Career Asteroids in Astrology

9 Career Asteroids in Astrology That Make Your Dreams Come True

Think of these career asteroids as specialized tools in your astrological toolkit. While the sun, moon, and planets are the broad strokes in your celestial portrait, these asteroids add detail and depth, helping to refine the picture of what you’re meant to do and be.

They can reveal the types of careers that resonate with your soul’s purpose or suggest how you can utilize your innate gifts to overcome challenges on your professional path.

Disclaimer: The study of asteroids is still at its infant stage, so this article suggests tendencies and potentials. It serves as a subjective guidance for your self-development.

Career Asteroids

1. Industria (389): Your Industry

Understanding this asteroid is very simple because its name can tell everything. So, asteroid Industria in your birth chart indicates the industry that you are likely to work in your career. Industria also means “industriousness”, symbolizing how you work hard to achieve your goals – your zeal, energy, passion, and ambition. The placement of Industria should be a place where you are naturally or effortlessly good at doing.

2. Enterprise (9777): Where You Become a Leader

Where there’s an entrepreneurial spirit, you’ll often find the asteroid Enterprise. This career asteroid can be associated with innovative solutions to problems, fresh ideas, and a willingness to take wise risks. A prominent Enterprise influence in a person’s chart can indicate that they are a natural-born visionary who isn’t scared to pursue radical concepts and pave new professional routes.

3. Jobse (215463): Your Job

As apparent as it seems, Jobse is your “job asteroid”, representing the type of job that you are attracted to. But it is not just about any type of job. In my opinion, this asteroid is the kind of job that you like to do or are meant to do.

4. Talent (33154): Your Talent

The term “talent” is commonly used to refer to people’s innate skills and natural potential. This is your talent asteroid, indicating the significance of developing your natural skills as a means to professional advancement. If the asteroid Talent is prominent in your birth chart, you may be endowed with special abilities that help you stand out in the workplace, which is usually indicated by its house placement.

5. Academia (829): Your Study

Academia is your “study asteroid”, representing your academic tendency, learning capability, or what you like to learn. This asteroid may also relate to how you actually apply what you have learned in the real world.

6. Felicitas (109): Success and Happiness

The asteroid Felicitas, which represents good fortune and happiness, is also an important career asteroid for your professional fulfillment. Where this asteroid is placed in your chart can suggest a place of happiness, blessedness, and productivity.

7. Fama (408): Fame

The asteroid Fama is a symbol of not just fame, but also recognition and power. If this career asteroid is prominent in your birth chart, it can be a sign that you’re bound for success in the public eye. Given Fama’s influence, it’s reasonable to assume that your efforts will be rewarded with widespread praise and recognition, allowing you to make a major contribution to your chosen profession.

8. Opportunity (39382): Career/Job Opportunity

As one of the luck asteroids, asteroid Opportunity can represent the chances and opportunities you may have in your life. While this asteroid is not limited to the scope of your career, it can represent career opportunities if it is well-placed in the 10th House or in good aspect with Saturn in your birth chart.

9. Destinn (6583): Your Destiny

Destinn, the asteroid of fate and destiny, is one of the most important career asteroids because it can connect us to our ultimate goals. If the asteroid Destinn receives many benefic aspects in your chart, it can indicate what you are destined to do will be easy and smooth. However, if this asteroid is influenced by other malefic planets, it doesn’t mean that you are doomed to fail – it means that success requires just a little bit more hard work and patience for you.

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