Health Asteroids in Astrology

Health and Beauty Asteroids in Astrology: A Guide to Being Ageless

If you were a character in “The Beauty and the Beast“, would you choose to be the Beast or the Beauty?

And if you were to ask me the same question, I would say…

I would choose to be Tom, the clever cat in “Tom and Jerry”, because he is killed a thousand times and still manages to have a robust health and an ageless beauty!

So, what is the secret of the eternal fountain of youth?

Let’s start to discover the beauty and health asteroids in astrology!

Disclaimer: The study of asteroids is still at its infant stage, so this article suggests tendencies and potentials. It serves as a subjective guidance for your self-development.

Health Asteroids

Aegle (96): Overall health

In the birth chart, Aegle can represent your overall well-being in general. The placement of this asteroid can indicate your physical strengths and weaknesses, providing a healing path to better health.

Aegle’s aspect to Mars, for instance, may indicate a physically robust and energetic disposition, while Aegle’s aspect to Saturn may suggest some ailments related to the bones.

Panacea (2878): Healing Elixir

Panacea is your healing elixir. This health asteroid is believed to be a quick-fix cure for small to chronic health problems, depending on its house placement and sign rulership in your natal chart.

When examining Panacea’s influence in a natal chart, we can identify the potential pathways for healing, be it through conventional medicine, alternative therapies, or spiritual practices.

Hygeia (10): Hygiene

Hygeia or “hygiene”, symbolizes preventative medicine and motivates us to keep ourselves clean and healthy. As a sign of tidiness, the asteroid’s location in a natal chart can indicate which parts of your body call for more attention to hygiene and self-care.

For instance, if Hygeia forms a close orb with the Moon, this may stress the significance of nourishing and caring for your emotional self, while a connection with Venus could do the same for your beauty in general.

Harmonia (40): Harmony

Our search for inner peace and balance is symbolized by the name “Harmonia,” which represents your inner peace. I include Harmonia here, because, without the inner peace that this asteroid brings, we are prone to many ailments due to “dis-ease”.

Chiron (2060): Healing

The legendary centaur Chiron represents our own scars and our capacity for healing. This health asteroid is a call to transmute the pain of our past into wisdom for the present and future. Insight into the places most in need of healing and the methods most likely to be beneficial can be gained by analyzing Chiron’s location and aspects.

Chiron’s aspect to Venus, for instance, may signal that self-love and compassion are crucial to the healing process, while Chiron’s aspect to Uranus, while tough, may represent the need for radical change.

Imhotep (1813): Medical Astrology

The name Imhotep, given in honor of the great Egyptian astrologer, stands for the knowledge of both astrological medicine and herbal remedies.

With this asteroid as a guide, we can discover the most effective remedies for our individual makeup by combining ancient knowledge with cutting-edge science.

Beauty Asteroids

Hebe (6): Youth

Hebe in the birth chart often symbolizes youth and vigor. Hebe’s vitality is like the sun’s first rays, which shed a golden color on everything they hit and welcome in a new day. Some astrologers believe that this asteroid is closely related to your beauty when you were young, particularly during your adolescent years.

Nymphe (875): Sexuality

According to Black Sun Pluto, Asteroid Nymphe can indicate how others may react negatively to one’s sexuality or sexual cravings. People dislike unusual things, thus you can see how this asteroid brings out the true essence of judgmental people who always have something to say.

Sirene (1009): Dangerous Beauty

Sirene, the very definition of seductive danger, represents the kind of beauty that is dangerous. Its allure is seductive, like the call of a siren, luring us into the depths of our secret longings.

Bella (695): Just Beauty

The asteroid Bella, which influences how other people view our beauty, can represent our view and attitude toward beauty itself. Bella can be the most beautiful asteroid because through her, we learn that beauty is subjective, depending on the individual’s values and opinions about the world, and that these factors play a role in determining what we consider to be aesthetically pleasing.

Ganymed (1036): Personal Charm

The beauty asteroid Ganymed in the birth chart represents your personal charm or the most attractive quality that is unique to only you, which makes you irresistible to everyone around you.

Aphrodite (1388): Sexual Attraction

Aphrodite, the goddess of sexual allure, can represent your attractive, beautiful qualities that attract others to you. Aphrodite’s placement in the birth chart also indicates whether you are able to express your lovely qualities without fear, increasing your confidence and self-esteem in the process.

Kleopatra (216): Mesmerizing Beauty and Charm

Cleopatra, the enchanting queen of Egypt, symbolizes the beauty that mesmerizes others. This beauty asteroid is your charisma, charm, sexual appeal, attractiveness, seduction, and so much more.

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