Hidalgo Meaning Astrology

Asteroid Hidalgo Meaning in Astrology: Personal Liberation and Freedom

Asteroid Hidalgo (944) is a relatively small asteroid that was discovered in 1920. It’s named after the Mexican priest and revolutionary, Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, who led the Mexican War of Independence in the early 19th century.

Today, Mexico’s Independence Day is celebrated on September 16, the day Hidalgo proclaimed his nation’s freedom.

Therefore, in astrology, Hidalgo is associated with themes of freedom, rebellion, and the pursuit of political activities. He represents the principle of self-assertion and fighting for one’s beliefs.

Disclaimer: The study of asteroids is still at its infant stage, so this article suggests tendencies and potentials. It serves as guidance for your self-development. 

How to Find Hidalgo in the Birth Chart

Here are the steps that help you to find the asteroid Hidalgo in your natal chart:

  1. Go to astro.com (Extended Chart Selection) and enter your birth data
  2. Click “Additional object”
  3. Under “Manual entry”, enter “944” – the number of Hidalgo
  4. Click “Show the chart” button at the bottom of the screen

Astrological Significance of Hidalgo

Hidalgo, like Diana in astrology, acts as an intermediary for Mars and Jupiter. Hidalgo represents the determination and drives to act on (like Mars) one’s convictions (Jupiter), according to Asteroid Goddesses.

He challenges the established faith and government by means of political activism, protest, and radical movements.

In my opinion, the influence of Hidalgo is somewhat similar to Uranus or the zodiac sign Aquarius, indicating rebellion against oppression, protection of justice, and the desire for equality in society.

Hidalgo in Chart Analysis

In astrology, Hidalgo stands for the qualities of courage, devotion, rebellion, and nobility. This asteroid can reveal a person’s strength of character and how they deal with adversity.

In fact, as Hidalgo is the leader of a Spanish country, a prominent Hidalgo in your birth chart can indicate how you interact with Spanish people.

For example, if the asteroid Hidalgo trines with Jupiter, you can expect a lot of funs, sometimes to the point of having too much fun with Latin American people. Interestingly, this aspect can also indicate that you are a very patriotic person who is willing to die for your own country.

According to Astrology for Yourself, people with prominent Hidalgo in their natal chart likely have a bold, robust, willful, or rebellious personality. However, Hidalgo’s manifestation can easily become fanaticism, arrogance, and an egoistic obsession when taken to extremes.

This asteroid’s placement may also be indicative of an interest in politics, or a strong desire to uphold and protect those who are disadvantaged.

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Hidalgo’s Aspects

The aspects of Hidalgo can indicate how the protective inclination combines with the activity of the contacted planet.

A Hidalgo-Ceres person, for instance, might make it their life’s work to fight for the rights of mistreated children, while a Hidalgo-Moon combination would prioritize protecting family and friends.

A Hidalgo-Mars aspect, on the other hand, will defend their ambitions stubbornly.

Hidalgo’s Story

Hidalgo’s story is one of revolution and bravery in Mexico’s history. It is the legend of a priest, Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, who rallied the people of Mexico to fight for their independence from Spanish rule.

In the early 19th century, Mexico was a Spanish colony, and its citizens grew tired of living under Spanish authority.

Hidalgo served as a pastor in the community of Dolores and earned widespread respect among those who attended his church. He took notice of the suffering of his people and was determined to do something about it.

Hidalgo rallied his congregation to battle for independence on the night of September 15, 1810. He rallied the Mexican people to revolt against the Spanish colonizers by ringing church bells and delivering a passionate speech in what became known as the “Cry of Dolores.”

After hearing Hidalgo’s call to action, thousands of people set out on a march toward Mexico City. Although Hidalgo and his troops were successful in seizing a number of cities, they were ultimately defeated by the Spanish.

Although Hidalgo was killed in 1811, his legacy has persisted. He represents the struggle for Mexican freedom and is remembered as a hero. His speech’s anniversary is observed as Independence Day in Mexico, and his image appears on Mexican currency to this day.

Hidalgo in Signs

Hidalgo in Aries

A person with Hidalgo in Aries is very rebellious, courageous, and determined. These individuals are likely born to lead; they’re risk-takers and doers who thrive in the face of adversity. Their intrinsic ambition can take them far in both their work and personal lives.

However, the combination of Aries’s inherent restlessness and Hidalgo’s influence can make a person act on impulse. Learning to temper this impetuous energy with wisdom and foresight will be essential for those with Hidalgo in Aries.

Hidalgo in Taurus

Hidalgo in Taurus may possess a strong moral compass that stems from their political/personal beliefs and ideals. They can be trustworthy friends and partners because they have a high work ethic and are extremely loyal to their cause. Their doggedness and perseverance, indeed, usually lead to success in the material world.

Yet, when it comes to their beliefs, these people might struggle with rigidity and intolerance. Those born with Hidalgo in Taurus will need to learn to accept and even welcome change.

Hidalgo in Gemini

The influence of Hidalgo in Gemini is one of flexibility and quick reasoning. They can be gifted problem solvers because of their insatiable intellectual curiosity and clear, concise communication. Negotiation, persuasion, and logic are all skills they might be particularly good at, and they may use words to start a revolution in society.

However, Hidalgo in Gemini can cause erratic behavior and a propensity to lose focus. Also, people with this placement are likely very rebellious and stubborn in their way of thinking. It will be crucial for their self-development and sense of fulfillment if they can learn to focus on a single course of action and stick with it.

Hidalgo in Cancer

People who have asteroid Hidalgo in Cancer are apt to be exceptionally empathetic and emotionally strong. One of the ways they show their courage and character is by taking care of and looking out for those around them. They might do well in helping professions like social work or pastoral services.

Because of their heightened sensitivity, people with Hidalgo in Cancer may worry too much or take on the problems of others. Maintaining one’s emotional well-being requires setting appropriate social limits and making time for self-care.

Hidalgo in Leo

Individuals born with Hidalgo in Leo may exhibit innate charm and leadership skills as a result of their strong sense of integrity and fortitude. These people probably care deeply about what they do and have a strong will to stand out from the crowd.

However, Hidalgo in Leo people may struggle to strike a healthy balance between their egotism and their wish to be seen. For their own development, they must learn to acknowledge the efforts of others and give credit where recognition is deserved.

Hidalgo in Virgo

A strong feeling of duty and responsibility characterizes people with Hidalgo in Virgo. Their logical mindset and keen eye for detail can make them outstanding organizers and problem-solvers. They might do well in professions that call for meticulousness, analytical rigorousness, and/or critical thinking.

Hidalgo in Virgo people tend to strive for perfection, which can lead to harsh self-criticism and a paralyzing fear of failure. Embracing imperfection and learning to trust in their abilities will be key to their personal development.

Hidalgo in Libra

For those with Hidalgo in Libra, their sense of honor and courage may be closely linked to their ability to maintain balance and harmony in their relationships. Justice is their principle and they will fight tooth and nail for it.

However, these people may have trouble making up their minds and shrink away from conflict at all costs. If they fight, they will fight for peace. Thus, those born with Hidalgo in Libra need to learn to speak up for what they believe in and assert themselves confidently.

Hidalgo in Scorpio

The energy of Hidalgo in Scorpio amplifies a person’s commitment to being courage and bold in the pursuit of their goals. They probably have an uncanny knack for spotting deceit and uncovering people’s true intentions. Their tenacity and resolve make them both formidable friends and opponents.

People with Hidalgo in Scorpio may find it difficult to let go of their attachments, resentments, and other negative feelings. These people are also likely to be aggressive and rebellious, so forgiveness and emotional healing are skills they’ll need to develop.

Hidalgo in Sagittarius

Those who were born with Hidalgo in Sagittarius are likely to have an adventurous approach to life, a thirst for freedom, and a yearning to see the world through a different lens of perspectives. Their integrity and bravery make them advocates for noble causes and a source of inspiration to others.

Because of their restless temperament, those with Hidalgo in Sagittarius may lack patience and struggle to see things through to completion. Their future happiness and prosperity depend on their ability to stick to things and see them through.

Hidalgo in Capricorn

For those with Hidalgo in Capricorn, their sense of honor and integrity may be closely tied to their ambition and determination to succeed. They’re undoubtedly self-disciplined and reliable, with a solid work ethic and a great ambition to succeed. This placement can indicate a career related to politics and government.

However, Hidalgo in Capricorn is a challenging placement because it can cause people to be overly rigid and focus too much on making their careers stand out. It will be vital for their development to learn how to balance their aspirations with emotional health and personal relationships, as they tend to neglect the latter.

Hidalgo in Aquarius

Hidalgo in Aquarius enhances one’s personal sense of dignity and bravery through the introduction of new ideas and perspectives. These people are very progressive, rebellious, and willful, with a burning desire to rebel against authority and change the world for the better.

It’s likely that people with this placement become highly involved in social causes, political campaigns, or humanitarian activities at a certain point in their life.

However, finding a happy medium between individuality and social interaction can be difficult for those with Hidalgo in Aquarius. They will not get very far in life or in their careers unless they learn to value and participate in collaborative efforts.

Hidalgo in Pisces

People who have Hidalgo in Pisces can be highly sensitive, caring, and spiritually brave, with excellent psychic and intuitive abilities. They are the heroes for the underdog, for those who are unfortunate, and for those who are disabled.

In Pisces, Hidalgo expresses their courage and bravery compassionately and emotionally. Their feelings are their motivations, and their love is selfless and unconditional.

Hidalgo in Houses

Hidalgo in the First House

When Hidalgo resides in the First House, the house of self and identity, it motivates an individual to be passionately independent and outspoken. They value freedom, are rebellious against authority, and like to challenge the status quo. Moreover, people with Hidalgo in the First House tend to get along very well with Spanish people.

Hidalgo in the Second House

Hidalgo places a high value on financial independence and freedom in the Second House, which includes one’s personal values and material possessions. Those with Hidalgo in this house might be risk-takers in financial matters, striving for wealth and material success to attain the freedom they crave.

Hidalgo in the Third House

Hidalgo’s placement in the Third House, the area of speech and education, stimulates a hunger for new knowledge as well as a desire for unrestricted expression. People with Hidalgo in this house often challenge conventional wisdom, seeking their own path to truth and understanding through voracious reading and research.

Hidalgo in the Fourth House

Hidalgo’s presence changes the nature of the Fourth House, which governs home, origins, and emotional equilibrium. Individuals with Hidalgo in this house may want to break away from traditional family structures or cultural expectations, striving to establish their own sense of home and community.

Hidalgo in the Fifth House

When Hidalgo occupies the Fifth House, the house of creativity, romance, and self-expression, it provides an unquenchable thirst for personal freedom and artistic exploration. They can be very motivated by an insatiable need to express themselves creatively, and as a result, they seek out risky endeavors, such as gambling, and creative pursuits to prove how brave they are.

Hidalgo in the Sixth House

Asteroid Hidalgo can bring a rebellious tendency to the Sixth House, which is associated with a person’s job, health, and everyday activities. People with Hidalgo in this house may rebel against mundane routines, pursuing a job that aligns with their own principles and offers the freedom they crave.

Hidalgo in the Seventh House

Hidalgo can inspire a desire for liberty and freedom in intimate relationships through his placement in the Seventh House of Partnerships. People with this placement may find great fulfillment with partners who encourage their own independence, autonomy, and advancement. Sometimes, this placement can indicate a business partner/close friend/spouse who is from Spanish culture.

Hidalgo in the Eighth House

Hidalgo enhances the effects of the Eighth House, which governs transformation, shared wealth, and intimate relationships. With Hidalgo in this house, natives may feel a constant burning desire to shed off their old skins and remove negative patterns, people, and things in their life. For them, every day is a new day.

Hidalgo in the Ninth House

People are motivated to pursue self-independence and self-sufficiency when Hidalgo is in the Ninth House, which is the house of philosophy, advanced education, and travel. As they seek out a deeper meaning in life, they may be attracted to exotic locations or different faiths to look for the truth. These people value their freedom immensely – without it, they can’t breathe.

Hidalgo in the Tenth House

Hidalgo inspires people to create their own unique professional path by encouraging them to go against the grain of conventional wisdom in the Tenth House of Career, Reputation, and Social Standing. To carve out their own place in the world, they might take a risky path in their professional life. Sometimes, Hidalgo in the Tenth House can indicate a career related to politics or is related to Spanish culture.

Hidalgo in the Eleventh House

As Hidalgo approaches the Eleventh House, the house of friendships, groups, and collective pursuits, it encourages individuals to pursue freedom within their social networks. Indeed, freedom, independence, and self-sufficiency are what they look for in life. People with this placement may feel a strong desire to fight for the underdog and to promote a fair, equal society for all.

Hidalgo in the Twelfth House

When Hidalgo enters the Twelfth House, which rules over the unconscious, dreams, and spiritual growth, it undergoes a metamorphosis. Those who were born with Hidalgo in this house may feel an intense yearning for inner freedom, and they may turn inward in search of liberation through psychological and spiritual self-exploration.

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