with purpose and spiritual significance.

Those with Psyche in the sixth house of work and service are likely to be attracted to helping professions or volunteer activities. An affinity for nature and the animal kingdom might be indicated by this location.

Acts of service, a dedication to honing one’s skills, and a commitment to assisting others may also be the key to grow spiritually for people with this placement.

Psyche in the Seventh House

The House of Partnerships and Relationships, or the seventh house, can be where Psyche ascends to her best potential. Here, she creates a web of trust and affection for people in the search for true love. She shows how precious sincerity is and how fulfilling genuine relationships can be.

Psyche’s placement in the seventh house is indicative of a need for a profound “soulmate” connection. It’s possible that these people are looking for companions who are thoughtful, supportive, and attractive inside and out.

They may also be highly intuitive in regard to the wishes and feelings of others around them, which makes for relationships that are both transforming and powerful.

Psyche in the Eighth House

Psyche’s gaze cuts through the darkness in the eighth house, the House of Transformation and Common Wealth. She leads people through the dark places of transformation, showing them that there is power in surrendering to the unknown and letting their souls be reborn.

When Psyche inhabits the eighth house of sexuality, we are reminded of the importance of opening out to others on a profoundly emotional, sexual, and spiritual level.

Those with this placement may be attracted to situations and relationships that compel them to face their inner demons head-on.

It’s also possible they’re curious about the ultimate meaning of life and death, which is why they often seek a “twin flame” kind of partner who can go with them through the stormy seas of life.

Psyche in the Ninth House

Psyche is drawn to the enormous horizons of the ninth house, the House of Philosophy and Exploration. She opens her wings wide and lifts the spirits of the courageous and curious, encouraging them to explore the unknown and find joy in the thrill of exploration.

When Psyche is in the ninth house, it suggests a deep desire to learn about and experience the world in all its diversity. The act of traveling, the study in higher education, and the exposure to different cultures may all aid in these people’s spiritual growth.

To further their quest for self-awareness, they may often be drawn to spiritual or religious practices that help them to be the best version of themselves.

Psyche in the Tenth House

Psyche walks proudly into the tenth house, the House of Career and Public Image, where she bestows her favor upon the ambitious. She whispers words of inspiration into their ears, telling them to follow their hearts and create a legacy that will last for generations to come.

When Psyche is in the tenth house, people often experience a deep connection between their work and their spirituality. They may feel called to work in fields where they can aid others through their own examples or in making a big, positive difference in the world.

Alternatively, people with Psyche in the tenth house often look for partners who are well-established in society, who are loyal, dedicated, and committed to them in the long haul.

Psyche in the Eleventh House

Psyche celebrates in harmony with the other kindred spirits in the Eleventh House, the House of Friends and Social Networks. She knits together people from all walks of life and all corners of the world in order to work towards a better tomorrow.

Having Psyche in the eleventh house of friendships suggests that one’s soul growth may be intertwined with those in one’s social circle.

Humanitarian or political groups with a focus on helping others might be of interest to them. These people often possess a burning desire to improve the world around them, and the relationships they cultivate may be essential in helping them do so.

Psyche in the Twelfth House

Finally, in the twelfth house, Psyche reaches the realms of the illogical and the invisible. Here, in the solitude of the spirit, she comforts the broken and the lost, helping them find their way back to wholeness.

When Psyche occupies the twelfth house, it indicates a strong reliance on intuition for accessing the spiritual realm.

These people may have heightened psychic or intuitive talents and be compelled to delve into the mysteries of their own consciousness through practices like prayer, dream analysis, astrology, and other forms of introspective spirituality.

They could have an in-depth knowledge of the human psyche and be interested in helping others through therapy, spiritual counseling, healing, or psychotherapy.

Psyche in Synastry

In synastry, the meaning of Psyche is the entanglement of two souls who are destined to journey together through love, vulnerability, and intimate connection, guided by the heavenly powers that control the cosmos.

It’s a testament to the soul’s power and a gentle reminder that true love can conquer all obstacles, including the passage of time, distance, and illusions, to lead the lovers to the shores of eternal happiness.

In synastry, Psyche contacts between two individuals denote intuitive knowing and understanding, or a complete absence thereof. Contacts between Psyche and Eros also indicate the possibility of a soul-mate connection.

Psyche in Mythology

Psyche, a princess from Greek mythology, is a mortal woman of unsurpassed beauty. When people begin to adore her for how beautiful she is, it angers the goddess Aphrodite and brings down a curse on her.

Therefore, the god of love Eros is sent by the jealous goddess Aphrodite to make Psyche fall in love with a horrible creature. However, upon first sighting Psyche, Eros falls in love and whisks her away to his secret home.

While Psyche is living in this house, Eros keeps a low profile and only pays her nightly visits – he doesn’t reveal his true nature to her.

In some versions of the story, Psyche is later deceived by her jealous sisters into trying to kill Eros since she believes he is a monster.

In her attempt to catch a glimpse of Eros by the light of a lamp, she drops hot oil on him, sending him running away in anguish.

Psyche is so dedicated to finding Eros that she goes to Aphrodite for assistance. In exchange for reconciling them, Aphrodite sets a series of seemingly difficult challenges for Psyche to overcome.

Some examples of these tests are having to pick through a mountain of scattered grains, collecting water from the River Styx, and retrieving a golden fleece from a pack of violent rams.

Psyche triumphs over every obstacle with the assistance of many sympathetic gods.

Many people throughout history have seen the narrative of Psyche as a parable for the development of the human soul.

The fact that the Greek translation of Psyche’s name is “soul” lends extra weight to this metaphor. Ultimately, her hardships symbolize the struggles everyone faces on the path toward wisdom, love, and self-knowledge.

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