Lilith Meaning in Astrology

Lilith Meaning in Astrology: Your Shadow and Dark Side

The contemporary astrological concept of Lilith is mysterious. Although it is sometimes referred to as Earth’s “second moon,” “dark moon”, or the “unseen planet”, it is not a physical object in Earth’s orbit.

In astrology, Lilith symbolizes the hidden or shadow aspects of our character. It’s connected to the things we fear, long for, and fantasize about the most.

As one of the love asteroids, Lilith also represents sexism, racism, chauvinism, primal instincts, sexual nature, and repressed resentment/anger.

The Black Moon Lilith in astrology has a spiritual component as well. The Black Moon is, indeed, the important part of the personality that exposes our close connection or detachment with the Divine Source of Love and Prosperity in the universe.

When we’re in tune with one another, we feel a feeling of oneness and peace in our lives. In contrast, our fundamental fear is rooted in a sense of alienation from our Source as we dwell in our dark side.

Additionally, the name “Dark Moon Lilith” refers to Lilith’s association with femininity in astrology. It’s a symbol of the feminine archetype, which has been rejected and repressed by patriarchal culture for ages.

Disclaimer: Astrology suggests tendencies and potentials. The knowledge in this article serves as subjective guidance for your self-development.

How to Find Lilith in the Natal Chart

To locate the asteroid Lilith, Black Moon Lilith, or Dark Moon Lilith in your birth chart, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to (Extended Chart Selection)
  2. Enter your birth details, such as the date, time, and location of your birth
  3. Under “Common elements”, choose “Lilith”
  4. Click “Show the chart” button at the bottom of the screen
  5. The asteroid will appear in your natal chart as the symbol of the Black Moon

Lilith in Astrology

In astrology, Black Moon Lilith, Dark Moon Lilith, or the asteroid Lilith represents an abyss of promised sorrow in the natal chart, ready to be released at the appropriate transit.

She represents our shadow selves, the parts of ourselves that may feel shameful of revealing at times of extreme intensity. It’s a facet of your personality that has to be understood, recognized, respected, and embraced so that she may channel her destructive energy into productive action.

In order to heal ourselves, we need to take a close look at the placement of Chiron in our birth chart, which is our wounded healer, wise teacher, and compassionate counselor.

Moreover, aspects to and from the asteroid Lilith (or the Black Moon) in your natal chart imply an internal struggle between giving up control and holding on to power or dominance.

The Origin of Lilith

The demonic figure of Lilith has her roots in the cultures of ancient Mesopotamia. Lilith is said to have been created at the same time as Adam, on par with him in Jewish mythology.

According to Kabbalah, Lilith is a demonic character who represents destructive powers. Lilith was Adam’s first wife, according to Kabbalistic tradition, but she was expelled from the Garden of Eden because she refused to submit to his authority.

Kabbalistic scholars associate Lilith with the “evil e­ye,” a mystical force belie­ved to cause harm and misfortune. The­y describe her as a se­ductive, dangerous, and perilous demone­ss.

Characteristics of Lilith

Lilith is typically portrayed as a stunning woman with long, alluring hair and wings. She is supposed to be a strong demon who may bring about illness and death.

Some cultures also saw Lilith as a representation of sexual promiscuity and a temptation to males. There are, however, feminist readings of Lilith that see her as a fighter for women’s rights and an opponent of male authority.

Therefore, Lilith is commonly seen as a symbol of female strength and rebellion in the face of male tyranny in modern feminist thought.

Scholars who advocate for gender equality have used Lilith’s story to criticize stereotypical gender norms.

As a symbol of female strength and independence, Lilith has also been used in feminist works of art and literature to attack patriarchal values.

Lilith And Karma

According to karmic theories of astrology, both sexes have been both male and female in the past. This Lilith energy is carried over from life to life.

Lilith represents a suppression of spirit over time and space. While her energy is feminine, her anger that has been repressed is genderless. 

This is especially true given the unique challenges your current existence presents in terms of repression.

Discrimination, oppression, chauvinism, abuse, and feminism coexist in Lilith’s placement, as does the fight of an individual to find and embrace their own inner strength. 

Lilith’s primary concern is power, whether it’s through physical, sexual, or spiritual manipulation, and she shows how that conflict will be manifested in your birth chart.

Lilith in Transit

According to Serpil Mostra, transits of Black Moon Lilith are times of great release of pent-up bitterness and the discovery of issues that have been buried. You’ll need a reliable space where you can express your emotions and get insight into your darker side when it emerges.

Keywords like “house position” and “rulership” are crucial for comprehending the human need for power.

For instance, Oprah felt the need to financially succeed in order to reclaim her power, whereas Hugh Heffner, whose 11th House Black Moon Lilith is in Leo, felt the need to construct a dream world surrounded by fantasy, sexy women.

You’ll discover that bitterness is sparked by transits to Lilith and can be channeled into ambitious goals or even philanthropic deeds if the person truly wants to help others who are in a similar situation.

Lilith in Signs

The Black Moon Lilith can highlight our core of anxiety in astrology. Because our greatest fear is contained within our shadow side, addressing the shadow is essentially facing our greatest terror.

When the Black Moon is in a sign, it sheds light on the challenges associated with that sign. These factors significantly shape who we are as people and influence how we act, thus creating our unique “downfall” in this world.

Lilith in Aries

When in Aries, Lilith is fiery, passionate, and ruled by her gut. Their desire for adventure and conquest fuels their dark side, which manifests as impetuous and occasionally dangerous actions.

In terms of their sexual nature, Aries Lilith people have an unquenchable need for thrills, which leads them to have impromptu, impulsive sex relations.

Because of their competitive drive, they may also seek out risky partnerships that push past their boundaries.

Moreover, when Lilith is in Aries, they have a propensity to jump to decisions without much thought, which might have unforeseen consequences or cause them to miss many opportunities.

Lilith in Taurus

Those with Lilith in Taurus are often characterized by a deep, passionate, and sensual underbelly. They have a strong desire for sensual experiences and financial wealth.

Their sexuality is rooted in the material world, and they seek intimacy through sensual contact. They might be drawn to potentially dangerous power dynamics or financially related partnerships.

Because of their resistance to change and inflexibility, these people often struggle to give up their most basic, instinctual drives.

Lilith in Gemini

When Lilith is in Gemini, she can bring out the nosy and cunning shadow side, with a penchant for using communication to manipulate others.

They have a sexual disposition that is open and flexible, motivated by a desire to learn and try new things. These people might be attracted to illicit relationships that involve mind games and manipulation.

Moreover, Lilith in Gemini people may have difficulty connecting with their primordial impulses since they have a tendency to overthink and intellectualize their desires.

Lilith in Cancer

Lilith in Cancer natives tend to have a deep, emotional shadow side that manifests as a burning need for safety, security, and care.

Their sexuality is often firmly entrenched in their need for emotional connection, and they frequently seek comfort and protection in sexual partnerships.

They may find themselves drawn to forbidden love and other forms of emotional entanglement. It might be difficult for Lilith in Cancer to fully embrace their primitive cravings because of their fear of vulnerability and rejection.

Lilith in Leo

If Lilith is in Leo, then that sign’s egocentric, admiration-seeking energy will often be on full display. Their sexuality is grandiose and dramatic, and they tend to communicate their feelings via extravagant displays of physical affection.

They may find themselves attracted to unhealthy relationships that place them center stage or involve in problems related to power, trust, and authority. Lilith in Leo often have their pride and ego standing in the way of pursuing their true aspirations for fear of being seen as weak or vulnerable.

Lilith in Virgo

Those born with Lilith in Virgo tend to be analytical and focused on the more intricate aspects of life. Their need to improve and perfect their sexual abilities is often ingrained in their strict and perfectionist standard.

Relationships that include submission, control, or great self-discipline may appeal to them. Yet, Lilith in Virgo has difficulty completely embracing their primal desires since they have a tendency to overanalyze and criticize themselves and their companions.

Lilith in Libra

A dark side with a strong yearning for relationship harmony is how Lilith in Libra presents herself. They are sexual beings motivated by a need for close companionship and a profound sense of connection through beauty and aesthetics.

It’s possible they’ll be drawn to relationships that go against the grain of traditional wisdom, such as open relationships or sexual-only pairings.

Lilith in Libra might have difficulty expressing their true principles, beliefs, and opinions, so they often enter into unsatisfying partnerships that damage their sense of self.

Lilith in Scorpio

Those who have Lilith in Scorpio have a shadow side that is both sexually powerful and emotionally intense. Their sexual nature is dark, violent, intense, and driven by a desire for a life-altering union with their lovers.

They might be attracted to forbidden relationships characterized by a high level of secrecy, an imbalance of power, or emotional manipulation. The primary obstacle for Lilith in Scorpio is their propensity to get obsessed with their own hidden agendas and the pursuit of power.

Lilith in Sagittarius

The evil side represented by Lilith in Sagittarius is one that is driven by a thirst for freedom, knowledge, independence, and growth. They often have a restless and energetic sexual temperament, always up for new experiences and eager to expand their perspectives on sexuality.

They could be drawn to nontraditional or cross-cultural relationships that are outlawed by society. Fear of commitment and imprisonment can be the biggest obstacle for Lilith in Sagittarius, making it hard for them to form long-term relationships.

Lilith in Capricorn

Lilith in Capricorn natives are diligent and goal-oriented. Their sexual orientation is realistic and goal-oriented; they frequently resort to using their sexual nature/abilities to advance their own hidden agenda.

Relationships involving power dynamics, professional promotion, fame, or the exchange of resources may attract them.

Lilith in Capricorn might struggle to completely embrace their primitive inclinations because of their tendency to prioritize the material aspects of life above their emotional connection with other people.

Lilith in Aquarius

When Lilith is in Aquarius, the shadow side expresses itself as a longing for independence, liberty, and uniqueness. Their sexual nature is one of experimentation and defiance of traditional wisdom.

It’s possible they’ll be drawn to alternative lifestyles and odd relationships that society frowns upon. Lilith in Aquarius may have difficulty pursuing their interests and creating fulfilling relationships because of their overarching fear of losing their autonomy and freedom.

Lilith in Pisces

Those that have Lilith in Pisces tend to be mysterious and difficult to pin down. Their sexuality often stems from a place of profound intuition and creativity, with a focus on finding a spiritual connection with their partners.

Relationships that entail escaping, fantasy, addiction, drugs, or crossing boundaries may appeal to them. The biggest obstacle for Lilith in Pisces is that they have a hard time keeping their sense of self and reality in check due to their propensity to become lost in their dream worlds.

Lilith in Houses

If we know in which house a natal Black Moon resides, we can predict how the shadow part of ourselves will play out. The location of the house can reveal the setting for the predominance of the shadow problems.

The place where the Black Moon emerged is symbolic of the place in our lives where the darkness is most rooted and where we will encounter the biggest and most enduring problems.

Moving through the zodiac’s twelve houses, Lilith can reveal long-repressed emotions and ambitions as well as the motivation for her search of inner strength.

Growth, wisdom, metamorphosis, and healing may all be found inside Lilith’s shadow.

Lilith in the First House

Lilith’s presence in the First House is enchanting and commanding. Lilith in the First House might cause suppressed anger and an unhealthy obsession with self-importance, self-image, and personal authority.

Sometimes natives may use their attractiveness to seduce others into giving them what they want—control. When they accept their shadow side, however, they are able to harness their self-assurance and use it to inspire others to join their cause.

Lilith in the Second House

A strong desire for financial comfort and stability is indicated by Lilith’s placement in the Second House. This need might be the result of low self-esteem, weak personal values, or repressed feelings of loss and unworthiness.

Although natives may have to step on others to get where they want to go financially, this may be a learning experience. People can go from being materialistic to being charitable once they learn to appreciate the worth of inner wealth.

Lilith in the Third House

Lilith spins a web of seductive mystery in the Third House with her thoughts and words. Third House Lilith people may have difficulty expressing their ideas and may instead turn to indirect or passive-aggressive forms of communication.

When these people face their own demons of deception, cunning, and lying, however, they might discover how to control the power of their words and transform into influential speakers who can use their voices to challenge the status quo.

Lilith in the Fourth House

When Lilith is in a person’s Fourth House of Home and Family, repressed feelings and unresolved emotional difficulties from childhood are often brought to the surface.

It’s possible that people with this placement are restricted by their loved ones’ needs or even subjected to physical, emotional, or even sexual abuse at home.

However, these people could learn to walk away from the past and become caring, compassionate leaders in their own families if they are able to conquer their demons face-to-face (instead of running away) and heal their emotional scars.

Lilith in the Fifth House

Lilith’s alluring force in the Fifth House encourages creative expression and passionate love. However, jealousy, possessiveness, and a desire for power and control in interpersonal interactions are possible traits of those with this placement.

With Lilith in the Fifth House, a person’s pride may be a destructive force if they don’t learn to accept their shadow side and channel their sexually-charged energy into artistic endeavors.

Lilith in the Sixth House

When Lilith takes up residence in the Sixth House, she can wreak havoc on the stability of one’s professional and personal schedules.

People in this placement are more likely to experience emotional, mental, or sexual abuse at work, and are more likely to have difficulty controlling their emotions in these intense situations.

Yet, as they face these difficulties, they have an opportunity to turn their grief into a source of strength by becoming champions for those who suffer in silence – they should learn to cultivate their compassionate, helpful, and kind nature.

Lilith in the Seventh House

Lilith’s mysterious energy adds an air of intrigue to the House of Relationships. People with Lilith in the Seventh House may be attracted to sexually explosive partnerships in which they must negotiate complicated dynamics involving power and control.

Perhaps their demons are the demons of lust and pleasure in the name of companionship and lust. To overcome their dark sides, practicing self-discipline and improving their moral values become essential.

Lilith in the Eighth House

Lilith’s presence in the Eighth House, the zone of transformation, can speed up the rebirth process. People in this position could be more interested in the shadowy parts of existence, such as sexuality, tantra, spirituality, and the occult.

They may have experienced suppressed anger or even violence in the past, but by exploring their dark sides, they can tap into the healing and empowering energy of Lilith.

They can find the power and resilience in their own human spirit by emerging like the phoenix from its ashes from the depths of their own despair.

Lilith in the Ninth House

In the Ninth House, Lilith’s independent streak questions dogma and tries to broaden the scope of understanding. Those in this placement may harbor resentment towards religious ideas and cultural norms but find it difficult to express their beliefs.

They often want to be unrestricted in their pursuit of new ideals and may resent being told what to think, do, and act. However, by embracing their free-spirited nature, these people are able to inspire others to question outdated social standards and create positive change in the world.

Lilith in the Tenth House

When Lilith shines her evil allure on the Tenth House, she does it in the context of one’s professional life and public image. Those in this position may be driven by an unhealthy obsession with proving themselves, becoming rich, and gaining fame even if it means stepping on others to get there.

But when they face their own dark aspirations and the dangers of abusing authority, they could redirect their will to succeed into a constructive force for good. By facing their demons that seek power and control, they can transform into morally upstanding leaders who are able to motivate and encourage people around them.

Lilith in the Eleventh House

Lilith’s presence in the Eleventh House of Friendship and Ambition can fuel repressed desires related to freedom, dreams, revolution, and disobedience.

People in this position often feel isolated from mainstream society and harbor pent-up resentment toward the established order. They like to do things in their own ways, but sometimes, they have many hidden plans and dreams that are not necessarily kind.

In the course of their life, these people should learn to transform “alienation tendency” into a burning desire to create a more equitable society by genuinely connecting with others who share the same goals.

Lilith in the Twelfth House

Lilith’s presence in the Twelfth House, which represents the unconscious, reveals emotional scars and trauma that have been buried for a long time. Abuse of this kind is generally committed in secret and can take many forms, including emotional, mental, and sexual abuse from others or self-destructive habits toward oneself.

Particularly, people with this placement tend to run away from problems into solitude to seek peace, while what they should do is face their demons like brave fighters. When these people learn to accept and even forgive their shadow sides, they can turn inner darkness into a wellspring of resilience, compassion, and wisdom.

Lilith in Mythology

According to Jewish legend, Lilith was formed from the same dust as Adam, making her his first wife.

In contrast to Eve, Lilith possessed a strong will and courage­ously stood against Adam’s authority. As a result, she was banished from the­ Garden of Eden and eve­ntually came to represent evil, chaos, darkness, and disobedience.

Indeed, Lilith, a name commonly associated with witches, de­mons, and other malevolent e­ntities in Jewish folklore, is said to roam the­ land at night. According to legend, her inte­ntion is to cause harm both to adult men and young people.

According to certain myths, there are­ claims that she possesses the­ characteristics of succubus – a fe­male demon who entice­s sleeping men into sexual relationships and saps their vitality.

Some feminist and occultist organizations have regarded Lilith as a symbol of female stre­ngth and rebellion, disregarding he­r historically unfavorable associations.

These accounts portray her as a courageous individual who, at tremendous personal risk, opted to reject patriarchal norms and choose her own path in life.

In the Sume­rians, Assyrians, and Babylonians culture, she­ is often depicted as a winge­d serpent or an underworld godde­ss. She is closely associated with fe­rtility, reproduction, sexuality, maternity, and childbirth.

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