Love Asteroids in Astrology

19 Love Asteroids in Astrology: Your Little Secret (Bonus+)

I asked my girlfriend what she wanted for Valentine’s Day. She said, ‘Nothing would make me happier than a diamond bracelet.’

So I got her nothing.

The Greeks said that there are 6 types of love; Gary Chapman believes that there are 5 languages of love.

Life is complicated, and love is even complicated”er”.

So, how do you know if your love will be requited in the same manner that you give it?

How do you know if your “divine, supreme, and holy love” only exists in your mind?

Well, the planets seem like they do not have the answers… but the asteroids do!

So let’s dive into the celestial world of 19 love asteroids to know more about your “little secret!”

Disclaimer: The study of asteroids is still at its infant stage, so this article suggests tendencies and potentials. It serves as a subjective guidance for your self-development.

How to Find Your Love Asteroids

To find your love asteroids, follow these steps:

  1. Go to (Extended Chart Selection)
  2. Enter your birth information: date, time, and location of your birth
  3. Click “Additional object”, where you will see the “Manual entry” section
  4. Enter the number of the asteroid (as I will show you in the article) in the field
  5. Click “Show the chart” button at the bottom of the screen

Love Asteroids

1. Eros (433): Erotic Love

Eros is your hunger for a deep, passionate, soul-merging, yet erotic love. The location of Eros in your birth chart can show your passion, erotic desire, sexual attraction, creativity, and vital energy. Basically, Eros indicates what turns you on. Some astrologers consider Eros to be a higher octave of Mars and the generative masculine force that brings the world into creation.

2. Anteros (1943): Requited Love

Anteros is Eros’ twin brother, but the loving nature of Anteros is quite different from Eros’s. While Eros shows how you give love, Anteros represents how you like your love to be returned to you. Anteros indicates “reciprocal love”, which means that you need to give love first in order to receive it in return.

3. Klytia (73): Unrequited Love

It is really painful when your love is unrequited, and the house/sign placement of Klytia in your birth chart can show you where/how this will happen. In romantic affairs, this asteroid is about loving someone so much but receiving nothing in return. One-sided love is her name, and resentment is her trait.

4. Daphne (41): Fearful Romantic Commitment

Are you too fearful of entering a romantic relationship? The sign and house placement of Daphne can tell you just so. In a sense, Daphne’s love is like one of Klytia’s. However, the love nature of Daphne is about others toward you, in contrast to Klytia’s, which is about you toward others.

5. Echo (60): Love Illusions

In your natal chart, Echo can represent your ideals of love that are too good to be true. That is, the placement of Echo can show how you fantasize about love to the point of illusion (or love in your own mind as you may say).

6. Juno (3): Quality You Seek in a Love Partner

Juno is the most common love asteroid in this list, and the month of June – the month of weddings – is actually derived from her name. As the goddess of marriage, Juno represents the quality that you seek in a partner, but not in every partner. She typically reveals the ideal traits that you look for in a spouse, a husband/wife, or anyone you want to commit to in the long haul. In this way, Juno represents how you approach intimacy in general.

7. Hera (103): Jealousy in Love

While Hera is the Greek version of Juno, she represents a lower vibration compared to Juno, signifying jealousy, resentment, and possessive tendencies in love relationships. When she is activated in the birth chart, be aware of some fearful volcanic anger.

8. Persephone (399): Dark Love

Have you ever felt like you are attracted to a certain type of bad boy/girl in your life? Only you know this yourself! And the asteroid Persephone can help you to locate the dark aspects of love that only you and your partner know. This asteroid is about your darker view of love – it is your dirty little secret that only you know.

9. Lilith (1181): Sexual Love

As one of the most common sex asteroids, Lilith represents the raw, primal energy that you express from the depth of your character. This can be where you want to do “bad things” to your lover, like “punish” them in bed. The sexual urges of Lilith are often suppressed in the shadow, but they can also be provocative and rebellious when activated.

10. Isis (42): Undoubted Love

As a goddess of love asteroid, the meaning of Isis is very simple – this asteroid is about loving your partner selflessly and compassionately regardless of what they have done in the past. In a sense, the asteroid Isis can reveal how you go above and beyond to do anything for your lover.

11. Apollo (1862): Love of Love

The love of Apollo, the god of the sun, is usually directed toward love itself. That is, the asteroid Apollo is about how you love being in love, your “rock-n-roll” attitude toward love affairs, as well as any self-loving tendencies that you may have.

12. Amor (1221): Unconditional Love

The love of Amor is very special; it is the type of love that you give selflessly without expecting anything in return. While its expression is very similar to Isis, some astrologers believe that Amor is the highest form of love.

13. Sappho (80): Same-Sex Love

If you are attracted to a person of the same sex, and the sign and house placement of Sappho can reveal where and how your “dual nature” likely manifests. In fact, Sappho comes from the island of Lesbos, which serves as the root for the word “lesbian”.

14. Ceres (1): Familial Love

As a love asteroid for family, Ceres represents the love of an important female figure in your life, especially your mother. This type of love is usually unconditional, as the love from your mother is always the best kind of love. This asteroid also represents how you care for and nurture others.

15. Cupido (763): Playful Love

Cupido, the Roman god of love, is a very lively, young, and vivacious asteroid. Love may feel like a romantic comedy when Cupido is in full swing, with all its comedic banter and unexpected encounters. However, be careful not to lose sight of what’s truly important in the pursuit of fleeting gratification.

16. Cleopatra (216): Seductive Love

Cleopatra, the seductive queen of the Egyptians, can represent the exact thing in astrology – your power to charm, captivate, and seduce potential lovers. But keep in mind that real love is based on honesty and loyalty, not manipulation!

17. Hedylogos (2174): Sweet-Talked Romance

The asteroid Hedylogos, which represents charm and persuasiveness, may transform even the timidest people into charismatic flirters. As you may guess, this asteroid is about winning over your lovers through the power of words, languages, and sometimes flattery.

18. Lysithea (94): Friendship/Platonic Love

Love doesn’t have to be between two romantic partners, but it can be platonic and friend-based as well, which is exactly what Lysithea represents in the birth chart. Treasure these friendships, because, in fact, friendship is the solid foundation of any true love.

19. Valentine (477): True Love

As its name suggests, asteroid Valentine is your expression of “Be My Valentine”, representing the power of true love, but it often requires some self-sacrifice. The placement of Valentine in your birth chart can reveal your true feelings of love and the kind of heartfelt connections you seek from your partner.

Bonus: Marriage Asteroids

If you want to bring your love affairs to the next level, here are the marriage asteroids that you may want to consider before tying the knot with someone.

1. Proserpina (26): Arranged Marriage

The story of Proserpina is very similar to Persephone, so Proserpina’s placement in the birth chart reveals your shadow self’s approaches to love. However, unlike Persephone, the placement of Proserpina can indicate if you are being forced to be in love (i.e arranged marriage), or if you are in love just because it offers you some kind of benefit.

2. Phaedra (174): Infidelity

The meaning of Phaedra in astrology can be straight and clear: it shows your negative relationship patterns, possibilities of infidelity, and risky sexual behaviors that can jeopardize your love life as a whole. It is one of the negative marriage asteroids that you need to watch out for.

3. Alkeste (124): Loyalty

When you love someone so much that you are willing to die for that person, this is what all the love asteroid Alkeste is about. In astrology, the affection of Alkeste is like the love of a soldier – loyal until you die.

4. Adonis (2101): Chosen Soulmate

In astrology, asteroid Adonis can be considered a “soulmate” asteroid because its placement in the birth chart can reveal the best, purest, and most perfect kind of love that you seek in all romantic encounters. Some astrologers even believe that this asteroid represents your actual soulmate.

5. Psyche (16) Soulful Connection

In the birth chart, the placement of Psyche can be where you seek a twin-flame, karmic, psychic, or soulful connection with your partner. Here, love is elevated to a spiritual level, where you just seek to be “one” with your lover. This asteroid is based on the principle of psychic attunement.

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