Pholus in 11th House

Pholus in the 11th House: A Radical Dream

Whatever is in water becomes water

Hoang Anh Nguyen Ba

Pholus in the 11th House indicates the power of collective energy and the importance of aligning with those who share your ideals. It asks you to reassess your role within your community, to dream big, and to recognize the power of shared goals.

Pholus in the 11th House is a quiet whisper of change in your ear. Here, transformation comes through the collective‚ÄĒwhere a single idea, when nurtured by the right group, can blossom into a movement.

It’s about finding unity in diversity, about the friendships that inspire you, and about the realization that your personal dreams are, in fact, part of a larger plan woven with the experiences of collective consciousness.

Are you ready to follow the subtle yet profound call of Pholus in the 11th House?

Let’s embark on this journey together. ūüĆüūü§ĚūüĆź

Disclaimer: The knowledge in this article serves as guidance. Each person’s situation will be different, and this post is a subjective guideline for your self-development.

Asteroid Prolus in Astrology

In Greek mythology, Pholus was a close friend of the mighty hero Heracles and a wise centaur who lived in a cave near Mount Pelion.

Pholus was renowne­d far and wide for his warm hospitality. So, when Heracle­s came to visit him, Pholus graciously offered the­m a special jar of exquisite­ wine.

Little did Pholus know that this gene­rous act would unleash the madness upon the neighboring centaurs. The tantalizing sce­nt of the wine stirred an insatiable­ desire within the othe­r centaurs, driving them into a frenzy as the­y savagely attacked Heracle­s, igniting a fierce battle.

The tragic tale of Pholus serve­s as a warning of how eve­n the most seemingly insignificant actions can have­ unforeseen and profound conse­quences.

Thus, Pholus, in astrology, has become¬≠ a symbol of the “Butterfly Effect.” This conce¬≠pt indicates even the smallest action or decision can have far-reaching and significant consequences.

In this birth chart, this asteroid symbolizes radical transformation, spiritual crises, exaggeration, emergencies, life-altering events, and extreme situations.

Pholus in the 11th House

Pholus in 11th House
Pholus in 11th House

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1. You Experience Transformations through Friendships

With Pholus in your 11th House, major life transformations and turning points in your life often come through friends, groups, and social connections. The people you surround yourself with can impact your growth. Your community can inspire revelations about your true self and kickstart profound changes.

Finding your “tribe” helps you shed limiting labels and emerge renewed. You outgrow restrictive beliefs by opening your mind to new perspectives within your network. Your identity shifts from catering to groups to expressing your authenticity.

You may also have intense spiritual experiences with friends/mentors that completely alter your worldview and purpose. As the 11th House is ruled by Aquarius, you may meet these people online, such as by reading their blog articles or watching their YouTube videos. Moments of awakening, synchronicity, or transcendence may show you there is more to reality than meets the eye.

2. You Attract Unusual, Outcast Friends

Your social circles likely include many progressive, eccentric, artsy, geeky, or new-age friends. You often attract unusual characters who live outside the mainstream. These friends act as catalysts to awaken you from limiting mindsets and push you to develop your uniqueness.

You may also be drawn to marginalized groups of people and communities focused on acceptance. You feel at home among the misfits, outcasts, and those wandering their own unusual paths. Here, you find the freedom to evolve.

These communities catalyze your growth by showing you how to embrace all parts of yourself. Their openness helps you release shame and give you permission to explore your buried gifts and desires without judgment.

3. You Experience Awakenings through Activism

Your 11th House Pholus fuels a passion for intense social activism. Fighting for radical reform can profoundly transform you at a certain point in your life. Through activism, you shed layers of social conditioning to align with your soul truths.

You likely join movements focused on upending systems of oppression, injustice, or hierarchy. In high-stakes protests and actions, you stand as the symbol of courage and conviction. Standing up for the truth can catalyze your self-realization.

Your beliefs and life path can transform through involvement in causes bigger than yourself. Social activism provides an outlet for your intensity while schooling you in spiritual lessons of morality, integrity, and unity.

4. You Can Get Lost in Groupthink

One of your life lessons with Pholus in the 11th House is learning to avoid “groupthink”. You may want to belong so desperately that you shapeshift constantly to please friends and communities. Over time, this can distance you from your inner truth.

This placement can make you prone to following others down risky paths in order to fit in or feel accepted. You may even lose your moral compass and engage in dangerous collective behaviors. Holding your own in the face of peer pressure is a lifelong challenge.

You evolve by building enough self-knowledge to assess situations clearly and stand up for what’s right and ethical even if it distances you from the group. Your task is maintaining integrity rather than compromising yourself to keep friends.

5. You May Experience Social Shake-Ups and Betrayals

With this placement, loyalty and stability in friendships and groups may feel elusive. Power struggles, betrayals, fallout, and constant membership changes may often feature in your social landscape. You may experience intense ups and downs in friendships.

While these shake-ups are deeply painful, they serve the purpose of strengthening your sense of self. They push you to stand more fully in your self-worth and see where you’ve abandoned yourself to keep friends or gain group acceptance. You evolve by learning discernment and “knowing yourself”.

Your fairweather friends teach you that only you can provide yourself with the unconditional love, consistency, and support you seek externally. Your independence of spirit is strengthened through these challenges. At your best, you don’t seek to belong, but you attract others based on who you are.

6. You Inspire Revelation

You have a gift for bringing invisible secrets to light and facilitating necessary breakdowns that lead to breakthroughs. You tend to ask provocative questions no one else dares to verbalize. Thanks to the 11th House Pholus, you can expose what’s hidden, such as conspiracy theories and social propaganda.

This talent for naming underlying tensions helps release collective blockages, allowing for resolution and renewal. While your probing nature can be unwelcome at times, you have the ability to open people’s minds to new angles and views they resist.

You carry a light of truth meant to illuminate sources of stress or dysfunction within society so they can be addressed openly. Your cosmic role is to think critically and inspire collective evolution.

7. You Can be Your Own Worst Enemy

An uncontrolled 11th House Pholus can sometimes indicate self-destructive tendencies brought on by defiance, resistance to limits, and reckless thrill-seeking. You may test boundaries past their breaking point.

When rebelling against society’s norms, you may also turn against your own best interests in the process through risky behavior. You must guard against undermining yourself in your quest for intense revelation. Also, greed, jealousy, power chase, and materialism only lead to your downfall.

With maturity and a heart of compassion, you progress from selfish to selfless rebellion. While your 11th House Pholus can bring volatility, its gifts include spiritual renewal through the ‚Äúdeath‚ÄĚ of limiting beliefs and rebirth of your highest self. You rise anew through crisis.

8. You Attract Powerful Mentors and Allies

With Pholus in your community zone, you can attract mentors and supporters who believe in your talents and cheer you on as you claim your power and purpose. They act as catalysts for your metamorphosis and growth.

These mentors and allies may use their connections and resources to open doors for you and lift you to new heights. They can see your latent potentials – the ones you’ve yet to fully own – and help you develop confidence and trust in your abilities.

Your gift lies in synthesizing their diverse support and guidance according to your inner wisdom. No one person has all the answers for you. Wisdom allows you to integrate what resonates most.

9. Your Perspective Shifts Dramatically

With Pholus in the 11th House, your view of the world, beliefs, and life philosophy can transform radically through intense experiences with groups or people you meet online. Revolutionary ideas can alter your reality.

You may adopt diametrically opposed perspectives over the course of your life or experience many mini-awakenings that dismantle limiting lenses piece by piece. Your self-concept shifts as you shed one worldview and integrate a new one.

The change can feel destabilizing but leads to wisdom. Questioning everything ultimately leaves you centered in your own authority, with a perspective gained with hard-won insights. You emerge clearer and more convicted in your purpose.

10. You Bring People Together to Create Change

With Pholus in the 11th House, you have a gift for organizing people around shared visions of change, common causes, and hopes for the future. You can unite diverse voices, personalities, and skill sets into powerful collectives capable of shifting culture.

Your calling lies in bridging divides and reminding people of our shared divinity. You help conflicting groups or worldviews find reasonable compromises and unite for good. You remind people of our universal needs for love, purpose, and community.

When you lead with integrity, you can catalyze real transformation. You are called to find and raise your voice for social change. Across generations, you carry a message of truth, justice, and collective evolution. You find fulfillment in empowering others.

The 11th House in Astrology

The 11th House serves as a beacon of hope representing future aspirations, social networks, and participation within groups.

As the house of friendships, it highlights the qualities we seek in allies and look for acceptance and common ground with like-minded peers. This sphere usually attracts ambitious visionaries invested in social reform and building futuristic frameworks.

Areas like technological innovation, scientific progress, and philanthropic communities aimed at creating idealistic platforms fall under the 11th House affairs. It signifies what causes we collectively champion through engagements in political action teams, organized clubs, or humanitarian circles.

Participating in social media platforms and online networks to rally also relates to the 11th House themes.

Strong placements here contribute to idealism, the ability to inspire others towards shared dreams, and the skills for bringing people together for progressive agendas. Challenges within this house could reflect issues with building genuine friendships or excessive reliance on others for a sense of purpose.

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