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13 Sexual Asteroids in Astrology: Your Mini “Me”

Well, sex is like money…

Only too much is enough.

If you are curious about how your erotic mini-me will play out in love, sex, and romance, read on!

But wait…

Before you move on, if you want to bring your sexual experiences to the next level where you can actually merge with your partner on a soulful level, I have an article about “Love Asteroids“.

In other words, love must come first before sex, not vice versa!

So let’s get started!

Disclaimer: The study of asteroids is still at its infant stage, so this article suggests tendencies and potentials. It serves as a subjective guidance for your self-development.

How to Find Your Sexual Asteroids

To find your sexual asteroids, follow these steps:

  1. Go to (Extended Chart Selection)
  2. Enter your birth information: date, time, and location of your birth
  3. Click “Additional object”, where you will see the “Manual entry” section
  4. Enter the number of the asteroid (as I will show you in the article) in the field
  5. Click “Show the chart” button at the bottom of the screen

Sexual Asteroids

1. Eros (433): Sexual Attraction

It would be pointless if we talk about sex asteroids without mentioning Eros, whose presence in the birth chart represents your sexual type, sexual attraction, what lures you, what you find erotic/horny, and what really turns you on. Eros is your “Sexual Vampire”, where you want to devour your partner like a beast.

2. Bacchus (2063): Self-Indulgence, Sex Orgies

Bacchus‘s placement in your birth chart represents your excessive self-indulgent tendencies, indicating the potential of having sex like there is no tomorrow. Also, this sexual asteroid reveals if you have a fondness for having sexual intercourse in a group or an orgy. Basically, Bachus reveals your hedonistic tendencies and the desire for festivity and pleasure.

3. Ganymed (1036): Sexual Charm

In astrology, Ganymed represents your “attraction button” or the trait that draws other people into you. However, its scope isn’t limited to only your attractive physical appearance – it is also about your talent, skill, or personality that can attract others toward you.

4. Lilith (1181): Raw Sex

Having sex in a primal, raw way is what Lilith is about. However, as the dark side of the moon, this sexual asteroid can also represent your repressed anger, jealous tendencies, or secret agendas regarding how you express yourself sexually.

5. Persephone (399): Dark Love

Making love is good… only when it is performed in the dark… This is what Persephone is about! In astrology, Persephone can indicate the hidden secret that only you and your lover know and your tendency to be attracted to bad boys/girls.

6. Toro (1685) and Nessus (7066): Sexual Abuse

Both Toro and Nessus in the birth chart represent the possibility of sexual abuse, violence, and resentment in your love relationships. Particularly if Toro or Nessus is located in the 8th House or in the sign of Scorpio, this risk can be magnified.

7. Phaedra (174) Sexual Addiction

Phaedra in astrology represents the dark side of sexuality – addiction and infidelity. Guilt, humiliation, and the consequences of giving in to our dark natures are all possible manifestations of the asteroid Phaedra.

8. Lust (4386): Your Lust

As its name suggests, the asteroid Lust represents your “lust” – your turn-ons/offs, sexual instincts, sexual desires, libido, and favorite sexual positions. This asteroid can also reveal if you are the “aggressive” type of person who can bang your partner like a suicide squad in a war.

9. Amor (1221): Unconditional Love

In contrast to the already mentioned asteroids, Amor represents a purer and healthier kind of love – unconditional love. The placement of Amor in your birth chart indicates your state of “being in love” rather than “falling in love”.

10. Juno (3): Quality You Seek in a Love Partner

As one of the marriage asteroids, Juno can represent the ideal kind of lover or partner that you seek to be your spouse. Here, we are talking about a higher level of your sexuality – a committed relationship and marriage. Alternatively, Juno represents how you approach intimacy in general.

11. Sappho (80): Same-Sex Love

Sappho‘s location in your birth chart can reveal your attraction to people of the same sex. Like Eros, this sex asteroid also indicates your sexual preferences, sexual nature, erotic desires, and sexual charm.

12. Valentine (477): True Love

True love is the ultimate expression of sex, and the asteroid Valentine‘s placement in your birth chart can describe just so. With this asteroid, you will understand the importance of going above and beyond just the mere level of physical attraction.

13. Adonis (2101): Your Soulmate

Lastly, Adonis can be the best sexual asteroid of all because it often indicates the soulmate, twin flame, or heartfelt connections that you’ve ever dreamed of. Only where there is true love will you find sexual union most satisfying and fulfilling.

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