9 Spiritual Asteroids in Astrology

Astrology is like having a Google Map for your soul, but instead of satellites, it uses stars, asteroids, and planets to guide you through life.

So, what is the way of the mystic?

Where can you find the meaning of your life, your soul’s purpose, and your inner truth?

As we fly to the great and beyond, you’ll realize that these spiritual or spirit asteroids can help you learn more about not only the universe, but also yourself.

Disclaimer: The study of asteroids is still at its infant stage, so this article suggests tendencies and potentials. It serves as a subjective guidance for your self-development.

Spiritual/Spirit Asteroids

1. Imhotep (1813): Asteroid of Astrologers

Imhotep is your “mystic asteroid”, representing your potential to become a scribe, mystic, or astrologer. People with a prominent asteroid Imhotep in their chart often have heightened dream activities, and this asteroid can also increase your intuitive and healing abilities as well.

2. Horus (1924): Inner truth

In the birth chart, the Egyptian sky god Horus can represent your quest for self-knowledge, inner warrior, and the search for self-understanding. In order to gain access to a deeper awareness of ourselves, this spirit asteroid pushes us to think and feel profoundly about our thoughts, habits, and emotions.

3. Orcus (90428): Soul Commitment

Orcus is actually a very unique spiritual asteroid, symbolizing the realization of one’s true purpose and the commitments made by our souls to uphold our personal ideals and standards. Spiritual asteroids like this can serve as a reminder of the agreements we made with ourselves to pave our way toward liberation.

4. Ixion (28978): Spiritual Mission

The placement of Ixion in your natal chart emphasizes the importance of staying true to our spiritual calling. Positively, this spiritual asteroid can help to unleash your “hidden power”, but negatively, it can bring you down to the abyss of sorrow if you don’t act in accordance with your spiritual missions or beliefs. Indeed, this asteroid can be very violent and destructive at times, and there is a possibility that a second chance will be wasted by some kind of unethical behavior.

5. Quaoar (50000): Intuition

The meaning of Quaoar is quite simple – it can represent the strength of your own intuition. The message of this asteroid is to follow your gut and tune in to the inner wisdom – the little voice of knowledge inside.

6. Vertex: Fate and Destiny

In astrology, the Vertex can represent the karmic, psychic, and spiritual connections that you likely encounter in your life. It also represents the transformative experiences that turn you from a caterpillar into a butterfly.

7. Urania (30): Higher knowledge

Urania, the Greek mythological Muse of Astronomy, can represent your talents for astrology and astronomy. In your birth chart, this spiritual asteroid can show where your higher knowledge is located, and how you can gain a lot of insight and wisdom from intuitive inspiration.

8. Pholus (5145): Spiritual awakening

As an asteroid of transformation, Pholus can represent the kind of spiritual awakening that you likely have in your life. Its energy is quite sudden, intense, and transformative, and it is not easy to go through these periods. Astrologers often relate this asteroid to spiritual crises or emergencies.

9. Kassandra (114): Ignored Intuition

While Kassandra can represent your intuitive power, psychic ability, and prophetic capability, this spirit asteroid can also reveal your tendency to ignore your own intuition, or the possibility of other people ignoring the warning message that you want them to heed.

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