Asteroids in Astrology

111+ Most Common Asteroids in Astrology: Hidden Meanings Revealed

Asteroids were only discovered in the 19th century. Their use has become as significant as finding a parking spot during rush hour for a few Western astrologers, yet still only a minority of astrologers bother to include the asteroids in their chart interpretation.

Back in the 70s, astrology got a cosmic upgrade thanks to Eleanor Bach. She published the first asteroid ephemeris in 1973.

In 1986, after the release of Asteroid Goddesses by Demetria George, their use became more popularized and widespread.

However, the meaning of most asteroids in astrology is still not strongly established nowadays, except for some major asteroids, such as Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, Chiron, Eros, Chiron, and Lilith.

I’ve researched many articles and resources to compile a complete list of 119 popular asteroids for you. However, the study of asteroids is still at its infant stage, so this article suggests tendencies and potentials. It serves as a subjective guidance for your self-development.

So let’s strap in and explore the magical world of asteroids!

Note: If you want to dig deeper into the meaning of each asteroid, just click on the embedded link on it.

How to Locate an Asteroid in Your Birth Chart

Here are the steps to find an asteroid in your natal chart:

  1. Head to (Extended Chart Selection)
  2. Enter your birth details: the date, time, and location of your birth
  3. Click “Additional object
  4. Under “Manual entry”, enter the number of your interested asteroid
  5. Click “Show the chart
  6. Boom! The asteroid will appear in your natal chart with its sign rulership, house location, and relevant aspects.

1. Major Asteroids

Asteroids in Astrology
Asteroids in Astrology

Ceres (1): Your nurturing style; how you care for others; your relationship with your mother; the food/sustenance you require.

Pallas (2): Creative intelligence; father-daughter relationship; wisdom; healing; justice; warfare.

Juno (3): Quality you value in a long-term partner; your approach to intimacy; marriage.

Vesta (4): Your sacred devotion to a cause; commitment; focus; purity; sacrifice.

Psyche (16) Your soulful connection with others; the door to your soul/psyche.

Eros (433): Erotic love; your turn-ons/offs; erotic passion; sexual attraction.

Lilith (1181): The hidden, shadow aspect of our character; primal instincts; raw energy; sexual nature; suppressed anger.

Chiron (2060): Healing; past hurts, trauma, and wounds.

2. Love Asteroids

Adonis (2101): Your chosen mate; someone who is highly sought after in all your romantic endeavors.

Anteros (1943): Requited love; how you want your love to be returned to you.

Klytia (73): Unrequited love; unhealthy obsession.

Daphne (41): Fear of romantic commitment.

Hera (103): A lower manifestation of Juno – jealousy and possessiveness in love.

Persephone (399): Dark love; attraction to bad boys/girls syndrome, loss of control.

Isis (42): Undoubted love; where you go above and beyond for your partner.

Apollo (1862): Love of love; “rock-n-roll” attitude; attraction.

Amor (1221): Ideal love; a state of loving rather than falling in love; loving without expecting anything in return.

Sappho (80): Same-sex connections; romantic sensibilities; poems.

Valentine (477): True love; romantic preferences.

Proserpina (26): Romantic helplessness; arranged marriage.

Phaedra (174): Infidelity.

Alkeste (124): Loyalty.

Penelope (201): Loyalty; commitment; devotion.

Lancelot (2041): Playing the hero; adultery.

Cupido (763): Playful and innocent kind of love.

Cleopatra (216): Seductive love.

Hedylogos (2174): Sweet-talked romance.

Lysithea (94): Friendship/Platonic Love.

Child (4580): Your inner child; pure, unfiltered, and innocent love.

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3. Sex Asteroids

Bacchus (2063): Excessive self-indulgent tendencies.

Ganymed (1036): Your personal charm; a unique quality that makes others attracted to you.

Nessus (7066): Potential for abuse, whether you are the aggressor or victim; can be related to sexual abuse.

Aphrodite (1388): Your attractive, beautiful qualities; can be related to sexual attraction.

Lust (4386): your lustful nature; temptation; unquenchable desire and excitement for particular emotions or things.

Nymphe (875): Sexuality; how others may react negatively to one’s sexuality or sexual cravings.

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4. Career Asteroids

Varuna (20000): Your fame; success; law; order.

Industria (389): Your industry.

Enterprise (9777): Where you demonstrate your entrepreneurial spirit.

Jobse (215463): Your job.

Academia (829): Your study; what you like to learn.

Fama (408): Fame.

Destinn (6583): What you are destined to do.

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5. Money Asteroids

Makemake (136472): Wealth manifestation; ability to use one’s resources to achieve one’s goals.

Midas (1981): Golden touch.

Rockefellia (904): Business savvy; money indicators.

Abundantia (151): Abundance.

Banks (13956): Money management skills.

Mony (7782): Financial opportunities.

Atira (163693): Prosperity, utilization of material resources.

Bounty (3264): Bounty; reward; generosity.

Opportunity (39382): Boundless potential of opportunities in your life.

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6. Talent Asteroids

Arachne (407): God-given talents that make others jealous of you.

Vulcan (4464) and Hephaistos (2212): Potential to become a sculptor, artisan, or craftsman.

Koronis (158): Hidden talents.

Perdix (8758): Technical talents.

Orpheus (3361): Musical talents.

Apollo (1862): Art, musical, and creative talents.

Circe (34) and Hekate (100): Sorcery; magic; witchcraft.

Urania (30): Talents for astrology and astronomy.

Mnemosyne (57): Your memory power.

Talent (33154): Your talent in general.

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7. Spiritual Asteroids

Imhotep (1813): Potential to become a mystic or astrologer; heightened dream activities.

Horus (1924): Search for the truth.

Orcus (90428): Soul commitment.

Quaoar (50000): Intuition; psychic abilities; spirituality.

Vertex: Fate; destiny; karmic connections.

Pholus (5145): Spiritual awakening; critical events.

Kassandra (114): Ignoring your own intuition, or the possibility of other people ignoring the message you heed them.

Delphine (3218): Visionary gift; psychic power.

Angel (11911): Guardianship; protection; divine guidance.

Osiris (1923): A need for self-transformation and regeneration.

Anubis (1912): Passing away; endings; transformation; death; rebirth.

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8. Luck Asteroids

Fortuna (19): Good fortune; where your luck comes to you unexpectedly.

Tyche (258): Good luck; spiritual wealth; random chances.

Amalthea (113): Infinite abundance; gratitude; usually good fortune only.

9. Health Asteroids

Aegle (96): Overall health.

Panacea (2878): Healing elixir; your quick-fix cure.

Hygeia (10): Your hygiene; preventive approach to health.

Harmonia (40): Harmony.

Minerva (93): Wisdom and health.

Felicitas (109): A place of joy and happiness.

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10. Beauty Asteroids

Hebe (6): Youth and vigor.

Sirene (1009): Dangerous beauty that is seductive.

Bella (695): Your beauty in general.

Kleopatra (216): Beauty that mesmerizes others; sexual charm; attractiveness.

11. Negative Asteroids

Ixion (28978): Violation, unethical behavior.

Sisyphus (1866): Repeated failure; the things you have to do repeatedly but bear no fruits.

Pandora (55): Curiosity that causes problems.

Icarus (1566): Risk-taking tendencies; foolish risks; where you overextend yourself.

Phaethon (3200): Your will to succeed but at the risk of ruining yourself in the process.

Eris (136199): Strife; discord; your inclination to seek revenge on those who have done wrong to you.

Ate (111): Wreaking havoc; unethical acts; misuse of justice.

Sedna (90377): Abandonment; stubbornness; connection with the ocean; opposition to societal/parental rules.

Medusa (149): Jealousy.

Nemesis (128): Your enemies; retribution; repetitive behavior with severe consequences.

Hybris (430): Excessive pride; overconfidence; narcissism; extreme arrogance.

Lucifer (1930): Excessive arrogance; pride; temptation; defiant nature.

Narcissus (37117): Your narcissistic tendencies; exaggerated self-focus.

Set (5009): Your mini-me; dark side; egotistic projection; bag of self-destruction.

Niobe (71): Excessive pride; arrogance; parental expectation; boastful behavior; loss of children.

Lameia (248): Vampire-prone zone; female complexity; where jealousy, particularly between women, prevails paramount.

12. Positive Asteroids

Chariklo (10199): Divine healing; past hurts and trauma.

Heracles (5143): Strength; willpower; courage.

Astraea (5): Moral values.

Antigone (129): Moral code; moral actions.

13. Other Asteroids

Echo (60): Tendency to copy/repeat others; communication difficulties.

Toro (1685): Your inner bull; any bullying experiences.

Diana (78): Self-protection; survival skills; your tendencies to protect others.

Haumea (136108): Fertility; environmental concerns.

Hidalgo (944): Freedom; rebellion; interactions with Spanish people.

Artemis (105): Your instinctual, self-reliant, and competitive nature.

Prometheus (1809): Foresight; forethought.

Themis (24): Legal matters; the importance of fairness; judgmental nature.

Thetis (17): Parental expectations.

Eos (221): New dawn; fresh start.

Cerberus (1865): Sacred protection; power conflict that has little to do with you.

Pele (2202): Inner fire; passion; anger.

Adrastea (239): Unavoidable responsibility.

Achilles (588): Your weaknesses; where you exert a great amount of effort to succeed.

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