Pholus Meaning Astrology

Asteroid Pholus Meaning in Astrology: Spiritual Crisis

In astrology, asteroid Pholus (5145) can represent the themes of transformation, spiritual crisis, emergency, extreme situations, life-changing events, major turning points, and the awakening of dormant energies.

Like Chiron, Pholus is one of the centaur asteroids, a group of half-human and half-horse creatures that symbolize the blending of human and animal instincts.

Pholus takes about 92 years to orbit around the Sun, so it spends about 7.7 years in each zodiac sign.

As a spiritual asteroid, Pholus is like a cosmic wild card that can intensify and exaggerate whatever planet or point it touches in your birth chart.

Its energy can catalyze sudden changes, revelations, accidents, or bursts of creativity. So where Pholus shows up in your chart can reveal where you may experience radical shifts.

Here are some of the possible topics connected to this centaur asteroid:

  • A bridge between Saturn’s structure/limitation and Neptunian intuition/ecstasy
  • Walking a careful line between rational control and irrational excess
  • Addictive tendencies and obsessive-compulsive patterns
  • Fascination with poisons, toxins, medicines, drugs
  • Mediating between the personal ego and the higher Self
  • Small start of major events

Disclaimer: Astrology suggests tendencies and potentials. The knowledge in this article serves as guidance for your self-development. 

How to Find Asteroid Pholus in the Birth Chart

Here are the steps that help you to find the asteroid Pholus in your natal chart:

  1. Go to (Extended Chart Selection) and enter your birth information
  2. Click “Additional object”
  3. Under “Manual entry”, enter “5145” – the number of Pholus
  4. Click “Show the chart” button

Pholus in Signs

Pholus Meaning Astrology
Pholus Meaning in Astrology

Pholus in Aries

With Pholus in Aries, your life-altering transformations often relate to asserting your identity, independence, and leadership abilities. The spontaneous, impulsive side of your nature may lead you into extreme circumstances that require totally reinventing yourself. Hardships force you to be reborn with a renewed sense of autonomy, courage, and enterprise. You feel most alive when tackling life head-on as a warrior.

Pholus in Taurus

Pholus in Taurus indicates your major turning points often stem from financial and material security being disrupted. When your resources or possessions are threatened, your whole sense of stability could shake. Losses may lead to spiritual breakthroughs and a dramatic shift in values. You rediscover what truly matters through periods of extreme insecurity. In the end, you rebuild your foundations stronger based on your self-worth.

Pholus in Gemini

With Pholus in talkative Gemini, cataclysmic events often center around communication and state of mind. The spread of information, writing, or contracts going wrong can cause your whole world to crumble and transform. Out of the ashes, you find your voice again with more wisdom. Making sense of the chaos leads to mental renewal.

Pholus in Cancer

Pholus in Cancer suggests your most disruptive periods often correlate with home/family upheaval or emotional trauma. Your foundations can be rocked to the core, forcing you to reinvent notions of inner/outer security. The vulnerable side of you is exposed. Eventually, a new identity emerges, more whole and emotionally resilient.

Pholus in Leo

For Pholus in Leo, dramatic life changes often follow crises of identity, life purpose, and self-expression. Having your creative passions stifled or your reputation ruined can result in a phoenix-from-the-ashes evolution of the character. You may experience devastating losses before rediscovering your true life purpose and joy in living authentically.

Pholus in Virgo

With Pholus in Virgo, your crisis points and radical transformations often link to health/work crises that shake up your routines. When life comes unbalanced, you ultimately need to restore order through self-reflection and examination. Out of chaos blooms a new sense of self-awareness, purity of intention, and skill mastery.

Pholus in Libra

Pholus in Libra suggests your periods of transformative change often revolve around ruptures in key relationships or business agreements. Intense breakups can force you to regain balance and harmony on a higher level. Betrayals could lead to soul-searching. You eventually develop inner strength through integrity, wisdom, and listening to your intuition.

Pholus in Scorpio

When Pholus is in Scorpio, major life changes tend to involve sex, death, rebirth, mysteries, and metamorphosis. Crisis moments often prompt profound healing by dredging up issues that demand processing. Extreme situations require brutal honesty with yourself and others. You ultimately harness any losses for spiritual evolution. Resurrection follows destruction.

Pholus in Sagittarius

With Pholus in Sagittarius, major life transformations often revolve around broadening your perspective through new experiences. Crisis moments require you to candidly re-examine your belief systems. Extreme situations may create dramatic travel opportunities. From the ashes of former beliefs, you discover higher wisdom and bigger life visions.

Pholus in Capricorn

With Pholus in Capricorn, radical life/inner changes often follow the dismantling of long-standing public image or career ambitions. When what you build in reality crashes down, you’re reshaped anew. From extreme hardship rises increased integrity, resilience, and wisdom around leadership. Crisis moments often catalyze major vocational changes and redirect your professional trajectory.

Pholus in Aquarius

With Pholus in Aquarius, major life transformations often center around your hopes, friendships, groups, and visions for the future. Crisis moments may drastically alter your social circles or connections to certain communities. Extreme situations can reveal your unique talents and role within the collective. Liberation can be found in the unusual. You change the world by changing yourself.

Pholus in Pisces

When Pholus is in Pisces, major life changes tend to revolve around spirituality, imagination, compassion, and service. Crisis moments often prompt a dissolution of ego identity, requiring deep trust in life’s mysteries. Extreme situations may reveal unconscious motivations demanding self-inquiry. You ultimately transform by aligning with universal oneness and truths greater than yourself.

Pholus in Houses

Pholus in the 1st House

When Pholus is in the 1st house, major life transformations tend to revolve around your self-identity and personality. Crisis moments can push you to reveal your authentic self without pretenses or masks. You may experience a complete change in how you present yourself to the world, shedding off old skins or outdated images of who you thought you were.

Extreme situations can strip away the facade and push you into deep self-inquiry. Spiritual emergency may arise when you can no longer suppress your true nature and feel compelled to live more authentically. Overall, Pholus in the 1st house brings major turning points regarding self-discovery, self-reinvention, and alignment with your soul’s purpose.

Pholus in the 2nd House

With Pholus in the 2nd house, major life transformations tend to center around your values, possessions, self-worth, and relationship with money/resources. Crisis moments can cause you to re-evaluate what you value at the deepest level.

Extreme situations may create financial instability, forcing you to develop self-worth beyond material security. You may radically change how you earn, spend, and invest money. Spiritual emergency can arise when you realize your self-worth is not dependent on finances or possessions.

Pholus in the 3rd House

When Pholus is in the 3rd house, major life changes often involve your mindset, communication style, immediate environment, and relationships with siblings/neighbors. Crisis moments often prompt intense mental purging and perception shifts.

Your thought patterns and beliefs may transform entirely. You might change your whole environment through moves or travel. Extreme situations push you to reveal private thoughts and find your authentic voice. Spiritual emergency can happen when your mental structure suddenly dissolves.

Pholus in the 4th House

With Pholus in the 4th house, major life transformations tend to revolve around your home, family, roots, privacy and innermost self. Crisis moments often precipitate changes in your living situation or family structure.

Extreme situations may force you to confront issues from your upbringing. You might go through deep purging regarding old emotional patterns and memories. Spiritual emergency can happen when past traumas arise to be healed.

Pholus in the 5th House

When Pholus is in the 5th house, major life changes often involve your creative self-expression, romantic relationships, children, and pursuit of joy. Crisis moments can catalyze major creative breakthroughs and reinvention of your heart’s deepest passions.

Extreme situations may alter your dating life, view on love, or contact with children. Your lifestyle may shift dramatically to align with your inner joy and creativity. Spiritual emergency could arise when you deeply want to find your authentic self-expression.

Pholus in the 6th House

With Pholus in the 6th house, major life transformations tend to revolve around your daily routine, job, health, and service attitude. Crisis moments often create sudden changes in your work life or health status.

Your job or lifestyle may go through extreme turnover. You might implement radical changes to your diet, exercise, or medical support. Spiritual emergency can happen when your mind-body connection is intensely unbalanced.

Pholus in the 7th House

When Pholus is in the 7th house, major life changes often involve your one-on-one relationships, business partnerships, marriage, and ability to compromise. Crisis moments can alter the dynamics or status of your closest bonds.

Extreme situations require deep self-inquiry around negative patterns in your relationships. You may experience an emergency of consciousness around your expectations for others. Spiritual awakening can occur through intensely transformative contacts with significant partners.

Pholus in the 8th House

With Pholus in the 8th house, major life transformations tend to revolve around sex, death, rebirth, mysteries, and shared resources. Crisis moments often catalyze drastic changes in your sexual intimacy, reproductive abilities, or attitude toward mortality.

Extreme situations can trigger profound purging around fears of death or loss of control. You may experience metaphorical deaths and powerful rebirths regarding your psychic abilities or connection with the unknown realms. Spiritual emergency can arise as you shed old layers of skin and surrender to self-transformation.

Pholus in the 9th House

When Pholus is in the 9th house, major life changes often involve your beliefs, worldview, education, faith, religion, travel, and connection to something larger than yourself. Crisis moments may prompt you to radically transform your philosophy on life.

Extreme situations can alter your life experience or provide opportunities for cross-cultural exchange. Your quest for meaning is intensified, as outdated paradigms crumble to make space for cosmic truth. Spiritual emergency can happen as you surrender your ego to the wisdom of divine intelligence.

Pholus in the 10th House

With Pholus in the 10th house, major life transformations tend to revolve around your public life, career, reputation, and sense of purpose. Crisis moments often catalyze major vocational changes and redirect your professional trajectory.

Extreme situations may shift public perception of who you are. Your mission in life comes into sharp focus, as unimportant roles/titles fall away. Spiritual emergency can occur when your worldly ambitions need to realign with your true soul purpose.

Pholus in the 11th House

When Pholus is in the 11th house, major life changes often involve your hopes, wishes, friendships, groups, and connection to humanity. Crisis moments can drastically alter your social network or circles.

Extreme situations could transform your attitude toward your “tribe” or community. You may experience spiritual emergency regarding the collective, as you wake up to our shared human destiny.

Pholus in the 12th House

With Pholus in the 12th house, major life transformations tend to revolve around the unconscious, secrets, spirituality, solitude, privacy, healing, and release. Crisis moments often prompt deep withdrawal and cocooning for self-inquiry.

Extreme situations can dredge up buried contents from your subconscious that demand processing and purging. You may descend into a spiritual emergency as you detoxify any past life residue or pay off your karmic debts.

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