Ixion Meaning Astrology

Asteroid Ixion Meaning in Astrology: Violation and Unethical Behaviors

Beyond the orbit of Neptune is where you’ll find the dwarf planet Ixion! The scientists at Chile’s Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory discovered it in 2001.

In myth, Ixion was called after the Greek mythological figure who was exiled by the gods as retribution for his wicked deeds. He killed his father and grew lustful with Hera, the queen of gods.

In astrology, Ixion represents the concepts of violation, crimes, recklessness, bad karma, and fatal mistakes. The presence of Ixion in your natal chart may be particularly indicative of a lack of concern for the potential outcomes of your actions.

In addition, this asteroid could be an indicator of a dangerous drive for power and success that could lead to unethical or even criminal behaviors. It can also represent the destructive actions and negative outcomes that result from attachments to worldly desire.

In the birth chart, Ixion can also stand for the second chance that comes with reflecting on your actions and making amends where necessary. As we learn from our mistakes and take responsibility for our actions, we can realize the full potential of Ixion’s placement in our natal chart.

However, according to Dwarf Planet Astrology, “there is the danger that second chances will be wasted through the arousal of base passions.”

In my opinion, while Ixion influences you to be destructive, rebellious, and utterly careless, this asteroid represents the “spiritual mission of improving yourself” in order to restore the Balance of Karma that you owe.

Disclaimer: The study of asteroids is still at its infant stage, so this article suggests tendencies and potentials. It serves as guidance for your self-development. 

How to Find Ixion in the Birth Chart

Here are the steps that help you to find the asteroid Ixion in your natal chart:

  1. Go to astro.com (Extended Chart Selection) and enter your birth data
  2. Click “Additional object”
  3. Under “Manual entry”, enter “28978” – the number of Ixion
  4. Click “Show the chart” button at the bottom of the screen
  5. The asteroid should appear in your chart as “Ixion”

Ixion Meaning in Astrology

Ixion Meaning Astrology
Ixion Meaning in Astrology

The mythical story of Ixion is one of arrogance and retribution. He was an emperor who, in his madness, attempted to rape Hera, the wife of Zeus.

As punishment, Zeus enslaved Ixion by chaining him to an eternally fiery rotating wheel. The story serves as a warning against crossing moral limits and abusing authority and power.

In astrology, Ixion represents a similar energy. It’s a metaphor for unleashing one’s inner passion, but it also represents the peril of channeling one’s passions and ambition in destructive ways.

According to Vamzzz, the spirit of Ixion can be rebellious and difficult to control. A strong Ixion placement in a natal chart can indicate a propensity to push moral boundaries and chase liberty at the cost of others, even though dominant Ixion in the birth chart seeks emotional security and safety.

In short, the Ixion’s area of the chart can symbolize our most shameful impulses and the place where we often make fatal mistakes, be treacherous, or accumulate much negative karma.

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Ixion in Signs

Ixion in Aries

Ixion in Aries can make a person violent, aggressive, and careless with the law. These people may seek out acts of violence, vandalism, and war in order to vent their rage. To avoid giving in to their darker desires, Aries has to cultivate self-discipline and learn to focus their energy in positive ways.

Ixion in Taurus

When Ixion is stationed in Taurus, people are more likely to succumb to material temptations. Their need for safety and comfort may lead them to engage in dishonest behavior in pursuit of wealth. To combat this, Taurus needs to practice gratitude and look beyond material things to find happiness.

Ixion in Gemini

Unethical tendencies with Ixion in Gemini could involve deception, manipulation, and deceit. Scammers, stealing, and trolls may all fall within this category. Gemini needs a strong moral compass and to learn to use their communication abilities for the greater good rather than to exploit people if they don’t want to receive divine retribution.

Ixion in Cancer

Ixion in Cancer may result in crimes motivated by emotional instability, possessiveness, or a strong need for control. Relationship abuse, stalking, and manipulation are all possible behaviors for these people. Cancer needs to work on setting appropriate emotional boundaries and increasing their level of self-awareness in order to overcome these tendencies.

Ixion in Leo

Individuals with Ixion in Leo may be tempted to engage in unethical activities such as abuse of power, violence, and fighting in order to satisfy their inflated sense of self-importance and thirst for power. They may resort to dishonorable tactics to advance their social standing because they crave approval and appreciation. Leo can fight this effect by working on their humility and putting their leadership skills to good use for the benefit of others.

Ixion in Virgo

The presence of Ixion in Virgo may manifest as obsessive, opportunistic unethical behavior. It’s possible that these people are very good at plotting cunning plans and consistently working on them. Their treacherous tendencies are often the result of their need for control and the desire to be more capable than others. To counteract these tendencies, Virgo has to cultivate an attitude of service so that their talents are there to serve instead of harming others.

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Ixion in Libra

Unethical activities motivated by a distorted view of justice are possible when Ixion is in Libra. This can include acts of vigilantism, white-collar crime, and legal system manipulation. The pursuit of justice, balance, or relationship may lead such people to overreact in certain situations. Ixion Libra people have to fight these impulses by learning to see the world in its true color and prioritizing their personal integrity.

Ixion in Scorpio

With Ixion in Scorpio, individuals may be drawn to the darker, more taboo aspects of unethical activities, such as organized crime, violence, sexual offenses, or acts of revenge. Their jealousy and obsession with power/control could get them into a lot of trouble. Scorpios can fight back against this energy by directing their pent-up intensity toward constructive ends, such as toward self-improvement and the healing of others.

Ixion in Sagittarius

When in Sagittarius, Ixion can cause treacherous tendencies motivated by a thirst for freedom or a taste for adventure. These people don’t want to feel restricted, and Ixion Sagittarius people are often very careless, irresponsible, violent, and reckless in their pursuits. In order to combat these impulses, Sagittarius must cultivate a sense of responsibility and learn the virtue of patience in any situation.

Ixion in Capricorn

Ambition, fame, and a thirst for power can all fuel unethical behaviors under Ixion in Capricorn. Any illegal activity that helps these people rise in the ranks of business and government looks like fair game for them. Capricorns can overcome these tendencies by expanding their capacity for empathy and learning to strike a healthy balance between their own ambition and genuine care for the well-being of those around them.

Ixion in Aquarius

With Ixion in Aquarius, people may be more tempted to commit unethical behaviors that threaten the established order, such as hacking, cybercrime, or other acts of disobedience. Their acts are often the results of lacking freedom, independence, and autonomy. To combat this, Aquarians should channel their idealistic energies into improving the lives of others and doing things that are consistent with the law.

Ixion in Pisces

A person with Ixion in Pisces might engage in unlawful behaviors related to drug, alcohol, deception, or fraudulent activities. It is likely that Ixion Pisces will have a “nickname” if they were to commit a crime. The motivations for their unethical actions could be related to their obsession with spiritual power, freedom, and a sense of escape/release. To combat these inclinations, Pisces must cultivate an in-depth understanding of who they are and their moral principles, rather than running away from reality.

Ixion in Houses

Ixion in the 1st House

Someone with Ixion in the first house could be bold and confident, but they could also be prone to acting on impulse and taking unnecessary risks. They tend to be self-reliant and assured, making them seem like ideal leaders, but they can also be very violent and aggressive.

Those with Ixion in the first house need to practice self-discipline and not give in to every impulse. Opportunities for self-development can be found in learning to empathize with others and comprehending how their actions affect those around them.

Ixion in the 2nd House

Ixion in the second house can indicate a troubled connection between a person’s sense of value and their belongings. They are trapped in the illusion that their money is equal to their personal values. Therefore, people with this placement can become extremely greedy and materialistic in the pursuit of riches.

If you have Ixion in the second house, you may find it difficult to establish a good connection with money and possessions. By building your self-esteem and learning to place worth on yourself rather than your material belongings, you will realize that you are a master of money, not vice versa.

Ixion in the 3rd House

The presence of Ixion in the third house suggests that the native may have a keen intellect and be an effective communicator. However, they often abuse their intellectual power, logic, and reasoning abilities, resorting to manipulation or deception when interacting with others.

Those who have Ixion in the third house must learn to understand the impact of their words. Open and honest conversation, as well as learning to listen to others, can lead to positive development.

Ixion in the 4th House

Those who have Ixion in the fourth house might often experience difficulties in their relationships at home.

They may have an unrelenting need to secure themselves and fight off feelings of loneliness. Their emotional nature can be rather unstable, and those who have Ixion in the fourth house may find it difficult to feel at home in their own skin.

Possible opportunities for development can be found in mending strained family bonds and fostering a loving atmosphere at home.

Ixion in the 5th House

Individuals with Ixion in the 5th house tend to be very bold, reckless, and arrogant, and they may often take unnecessary risks in their love relationships and recreational activities, such as gambling. They have a pent-up need to be heard and be the center of attention (or leadership position) at all costs.

Finding a happy medium between having fun and adult responsibilities is one of the biggest tests for those with Ixion in the fifth house. Their potential can be realized if they learn to put their imagination to good use and cultivate relationships on a deeper, more mature level.

Ixion in the 6th House

People who have Ixion in the sixth house often strive for excellence in their job, but they tend to forget other people’s needs when pursuing perfection. Moreover, they may develop a workaholic personality or be excessively judgmental of themselves and others.

They may also tend to develop many problems in the workplace. With this placement, self-compassion and learning to tolerate one’s own and other people’s flaws are the pathways to self-development.

Ixion in the 7th House

People with Ixion in the seventh house can be very violent in their relationships with others. In other words, these people have a tendency to stir up much trouble in their connections, particularly in marriage, business partnerships, and any intimate one-on-one connection.

Indeed, their “fatal mistakes” lie in the realm of relationships, so it’s important for these people to approach their connections with a calm mind and an open heart.

Ixion in the 8th House

Individuals who have Ixion in the eighth house may be drawn to the darker aspects of illegal activities such as criminal organizations, violence, sexual assaults, or acts of vengeance.

It’s also possible that they have trouble with interpersonal dynamics involving authority and government, and it’s likely that they can be involved in gangs (only if they were to commit a crime!)

Therefore, those who have Ixion in the eighth house must learn to harness their inner strength instead of relying on money to define their own worth.

Ixion in the 9th House

Having Ixion in the ninth house can stimulate a person’s acts of violence if there is a lack of freedom, autonomy, and liberty. These people may have problems with religions/faiths or the desire to force their views on others. Their yearning to be free can also lead to tons of careless, reckless actions in their wake.

One of the hardest things for people with Ixion in the ninth house to do is to be accepting of boundaries. Opportunities for development can be found in developing a sense of humility and an acceptance of the idea that everything is possible within what is ethically right.

Ixion in the 10th House

People who have Ixion in the tenth house tend to be goal-oriented and determined to succeed professionally. Although they may be born leaders, they are prone to stepping on others to achieve power and have cutthroat ambition.

Sometimes, this placement can indicate a career related to violence and crimes, or that the natives are very determined to climb the rank of success at the expense of others.

Therefore, finding an appropriate balance between professional aspirations and moral principles can be difficult for people with Ixion in the 10th house. Learning to put themselves in the shoes of others and understanding the value of collaboration are two areas where they can improve.

Ixion in the 11th House

The placement of Ixion in the 11th house suggests a tendency to cause violence due to a lack of freedom and autonomy. People with this placement also tend to cause much trouble in their friendships, community, and associated organizations.

They have the potential to be powerful and popular among their social circles, but they might have trouble exploiting those around them for their own benefit.

Those with Ixion in the 11th house have to work at becoming independent while still being able to keep positive connections with others.

Opportunities for development can be found in embracing and acknowledging people’s differences and in nurturing relationships based on genuine concern and reciprocal support.

Ixion in the 12th House

The sins of those who have Ixion in the twelfth house are often related to drugs, alcohol, deception, criminal gangs, and other self-destructive actions. At worst, these people tend to use their spiritual power to advance selfishly or to cause harm to other people’s life.

Those with Ixion in the 12th house must work to strike a healthy balance between being spiritually powerful and being ethically powerful. With this placement, there is room for improvement in using one’s psychic and spiritual abilities for the benefit of the common good.

Ixion in Mythology

Ixion and Hera

According to some mythologies, Ixion was born to the god of war, Ares, and the notorious evildoer, Phlegyas.

Ixion’s encounter with the goddess Hera is regarded as one of the most well-known stories about him. According to this legend, Ixion grew lustful for Hera and tried to entice her.

Zeus, Hera’s spouse, who is also the king of gods, heard of the affair and decided he would put Ixion to the test to see how loyal Ixion really was to him. To Ixion’s bedroom, he summoned a cloud shaped like Hera. Ixion, giving in to desire, betrayed Zeus by having sex with the cloud.

Zeus’s anger at Ixion’s behavior led him to carry out a harsh punishment. He chained Ixion to an unending blazing wheel and doomed him to torment for all of eternity.

Ixion and His Father-in-Law

According to Wiki, Ixion is usually depicted as a cruel and violent ruler who committed numerous crimes.

Ixion ente­red into marriage with Dia, who was the daughte­r of Deioneus or Eioneus. As part of the­ marital agreement, Ixion promise­d a valuable gift to his father-in-law.

Howeve­r, he failed to fulfill his promise and as a re­sult, Deioneus retaliate­d by stealing some of Ixion’s horses.

De­spite harboring resentme­nt, Ixion concealed his emotions and e­xtended an invitation to his father-in-law for a grand fe­ast in Larissa.

Upon Deioneus’ arrival, Ixion cunningly directe­d him towards a bed made of burning coals and wood, pushing him into it.

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