Toro Meaning in Astrology

Asteroid Toro Meaning in Astrology: Your “Inner Bull”

Astrologically, Toro means “bull” in Spanish, and it represents your inner strength, power, determination, and fortitude.

According to Asteroid Goddesses, Toro symbolizes a transitional phase between Mars and Pluto, during which Mars’ impulsive urges are channeled into Pluto’s more deliberate, purposeful, and piercing energy.

Asteroid Toro also signifies durability, persistence, and muscular strength, as well as “bullying” or intimidation, violent actions or words, arduous physical labor, and competitiveness.

In my experience, Toro particularly indicates how you are being bullied, either by your own self or by others, and how you strive to assert yourself to become a stronger, more powerful person.

Disclaimer: The study of asteroids is still at its infant stage, so this article suggests tendencies and potentials. It serves as guidance for your self-development. 

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How to Find Toro in the Birth Chart

Here are the steps that help you to find your Toro in the natal chart:

  1. Go to (Extended Chart Selection) and enter your birth data
  2. Click “Additional object”
  3. Under “Manual entry”, enter “1685” – the number of Toro
  4. Click “Show the chart” button at the bottom of the screen

Toro and Taurus

In astrology, Toro can be connected to a specific aspect of Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac. Among the earth signs, Taurus is known for its sensuality, practicality, and resolve. That is, toro emphasizes the bull-like qualities of Taurus, including the sign’s inner power, stubbornness, and hard work.

The Role of Toro in Chart Analysis

Toro Meaning in Astrology
Toro Meaning in Astrology

If you have a strong Toro in your birth chart, learning to harness your personal strength will be a recurring theme throughout the course of your life. When this energy is channeled properly, Toro people can display superhuman levels of strength, vigor, grit, and inner power.

However, the possibility for destructive or savage violence is also present when Toro is placed in a difficult position. You can be the “victim”, and your fear can be the true demon that hinders you from the path to success.

That is, Toro’s energy, if not channeled properly, can come across as hostility or aggressive behavior.

To truly master Toro, you must learn to transform an adversary into a friend, and this is especially true when that adversary is your own inner self.

Toro in Aspects

When Toro aspects with other planets in your natal chart, it brings more strength and power to the aspected planet.

For example, powerful relationships can be represented by Venus in Toro, while sexual and emotional strength can be represented by Toro Pluto and Toro Moon, respectively.

Toro in Signs

Aries: The Energetic Toro

Aries and Toro Traits

The qualities of determination, bravery, and enthusiasm are associated with the Aries zodiac sign. On the other hand, Toro stands for tenacity, resolve, and drive. When these two characteristics come together, the person becomes vivacious, strong, and difficult to discourage.

Toro in Aries: Impact on Personality

When Toro is in Aries, the inherent energy and motivation of those born under this sign are magnified. These people are bold and eager, not afraid to jump into the deep end. They are remarkably resilient and do not give up readily in the face of adversity.

Taurus: The Sensual Toro

Taurus and Toro Traits

The asteroid Toro is most closely linked with the sign of Taurus, with which it shares many characteristics. They share a commitment to build security and a willingness to wait. As an earth sign, Taurus is also famously stubborn and will not quit until they reach their goals.

Toro in Taurus: Impact on Personality

Toro in Taurus produces a person who is highly attuned to their sensibilities and thus has a heightened awareness for financial success in life. Their dogged determination and strong will make them formidable foes, but also trustworthy partners. They have a knack for laying solid groundwork, both personally and financially.

Gemini: The Versatile Toro

Gemini and Toro Traits

Gemini is a versatile and inquisitive air sign that loves to broaden its horizons. The energy of Gemini is inherently scattered, but Toro can provide stability and focus when it is in Gemini.

Toro in Gemini: Impact on Personality

Toro and Gemini make for an adaptable but stable person. They can channel their passion and excitement into a variety of pursuits, often with great success. They may have trouble committing to a single course of action, but their sharp intelligence and inquisitiveness help them succeed in a wide range of fields.

Cancer: The Sensitive Toro

Cancer and Toro Traits

As a water sign, Cancer is renowned for being sensitive and perceptive. The asteroid Toro provides emotional grounding for Cancer by bringing steadfastness and resolve to this sign.

Toro in Cancer: Impact on Personality

Cancer under the effect of Toro is empathetic and fiercely protective of their family. They have both virtues of softness and toughness that allow them to empathize with others while still protecting their own emotional boundaries. In fact, emotional strength is their power.

Leo: The Confident Toro

Leo and Toro Traits

The fire sign Leo is known for its boldness, originality, and self-assurance. The asteroid Toro adds an element of determination and persistence, further enhancing Leo’s natural charisma.

Toro in Leo: Impact on Personality

When Toro is in Leo, the native is assured and focused on their objectives without fear of failure. Inspiring others with their undying bravery and magnetic charm, they are born to lead. Their determination can make them unyielding at times, but it also makes them unstoppable in the face of difficulty.

Virgo: The Meticulous Toro

Virgo and Toro Traits

As an earth sign, Virgo is highly famous for their keen eye for detail and analytical mindset. Toro instills Virgo with a sense of hard work and dedication, inspiring them to go after their objectives with vigor and discipline.

Toro in Virgo: Impact on Personality

A person born with Toro in Virgo is exceptionally well-organized and motivated to achieve greatness in their field. They are trustworthy and dependable, always going the additional mile to get the job done right. Together, these traits make them resourceful thinkers who can devise novel solutions to difficult problems.

Libra: The Balanced Toro

Libra and Toro Traits

Libra is an air sign that thrives on fairness, balance, and diplomatic relationships. The asteroid Toro brings steadfastness and fortitude into Libra’s existence, which aids in the sign’s quest for a perfect life.

Toro in Libra: Impact on Personality

As a consequence of Toro’s influence in Libra, the native strives for justice in all of their personal and professional relationships. They have an innate ability to settle disputes amicably. Librans with strong Toro’s placement have a natural knack for bargaining and negotiating thanks to their dogged persistence and courteous nature.

Scorpio: The Intense Toro

Scorpio and Toro Traits

The sign of Scorpio, a water sign, is renowned for its profundity of feeling and its ability to fully immerse itself in an experience. The power of Scorpio can be increased tenfold thanks to the asteroid Toro’s perseverance and concentration.

Toro in Scorpio: Impact on Personality

The influence of Toro in Scorpio produces a person of unparalleled determination and unyielding commitment to their objectives. Their burning desire can be too much for some, but it makes them devoted and faithful partners. They are not afraid to take risks and are generally successful at what they set out to do. Indeed, emotional strength is their power.

Sagittarius: The Adventurous Toro

Sagittarius and Toro Traits

Sagittarius, a fiery sign, is known for its eagerness to try new things and its thirst for freedom and learning. Toro strengthens Sagittarius’ innate initiative and drive, allowing them to consistently realize their ambitions.

Toro in Sagittarius: Impact on Personality

When Toro is in Sagittarius, its native becomes courageous and goal-oriented. They are fearless in the face of danger and eager to learn about the world. Their unwavering confidence and limitless positivity make them fantastic role models.

Capricorn: The Ambitious Toro

Capricorn and Toro Traits

The qualities of ambition, discipline, and pragmatism are often associated with the earth sign Capricorn. Toro infuses Capricorn with an extra dose of doggedness and persistence, fueling their desire to succeed.

Toro in Capricorn: Impact on Personality

Having Toro in Capricorn makes one focused and willful to achieve their goals. Toro’s discipline and steely resolve help Capricorns accomplish their objectives through hard work and devoted commitment. They tend to put in long hours and give their all to their career, often at the expense of their own personal happiness.

Aquarius: The Innovative Toro

Aquarius and Toro Traits

The characteristics of the air sign Aquarius are independence, originality, and intelligence. The asteroid Toro gives the free-spirited Aquarius a sense of grounding and purpose for their dreamy visions, helping them channel their efforts towards a victory that benefits the whole.

Toro in Aquarius: Impact on Personality

If Toro is in Aquarius, the native will be resourceful and proactive. They are known for their ability to think creatively and come up with unique solutions to dilemmas. Thanks to their high levels of determination and perseverance, they are able to realize their idealistic aspirations despite facing many challenges along the way.

Pisces: The Compassionate Toro

Pisces and Toro Traits

Pisces is a water sign, and as such, is known for its compassion, insight, and creative thinking. Pisces can use the asteroid Toro’s added sense of commitment and fortitude to better manage their complex inner world.

Toro in Pisces: Impact on Personality

Toro in Pisces produces people who are emotionally stable and spiritually strong. Their strength lies in the hidden forces of the unconscious, through which they must tame their inner beast to realize their true potential of self.

Toro in Houses

Toro in First House: Appearance and Identity

Possible Bullying Experience: Self-Bullying

When Toro is in the first house, it represents an authoritative and commanding personality. People who were born with this placement tend to project strength, confidence, and fortitude. Firm in appearance, they often have an alluring magnetic quality.

Physical Characteristics

Toro in the first house may manifest as a well-built, muscular body, or a robust physique. These people usually exude confidence and power, and their faces likely reflect the resolve and inner strength they have on the inside.

Personality Traits

When Toro occupies the first house, qualities like steadiness and self-assertiveness become more prominent in one’s character. These people can have strong morals and are calm under pressure. They are reliable and willing to put in the time and effort necessary to succeed.

Toro in Second House: Money and Self-Worth

Possible Bullying Experience: Financial, Money-Related Bullying

Financial Matters

When Toro occupies the second house, there is a strong drive to establish stable financial footing. These people are probably clever and savvy about making the most out of their financial situation. However, Their bullying experiences may often stem from a low financial status or a lack of material belongings.

Self-Worth and Values

Toro in the second house indicates that there is a close relationship between one’s sense of self-worth and material possessions. These people take pride in being able to provide for themselves and others, and they often use their wealth as a form of selfless expression of love. However, they may also suffer greatly from a low sense of self-worth.

Toro in Third House: Communication and Siblings

Possible Bullying Experience: Sibling-Bullying, or Bullying in Childhood

Communication Style

When Toro occupies the third house, people may talk in a logical and practical fashion, or strive to do so with much effort. These people may especially have trouble with communication, but as they work hard to prove their language skills, their weaknesses can become strengths.

Relationship with Siblings

Strong bonds between siblings based on trust, commitment, and shared hobbies may be indicated by Toro in the third house. However, as a negative manifestation, this indicates that the person is likely being bullied by their own siblings or relatives.

Toro in Fourth House: Family and Home Life

Possible Bullying Experience: Bullying within Domestic Environment

Family Connections

Having Toro in the fourth house emphasizes the importance of family and heritage. People with this placement tend to put a high value on family matters and be very devoted to those in their immediate circle. However, family is also a place that they may encounter a lot of bullying experiences.

Home Environment

Toro in the fourth house indicates a desire for a secure and comfortable domestic environment. In their homes, these people are apt to cultivate a sense of safety and security for themselves and their loved ones. Yet, this has to be earned, and it is not easy to do so.

Toro in Fifth House: Creativity and Romance

Possible Bullying Experience: Self-Bullying, and Bullying in Love Affairs

Creative Pursuits

With Toro in the fifth house, individuals are likely to express their creativity through practical and tangible means. However, their creative juices are often blocked, which can lead to harsh self-criticism and self-destructive habits such as gambling or risky speculation.

Romantic Relationships

In the realm of romance, Toro in the fifth house signifies a slow and steady approach to love. These individuals are often cautious in matters of the heart, taking their time to build strong and enduring relationships. Yet, being bullied by toxic partners is possible here.

Toro in Sixth House: Work and Health

Possible Bullying Experience: Work-Related Bullying

Work and Daily Life

When Toro is in the sixth house, hard labor and efficiency become priorities. These people are dedicated to their professions and don’t give up easily, even when given challenging tasks. However, they may have great obstacles presented by their co-workers or superiors in their professional field.

Health and Well-being

Toro in the sixth house may indicate a more methodical and disciplined attitude to maintaining one’s health. These people are more likely to make maintaining their body’s health a top priority, as they understand the important link between their physical well-being and a happy life.

Toro in Seventh House: Relationships and Partnerships

Possible Bullying Experience: Bullying through one-to-one relationships and business partnerships.

Personal Relationships

When Toro occupies the seventh house, it suggests a yearning for stability and dedication in one’s closest personal connections. These people wish to find lifelong companions with whom they can love until they rest in peace. Yet, there is a possibility that they will marry a very aggressive/bullying spouse.

Professional Partnerships

Working with dependable people who have a comparable work ethic is a priority for Toro when he occupies the seventh house of partnerships. People with this placement are committed to working as a team to accomplish their shared objectives and are enthusiastic about doing so, but their business partners may not be as fair as them.

Toro in Eighth House: Transformation and Shared Resources

Possible Bullying Experience: Bullying Through Gangs


The eighth house is sometimes connected to criminal activities and gangsters in astrology, so one possible manifestation of Toro in the eighth house is that you can be bullied by these toxic people.

Shared Resources

Toro in the eighth house indicates a responsible method of handling shared property and financial affairs. However, with this placement, you may face a lot of trouble with the government, particularly in matters involving tax, inheritance, and shared resources.

Toro in Ninth House: Higher Learning and Travel

Possible Bullying Experience: University-Bullying, or Bullying in Religion

Higher Learning

When Toro occupies the ninth house, its native is more likely to take an ambitious and tenacious approach to learning and education. They may be interested in advancing higher in university, but there is a possibility of encountering toxic peers and instructors.


When placed in the ninth house, Toro can indicate a penchant for taking things slowly and steadily while on a spiritual/religious journey. However, being bullied by religious/spiritual superiors is possible, and these people must exercise their power of faith and stand for what they truly believe in.

Toro in Tenth House: Career and Public Image

Possible Bullying Experience: Bullying in Career Path

Career Goals

Having Toro in the tenth house highlights the importance of hard work and planning for the future. These people are likely to be committed to their careers and strive for higher levels of responsibility. However, encountering negative professionals is possible here.

Public Image

Toro in the tenth house suggests a character of dependability, steadfastness, and fortitude in the eyes of the public. These people are often looked up to as examples of what it means to work hard and be dedicated to one’s job. Yet, long-term endurance and struggles must be overcome to earn their reputation.

Toro in Eleventh House: Friendships and Groups

Possible Bullying Experience: Friends-Bullying, or Bullying through Groups/Organizations


Friendships founded on mutual respect and encouragement are more likely to be very important when Toro occupies the eleventh house. They are grateful for their pals’ support and loyalty and hope to provide the same in return. However, this may involve some types of bullying experiences associated with their groups, friends, and organizations along the way.

Group Dynamics

When placed in the eleventh house, Toro indicates a desire to work well with others. These people can contribute their practical skills and consistent attitude to a team’s overall success in reaching their goals. Nevertheless, being undermined for their true value is possible here.

Toro in Twelfth House: Spirituality and the Subconscious

Possible Bullying Experience: Spiritual Bullying

Spiritual Bullying

Toro in the twelfth house may suggest a determined and persevering attitude toward spiritual matters. You may have been bullied spiritually by an external source that you just simply can’t explain. This can manifest as unexplained noises in your environment, unusual dreams, and evil inclinations in your character.

Subconscious Mind

Toro in the twelfth house indicates a profound connection to one’s own inner strength and tenacity on a subconscious level. To harness the power of Toro in this house is to overcome your own personal demons, i.e. your deepest fears, doubts, and uncertainties. I call these “hidden enemies” because you just can’t see them eye-to-eye.

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