Sappho Meaning Astrology

Asteroid Sappho Meaning in Astrology: Romantic Sensibility

Discovered in 1864, Sappho is an asteroid named after the ancient Greek poet who was celebrated for her romantic and passionate poetry.

With a designated number of 80, Sappho orbits the Sun in just under four years (3.48 years). As one of the love asteroids, Sappho is commonly associated with artistic sensibility, same-sex connection, poems, female education in fine arts, extremes of emotions in love, and creativity.

Sappho was from the island of Lesbos, so she is the basis of the word ‘lesbian’. Her astrological meaning is usually associated with same-sex relationships, which may or may not result in sexual activity.

The placement of Sappho in your birth chart can reveal your creative talents, particularly related to the arts and poems.

According to Asteroid Goddesses, Sappho serves as an intermediary in the octave progression that links Venus and Neptune.

Serpil Mostra believes that those with Sappho in tight aspect can expect to experience extreme highs and lows regarding romantic unions, above and beyond the normal broken heart.

  • Character: The Tenth Muse and the Poetess
  • Principle: Romantic, poetic, and artistic sensibility
  • Positive qualities: Poetic, creative, imaginative, loving, charming, sensual, empathetic
  • Negative qualities: Lascivious, licentious, lewd, creatively blocked, unforgiving
  • Astrological relations: Eros, Psyche, Mars, Venus

Disclaimer: Astrology suggests tendencies and potentials. The knowledge in this article serves as guidance for your self-development. 

Sappho Meaning in Astrology

Sappho Meaning Astrology
Sappho Meaning in Astrology

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1. Your Inner Poet

With a prominent Sappho in your birth chart, you have a way with words and appreciate poetic self-expression. You may be naturally inclined towards lyrical language, metaphor, and imaginative thinking. Your feelings and experiences can be quite poetic and you may enjoy conveying your emotions creatively. Writing poetry yourself could be a fulfilling outlet for your inner poet.

You may also find that matters of love and relationships have a lyrical quality for you. Your romantic experiences are felt and remembered deeply, as if they were verses in an epic poem. In partnerships, you may crave romantic gestures and affection expressed eloquently. You want to be seduced by words as much as actions.

With Sappho’s influence, you have a receptive quality that allows you to be moved by beauty in many forms. A vivid sunset, a meaningful song, or a loving embrace can all profoundly stir your soul. Moments of splendor hold special significance for you.

2. Your Loving Heart

In astrology, the asteroid Sappho is associated with female homosexuality because of the ancient poet’s love for women. However, in your chart, Sappho simply indicates a strong feminine energy and receptive quality regardless of gender or sexual orientation. You have an open heart that can fall in love deeply.

Relationships are important to you, as they provide an outlet for your affectionate nature. You yearn to be close to a partner and may feel lonely without someone special in your life. Being paired with someone who appreciates romance as much as you do is ideal. You may also find inspiration from those you care for. Your loved ones can be both muses and recipients of your loving devotion.

Within you lies a deep well of care that you long to express through relationships. Yet it’s also vital that you direct some of that love inward. With a prominent Sappho, it’s beneficial to nourish your spirit through art, poetry, and communion with beauty. When your caring heart overflows with love, creativity blooms.

3. Finding Poetry in Daily Life

Sappho in your chart makes you attuned to beauty and poetry all around you. Your receptive nature finds lyrical moments everywhere. A flower blooming through sidewalk cracks may fill you with hope. The laughter of children playing could sound like the sweetest symphony.

You have the gift of being able to draw poetic meaning from ordinary experiences. Long commutes become opportunities to observe little vignettes of life that touch your heart. Standing in line, you listen to the rhythms of conversation around you. In each encounter lies a small story waiting to be told in lyrical prose.

Indeed, your ability to find poetry in the world around you and within your own inner world is a gift. By sharing this gift through writing or creative arts, you can touch people’s lives in profound ways.

4. Reveling in Words

As an asteroid of poetry in astrology, Sappho deepens your appreciation for language and lyrical expression. You are one who finds great pleasure in both reading and writing. The crafting of phrases to convey meaning through imagery comes naturally to you. You enjoy playing with words to evoke a feeling or paint a picture.

Great literature and poetry can profoundly move you, perhaps bringing tears to your eyes or goosebumps to your skin. The writings of poets like Rumi, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and Pablo Neruda may resonate strongly with you. Sappho would guide you to read verse that speaks to matters of the heart.

You may also write yourself, not only to process emotions but also simply for the joy of stringing lyrical words and phrases together. Writing poetry, prose, or even journal entries allows you to revel in the language of self-expression.

How to Find Asteroid Sappho in the Birth Chart

Here are the steps that help you to find the asteroid Sappho in your natal chart:

  1. Go to (Extended Chart Selection) and enter your birth information
  2. Click “Additional object”
  3. Under “Manual entry”, enter “80” – the number of Sappho
  4. Click “Show the chart” button

Sappho in Signs

Sappho in Aries

The energy of Aries the Ram stokes Sappho’s imagination and inspires her to write creatively. Propelled by guts and willpower, she breaks away from the norms of her day. She is a trailblazer among poets, and her work radiates with the fire of revolutionary fervor.

When Sappho is in Aries, the burning ambition to express oneself artistically is stimulated. People with this placement are ardently romantic, self-reliant, and emotionally expressive. When Sappho falls under Aries’ sway, her poetry takes on the strength and determination of the Ram itself.

Sappho in Taurus

The earth sign Taurus gives Sappho a sense of stability and reliability despite her otherwise flexible life. The earthy aspect of Taurus brought her back to reality when her imagination got too high. Her melodies shine like beautiful diamonds as she has the patience and tenacity of the earth to carefully craft each verse.

When Sappho is in earthy Taurus, natives have a strong affinity for all things sensuous, beautiful, and material. People with this placement have a natural affinity for the arts and a refined sense of aesthetics. Their relationships benefit from a sense of security and stability, but they should be wary of being overly possessive.

Sappho in Gemini

Sappho receives her wit and humorous intellect from the twin stars of the heavens, Gemini. Her poetry is a whirlwind of contrasts, a fluctuating kaleidoscope of feelings in which grief and joy are equally represented.

People with the asteroid Sappho in the twins’ constellation Gemini are naturally talkative and curious. They have an innate knack for making intellectual connections with people and can find their voices in written, spoken, or even sign languages.

Their relationships are motivated by curiosity, but they need to be careful not to become dispassionate and scattered in their romantic pursuits.

Sappho in Cancer

The sensitive crab Cancer stirs quite strong feelings in Sappho. With the Cancerian influence surrounding her in the moonlight, Sappho is able to put into words the depths of her love, a love as old and deep as the ocean’s embrace.

Cancer finds strength in Sappho’s poetry because it celebrates intimacy and the curative power of a soft touch from the heart.

Typically, Sappho in Cancer speaks to strong maternal instincts and the need for emotional relationships. People with these placements are perceptive, insightful, and creative.

They may use art, literature, or music as outlets for their creative energy. They look for companionship with those who can provide a safe emotional space and a sense of belonging.

Sappho in Leo

The charisma of a royal is bestowed upon Sappho by Leo, the kingly lion. Her poems shine with the same warmth and brilliance as the sunrays that cover her island. She is a natural leader who can captivate the Muses and win the respect of her dedicated fans.

People born with Sappho in the sign of Leo tend to be outgoing, outspoken, and even a little theatrical. They thrive in the limelight and often channel their artistic energies toward the performing arts.

These individuals have a lot of love and generosity to give, yet they may easily become self-centered and demanding in relationships.

Sappho in Virgo

Sappho is endowed with the wisdom and insight of Virgo, the modest virgin. Sappho’s love blossoms in Virgo’s embrace like a magnificent painting, a mosaic of complex beauty made from the purest element of her heart’s fibers.

Each syllable of Virgo Sappho’s poetry is a reflection of the underlying dignity and patience that the poetess embodies.

Those who are born with Sappho in Virgo are known for their attention to detail and thorough approach to artistic endeavors. They thrive in writing, editing, and design.

They can be loyal and caring partners who often put their significant others’ needs ahead of their own. A word of caution, though: they shouldn’t let their critical nature prevent them from seeing the forest for the trees.

Sappho in Libra

Sappho’s words have a heavenly rhythm that is balanced by Libra, the sign of the scales. The celestial spheres seem to have whispered their melodies into her ear, and they resound in her poetry as one line flowed effortlessly into the next with an element of beauty and elegance.

If Sappho is in Libra, then these Librans tend to have a strong appreciation for aesthetics and beauty. Such individuals have a knack for mediation and are naturally diplomatic.

Creative types like these are talented in the visual arts, the fashion industry, and the design profession. They like mutually respectful and peaceful relationships, but they need to be careful not to become indecisive or unduly dependent on the opinions of others.

Sappho in Scorpio

Scorpio, the mysterious Scorpion, lends a mysterious air of depth and mystery to Sappho’s poetry. Her poems probe the depths of the human psyche, peeling back the layers of the superficial to discover the boiling passions below.

Sappho in Scorpio generates a seductive, spiritual, and creative aura. These people feel things intensely and can understand the human mind on a deep level. In their works, they often deal with themes of self-transformation, the occult, healing, death, and rebirth.

Sappho in Sagittarius

Sappho is gifted with an insatiable sense of curiosity by Sagittarius. Her poems, like Pegasus, spread their wings and flew far and wide, taking in all the glories of the world and the human experience.

A person with Sappho in Sagittarius has a sense of adventure and can see the big picture. People with this personality type are naturally curious and open-minded; thus they typically find themselves interested in things like travel, theology, and higher education.

Themes of freedom, liberty, religion, and/or faith might be frequently addressed in their works of art.

Sappho in Capricorn

Like the disciplined and resolute goat that Capricorn represents, Sappho’s love is practical and everlasting. There is a sense of resilience and perseverance celebrated in her poetry, and this can be traced back to the earth sign that inspires her.

She leaves behind a legacy that would last forever since she taps into the Capricorn’s wealth of wisdom. If you were born with Sappho in Capricorn, you may have a great strategy for expressing your creative side that is both focused and practical.

People with this placement want partners who can commit to them for the long haul because they place a premium on fidelity, faithfulness, and devotion in romantic relationships. To avoid problems in their romance, however, they should avoid being emotionally aloof or stiff.

Sappho in Aquarius

It was the water-bearer Aquarius who bestowed the gift of prophecy onto Sappho. She has a vision of the future that is not obscured by the fog of the past; her poetry is timeless, and her words can inspire people for generations.

Sappho’s poems serve as a rallying cry for the Aquarius sign, urging them to work together for a better tomorrow. Natives with Sappho in Aquarius are said to be unconventional creatives who question established standards.

Relationally, they should avoid being too cold or distant, although they do place an emphasis on intellectual bonds and common goals.

Sappho in Pisces

Sappho’s soul is enlightened by the celestial fish Pisces. Every line of her poetry is like a graceful tango between the human world and the realm of the celestial.

When Sappho is in Pisces, creative output leans towards the mystical and otherworldly. These individuals often love to express their deep feelings via music, poetry, or other types of creative expression, and they may frequently find a lot of inspiration in the spiritual or metaphysical worlds.

However, it is important to note that people with Sappho in Pisces should stay away from drugs, marijuana, or any addictive substances.

Sappho in Houses

Sappho in the 1st House

Sappho in the First House, the House of Self, revolutionizes how we speak of ourselves. Those who are lucky enough to be in her company would feel a surge of self-love as they learn to appreciate their inner beauty as much as their physical appearance.

Their internal world would be a symphony of love as if the very spirit of poetry itself has been reborn within them.

With this placement, you are likely good at music, poems, drawing, writing, or playing an instrument. Your core values are love and compassion, and as a result, you can be an emotionally intelligent and empathetic person.

Sappho in the 2nd House

Sappho reaches out with a heart full of gratitude as she moves into the Second House, the House of Money. Those who listen to her sweet remarks begin to appreciate the magic of aesthetics, looking for beautiful things that make them feel good about themselves.

Sappho in the 2nd house strongly affects your morals and sense of worth. Your ability to open up yourself creatively and emotionally can have a direct impact on how happy you feel.

Sappho in the 3rd House

Sappho’s honeyed voice in the Third House, the House of Communication, inspired a love of poetry in all who hear her. The words themselves become the fabric of love, spinning tales of passion and desire that enchant the ears and thoughts of anybody who hears them.

When Sappho is in your 3rd house, your approach to communication is refined and polished. You have an entrancing way of expressing your feelings and ideas. A love for fine art education and creative classes can also be emphasized by this location.

Sappho in the 4th House

Sappho’s presence in the Fourth House, the House of Home and Family, strengthens the ties between family members. It is as though the love and warmth of her hug permeate every nook and cranny of each home, making each one a haven where the creative spirit can rest and rejuvenate.

A deep emotional connection to your roots and family is indicated by Sappho in the 4th house. Your home is an oasis where you can unleash your creative energies in an oasis of security and peace of mind. Indeed, some of your artistic ability might have even been passed down to you from your ancestors.

Sappho in the 5th House

Sappho’s influence stirs a pool of artistic creativity as she walks through the Fifth House, the House of Creativity and Romance.

Those who are lucky enough to be in her company are carried away by a tornado of emotion, their hearts soaring with the thrill of creative expression, and the love stories they have written can take flight on the wings of her words.

Your fervor, creative yearnings, and inventiveness seem to be limitless with Sappho in the 5th house. You have a penchant for the dramatic and a fondness for expressing yourself creatively via music, poetry, and the visual arts.

Your focus is mostly on romantic partnerships, and you may find that you are attracted to those who share your appreciation for artistic endeavors.

Sappho in the 6th House

Sappho’s soothing voice echoes across the Sixth House, the House of Work and Routine, and reminds fatigued minds and hearts of the wonders to be found in everyday routines.

Through her guidance, even the most mundane tasks take on a new artistic dimension, allowing us to infuse our work with meaning and purpose.

Sappho’s placement in the 6th house enhances your job and personal lives with an aesthetic and romantic sensibility.

You could feel called to a line of work that allows you to express yourself creatively or that enables you to serve people. Your mental and physical health can also be intrinsically linked to how freely creative you are.

Sappho in the 7th House

The goddess Sappho paints the sky with the colors of oneness and harmony as she moves into the Seventh House, the House of Relationships.

Her presence sparks a greater appreciation for the language of love, leading souls to build everlasting bonds while offering loving words that heal broken hearts.

In the context of the 7th house, Sappho’s presence indicates a strong desire for interpersonal harmony, especially within the same-sex context.

Creatively expressive partners could look appealing to you. When it comes to romantic relationships, you may often choose connections based on shared interests, core values, trust, and creative hobbies above material security.

Sappho in the 8th House

As Sappho moves through the Eighth House, the House of Transformation, she becomes an agent of change. Her words have the power of love to alter people who hear them, encouraging them to explore their innermost aspirations and overcome their greatest fears.

Sappho investigates profound questions about devotion, trust, spiritual transformation, and intimacy in the 8th house.

With this placement, relationships with other people have the potential to be deeply spiritual, karmic, and transforming for you. You feel free to explore the darker, more secretive sides of the human experience through your creative endeavors.

Sappho in the 9th House

Sappho’s poetry shines a light on the way to enlightenment in the Ninth House, the House of Philosophy, illuminating the appealing qualities of knowledge and wisdom.

She inspires many people with her lyrical understanding of the secrets of life and love, and she becomes a popular figure among academics and adventurers.

Sappho in the 9th house represents a passion for learning and growth via spiritual practice, travel, and scholarly pursuits.

You could find yourself especially interested in the creative works of art from other cultures. You can also find knowledge and inspiration in the natural world, since this placement emphasizes a deep desire to be connected to the natural environment and every living creature within it.

Sappho in the 10th House

When Sappho moves into the Tenth House, the House of Career and Reputation, she brings a sense of tempered passion and disciplined love with her.

In her company, people with this placement often feel their work imbued with the sweetest notes of creative passion and purpose, and their ambitions to succeed are entwined with their desire to touch the hearts of others.

Your professional and public reputation will take on a more creative hue because of Sappho’s placement in the 10th house.

Careers in the arts, design, and poetry may appeal to you. Your capacity to motivate people through your work of art can strongly influence how well you do professionally.

Sappho in the 11th House

Sappho’s beautiful voice shouts the praises of friendship and companionship in the Eleventh House, often known as the House of Friends.

She inspires people to value the connections made through shared laughter and tears. Under her watchful supervision, friendships flourish, infused with a sensitive devotion that defies the limitations of time and space.

When the 11th house is ruled by Sappho, this indicates a strong bond with those who share your interest in the arts. Your groups and social connections are likely full of creative types, and you may have many female friends.

Sappho in the 12th House

At last, Sappho reaches the Twelve House, the House of the Subconscious, where she leaves her most enticing secrets for the dreams of sleeping souls.

The whole fabric of the subconscious mind is woven with stories of affection and longing by her presence, awakening love in people and making them wish for the heavenly embrace of romance.

A source of untapped creativity, imagination, and psychological depth is symbolized by Sappho in the 12th house. It’s possible that you have a deep connection to the spiritual and mystical dimensions of life, drawing insight through meditation, dreams, and contemplation.

Your creative and poetic endeavors often reflect an in-depth understanding of love, art, and the human experience, as the 12th House Sappho governs the depth of your mind.

Sappho in Mythology

One of the most persistent myths about Sappho is that she was a lesbian… This assumption is mainly based on the fact that Sappho was born on the island of Lesbos, which is also the origin of the term “lesbian.”

However, it is essential to remember that the island’s association with female homosexuality is a product of people’s reinterpretation and misrepresentation of Sappho’s works. The truth is, we don’t have enough evidence to definitively label Sappho’s sexuality.

In the twentieth century, the suggestion that Sappho was a priestess of Aphrodite became more popular. Though Sappho wrote hymns, including some dedicated to Aphrodite, there is no evidence that she held a priesthood.

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