Money Asteroids in Astrology

13 Money Asteroids in Astrology: Your Lottery Ticket to Abundant Wealth

“Millionaires don’t use Astrology, billionaires do.”

J.P. Morgan

Have you ever considered the possibility that your asteroid holds the key to financial success?

No need to be confused any longer!

In astrology, the lesser-known money asteroids are the key to unlocking the secrets of wealth, fortune, and financial prosperity.

However, please use the material given in this article for good, not evil…

If you win a lottery ticket tomorrow, remember that your fortune can go as high as it can go low.

Disclaimer: The study of asteroids is still at its infant stage, so this article suggests tendencies and potentials. It serves as a subjective guidance for your self-development.

Money Asteroids

Money Asteroids in Astrology
Money Asteroids in Astrology

1. Makemake (136472): Wealth Manifestation

As one of the best money asteroids, the power of Makemake is the power of manifestation. Particularly, this asteroid can help you to tap into the power of your own mind through the principle of focus, visualization, and affirmation to manifest your intangible ideas into the tangible world. This asteroid is about how you use your own resources to achieve your goals.

2. Varuna (20000): Fame and Success

Not only Varuna is a money asteroid, but it is also a career asteroid that can represent how you may receive fame, money, and wealth through your public image and reputation.

3. Midas (1981): Golden Touch

You can turn the wheel of fortune around with the help of the famous King Midas and his golden touch. This money asteroid is about maximizing your financial potential and turning your natural skills into material success. Usually, the energy of Midas manifests in the physical realm.

4. Rockefellia (904): Business Savy

You may have already known John D. Rockefeller, so the asteroid Rockefellia can represent entrepreneurial tendencies, business savvy, and money indicators. If you want to attract more money into your life, this asteroid suggests you do so diligently, deliberately, and consistently.

5. Abundantia (151): Abundance

As its name suggests, the money asteroid Abundantia can symbolize an abundance of resources in your chart – be it spiritual, emotional, or material, and it encourages you to see the world with an “abundance” mindset. In fact, getting rich is just about having an idea and making it a reality.

6. Banks (13956): The Cosmic Vault

The asteroid Bank is your “personal bank”, representing the financial organizations you rely on as well as your financial management skills. Be a good manager of your financial resources and lay the groundwork for long-term prosperity with the guidance of this money asteroid.

7. Mony (7782): Financial Opportunities

The asteroid Mony, which closely connects with the energy of money, serves as a powerful financial opportunity magnet. This asteroid can be regarded as your “lottery asteroid” as it can bring success and fortune to you.

8. Atira (163693): Prosperity

In astrology, Atira, a symbol of humility, teaches us one financial lesson that true prosperity is achieved by selfless generosity. Embrace Atira’s energy by performing random acts of kindness, volunteering, or contributing to a cause that matters to your heart. The more you practice kindness and generosity, the more money, love, and financial surprises you’ll receive in your life.

Moreover, Atira appears to achieve her prosperity through the utilization of material resources, represented by corn and everything it stands for—food, riches, community, and sacrifice.

9. Bounty (3264): The Horn of Plenty

The asteroid Bounty, which means “plentiful abundance,” indicates that the universe has infinite sustenance and resources, and by striving hard to get the “bounty” indicated by the house placement, we can get the treasure we truly desire. This asteroid can also represent “reward” and “generosity”, according to Henk Middleraad.

10. Opportunity (39382): The Gatekeeper of Wealth

The asteroid Opportunity, which represents the boundless potential of what life has to offer, often acts as a cosmic gatekeeper, opening the door for fresh financial opportunities, new chances, and promising futures. Take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves – this money asteroid encourages you to take risks.

Luck Asteroids

1. Fortuna (19): Good Fortune

Fortuna” means “Fortune”, so its placement in the birth chart represents where your luck is, how you can receive divine blessings, and the hidden abundant sources of money in your life.

2. Tyche (258): Good Luck

As one of Fortuna’s sisters, Tyche also represents good luck, random chance, prosperity, and fortune in astrology.

3. Amalthea (113): Infinite Fortune

Amalthea is a sister of both Fortuna and Tyche. While her two sisters symbolize both the ups and downs of your fortune, Amalthea often represents the source of money that you can receive limitlessly. This is the best lucky asteroid of all, but tapping into her power requires significant effort.

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