Asteroid Amor Meaning in Astrology

Asteroid Amor Meaning in Astrology: Ideal Love

Amor, the Roman god of love, is a divine representation of compassion, affection, universal love, pure motivation, and loving kindness.

Although connected to Cupid or Eros, Amor expresses his unique quality of love – a state of loving instead of “falling” in love.

Disclaimer: The study of asteroids is still at its infant stage, so this article suggests tendencies and potentials. It serves as guidance for your self-development. 

How to Find Amor in the Birth Chart

Here are the steps that help you to find the asteroid Amor in your natal chart:

  1. Go to (Extended Chart Selection) and enter your birth data
  2. Click “Additional object”
  3. Under “Manual entry”, enter “1221” – the number of Amor
  4. Click “Show the chart” button

The Role of Amor in Astrology

Asteroid Amor Meaning in Astrology
Asteroid Amor Meaning in Astrology

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Similar to Sappho, Amor (or 1221 Amor) acts as a bridge between the personal affection of Venus and the universal love of Neptune in astrology. The loving-kindness of Amor is given without judgment, conditions, or expectation of return.

According to Asteroid Goddesses, this goddess teaches us to cultivate compassionate qualities in ourselves and others, to let go of negative emotions, and to celebrate others’ good fortune.

Sappho in the natal chart denotes a high level of writing talent and a profound comprehension of the romantic spirit.

The aspects of Amor to the natal planets also demonstrate enduring affection and concern for their respective endeavors.

A prominent Amor in a natal chart indicates a personality characterized by empathy, generosity, goodwill, compassion, and a desire for selfless service.

However, there may be difficulties in expressing one’s compassionate and empathetic nature if negative aspects to Amor are present.

According to Plutonic Astrology, the sign and house that Amor resides in a person’s natal chart also define the conditions under which the individual believes they can manifest the highest form of love. That is, a person with an afflicted Amor may feel unable to attain their ideal love or feel undeserving of receiving it.

In short, Amor indicates how you express your love selflessly without expecting anything in return.

Passion and Love

Romantically, the asteroid Amor can sometimes represent the ideal partner. Amor can help you find your ideal companion if you are looking for love because it is associated with love’s qualities, such as tenderness and affection.

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Amor in Signs

According to what I gathered from various sources, Amor seems to represent the type of love that is universal rather than romantic.

However, Amor is actually the name for Cupid or Eros, which means that there can be some romantic elements regarding the love manifestation of Amor.

Therefore, the interpretation of Amor in each sign and house of astrology below comes from my own interpretation, which can be applied in a romantic or platonic relationship.

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Amor in Aries

Passionate Attraction

Passionate Aries energy is intensified when the asteroid of love, Amor, is in this fire sign. Love is often instant and fiery, with sparks flying from the moment two people meet. This position acts like a magnet, bringing together the two loves like moths to a flame.

Courageous Commitment

Amor gains the confidence to go after love head-on because of Aries’ fearlessness. Individuals with this placement are not hesitant to put themselves out there romantically and will defend their partners with all their might if necessary.

Amor in Taurus

Sensual Connection

Sensuality and bodily intimacy are at the heart of Taurean Amor. Those with this location in their horoscopes are drawn to the tangible, grounded qualities of love because they desire security and stability.

Steadfast Love

Love under the sign of Taurus is steady and dependable, just like the sign itself. People with Armor in Taurus tend to work hard to lay a firm foundation for their relationship, and they often believe in their partner wholeheartedly (once they let their guard down!)

Amor in Gemini

Intellectual Attraction

Gemini needs to keep their minds active and get their inquiries answered in order to be happy. As a sign ruled by the element of air, Amor in Gemini places a premium on open lines of communication and witty banter.

Playful Connection

Amor in this placement is a reflection of Gemini’s cheerful personality, so partnerships with this sign tend to be carefree and entertaining. Sharing laughter and a sense of humor is a surefire way to strengthen this kind of relationship.

Amor in Cancer

Emotional Depth

Amor in Cancer signifies a deep emotional connection between partners. Individuals with this placement will seek out close relationships or profound romantic partnerships where they can be themselves and open up about their emotions.

Nurturing Love

When Amor is in Cancer, we see the caring side of that sign. Loving partners with this placement tend to look out for their partner’s emotional and bodily health and do whatever they can to make their significant other happy.

Protective Instinct

Individuals with Amor in Cancer are extremely dedicated to their families. They make their partners’ well-being a top priority and do what they can to ensure a risk-free setting for their relationships to flourish.

Amor in Leo

Bold Romance

Love in Leo is marked by dramatic demonstrations of devotion and grand public displays of affection. Those born with Amor in Leo are fiery, outspoken, and confident; they want the world to know how much they care about their significant other.

Generous Love

Leo’s best manifestation of Amor is selfless love, with partners receiving nothing but the best from their devotees. This may take the form of extravagant presents, unwavering support, or an abundance of spoken words of praise and encouragement.

Dramatic Expression

Amor, when located in Leo, brings out the dramatic side of its natives. There will be a lot of ups and downs in your relationship, but you’ll enjoy every minute of it.

Amor in Virgo

Practical Love

When Amor is in Virgo, love is stable and realistic. Those born under this earth sign place a premium on stability and dependability, and as a result, they approach relationships with a planned and practical outlook.

Service-Oriented Connection

Amor in Virgo is the embodiment of the sign’s reputation for selflessness and service to others. People in loving partnerships can work well with their partners to cultivate an atmosphere of mutual respect and happiness.

Amor in Libra

Harmonious Relationships

Amor in Libra seeks equilibrium, fairness, and unity between partners. Those born under this air sign value committed partnerships and actively search out relationships that are mutually beneficial.

Balanced Love

Amor in this position is a manifestation of the Libran dedication to harmony, with its natives aiming for a love that is equal parts ardent and secure. In order to keep things stable, couples should focus on openly communicating and learning to comprehend one another.

Amor in Scorpio

Intense Attraction

Deep, passionate desire and electrifying connection are the hallmarks of Scorpion Amor. People born under this water sign are attracted to partnerships that provide opportunities for deep, profound bonds of affection.

Transformative Love

Amor in Scorpio is a powerful motivator for self-growth and self-transformation. Those involved in a relationship with this placement are likely to be challenged to change and develop through intense experiences. They are here to learn the transformative power of love.

Amor in Sagittarius

Adventurous Love

Love under Sagittarius is a time for new horizons and exciting experiences. People born under Amor in Sagittarius can be naturally inquisitive and restless, so it stands to reason that they would be drawn to partnerships that provide excitement, variety, and many opportunities for personal development.

Expansive Connection

Amor in this location is a manifestation of Sagittarius’s expansive character, with love functioning as a springboard for furthering one’s own advancement. Partners who share a thirst for adventure, learning, playing, and traveling will look very attractive to these people.

Amor in Capricorn

Ambitious Love

Capricorn Amor is driven by lofty aspirations and the pursuit of the future. In a relationship, those born under this earth sign will plan many strategic tactics, looking for someone who shares their values, ambitions, and objectives in life.

Long-Lasting Commitment

When the asteroid of love, Amor, is in Capricorn, the values of trust, loyalty, and fidelity of those born under this sign become especially apparent. In a love relationship, these people are willing to put in the time and hard work to strengthen their connection so that it will last a lifetime.

Amor in Aquarius

Unconventional Attraction

Aquarius love is defined by unusual affinity and one-of-a-kind bonds. As an air sign, Aquarius Amor is attracted to partners who challenge the status quo and encourage them to step outside their comfort zones.

Intellectual Stimulation

Because of Aquarius’s intellectual character, Amor of this sign often finds that discussing topics of mutual interest strengthens their connection to their partner. The success of their partnership depends greatly on the mental connection of its two members, as love here can be an intellectual encounter.

Amor in Pisces

Dreamy Love

Dreamy, otherworldly, and fairy-tale relationships are the focus of Amor in Pisces. This water sign is highly perceptive and emotional, so those with this location tend to seek out connections that proceed to the spiritual level.

Compassionate Connection

Love, like the sympathetic nature of the Pisces, is characterized by sympathy, acceptance, and encouragement. Partners look out for each other’s health and make an effort to foster an atmosphere where each person can feel comfortable opening up and receiving comfort.

Spiritual Bond

The mystical nature of love is highlighted with Amor in Pisces. It’s possible that couples with this placement will feel a deep feeling of spiritual connection and grow together toward their destined path.

Amor in Houses

Amor in the First House

With Amor in the first house, you’re a natural love comforter and heater. People are drawn to you because of your inherent capacity to make them feel valued and welcomed. Your identity is intricately intertwined with your ability to love and bond with others. You also value other people for who they truly are.

Amor in the Second House

Your value as a person is tied to your capacity to love and be loved when Amor is in the second house. Material possessions may hold less important for you than cultivating deep, meaningful relationships, but they are still important!

Amor in the Third House

When Amor is in the third house, it affects how you communicate with others. You have a special talent for using language, written and spoken, to convey feelings of warmth and compassion. Communicating openly and honestly strengthens your connections.

Amor in the Fourth House

Loyalty to one’s family and one’s home is represented by the energy of Amor in the fourth house. You value a safe and supportive home life and do what you can to foster one. Serving and caring for someone else are common ways to show your affection for them.

Amor in the Fifth House

Love and romantic desire are magnets when Amor is stationed in the fifth house. You approach romance with a childlike sense of wonder and a penchant for aesthetic self-expression. Your interactions with others tend to be lively, passionate, and exciting.

Amor in the Sixth House

With Amor stationed in the sixth house, you take an earthy, selfless approach to romance. Taking care of your partner’s requirements and being there for them in their everyday endeavors are great ways to demonstrate your love for them. Your partnership will thrive with the help of regular, healthy routines and behaviors.

Amor in the Seventh House

With Amor in the seventh house, you crave deep intimacy and stability in your relationships. You pursue and are able to maintain mutually satisfying relationships through careful negotiation and mutual compromise. For you, love is about discovering someone who understands and supports your deepest values, and who completes the other half of you.

Amor in the Eighth House

If the asteroid of love, Amor, resides in your eighth house, you will find that love, trust, and intimacy have a profound effect on your life. You yearn for profound relationships with other people and life-altering adventures that force you to rethink everything you know about love. You value trust and honesty in an intimate connection.

Amor in the Ninth House

Love, or Amor, in the ninth house is a powerful catalyst for learning and spiritual development. Partners who can expand your views and share your thirst for knowledge and wisdom are alluring to you. Love for you is a journey of continuous learning and expansion.

Amor in the Tenth House

Asteroid Amor in the tenth house suggests that your loving kindness and professional reputations are entwined. Your business network could be an ideal spot to find love. You often look for someone who shares your ambition and helps you move up the social ladder and gain respect from others. You also express your selfless love by building something of practical benefit to society.

Amor in the Eleventh House

When the asteroid of love Amor sits in the eleventh house, your social connections and circle of friends can have a major impact on your love relationships. Your potential lover is someone who reflects your own high personal standards and meets your idealistic expectations. Building friendships and working towards shared objectives is what love means for you.

Amor in the Twelfth House

Amor in the twelfth house is where love becomes more inward and mystical. Love can feel like a spiritual power that links you to the divine. You seek soulful, mystical connections with your partners, and your relationships often involve elements of sacrifice and spiritual growth.

Amor in Mythology

In Roman mythology, Amor (also known as Cupid) is the god of love, desire, and attraction; in Greek mythology, he is known as Eros.

Amor is typically portrayed as a naughty young man with a bow and arrows. The legend claims that whoever is struck by one of his missiles will feel an overwhelming sense of longing or love.

Amor’s arrows have an effect on more than just people; they can even strike fear into the hearts of the gods.

As the son of Venus (Aphrodite in Greek mythology), the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, and Mars (Ares in Greek mythology), the god of war, Amor embodies the dual nature of love, which can be both tender and fierce.

In one of his most well-known stories, Amor falls in love with Psyche, a mortal lady who is unrivaled in her beauty. Venus, jealous of Psyche’s beauty, sent Amor to convince her to fall in love with an unworthy suitor.

However, upon seeing Psyche, Amor inadvertently pricked himself with one of his arrows and became hopelessly infatuated with her. Thus, Amor hid Psyche away in a palace in the mountains, away from the anger of his mother, and only came to see her at night.

Curiosity eventually led Psyche to discover Amor’s true identity, and as punishment for this event, Venus subjected Psyche to a series of seemingly insurmountable tasks.

Psyche accomplished all of her assignments, demonstrating her fidelity to Amor with the help of the gods. After much hardship, Psyche and Amor were married, and Amor bestowed immortality on Psyche.

This story has become an allegory for the transformative potential of love, showing how it can conquer all things and bring together humans and gods alike.

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