Eros in 11th House

Eros in the 11th House: Natal, Transit, and Synastry

A relationship is like a house. When a lightbulb burns out you do not go and buy a new house, you fix the light bulb.”


Do you feel sparks fly when you meet someone who shares your hopes and dreams?

That’s Eros in the 11th House for you. This placement links your sexuality with finding a partner who gets your vision for a better world. You’re attracted to idealists, dreamers, or creatives who inspire you. You crave someone who brings light into your darkness and makes your darkness befriend your shadows.

Connecting on shared dreams and goals is foreplay for you. This is about more than just liking the same things; it’s about sharing what moves you on a soul level.

So, are you ready to let Eros infuse your love with excitement?

Let’s journey into this placement together! 🌟👫💖

Disclaimer: The knowledge in this article serves as guidance. Each person’s situation will be different, and this post is a subjective guideline for your self-development.

Asteroid Eros in Astrology

In ancient Greek mythology, Eros, also known as Cupid, was revered as the god of erotic love and sexual desire. His representation symbolizes the principle of ardor, vitality, and passion.

According to Asteroid Goddesses, Eros is regarded as a higher octave of Mars. This god of love has the ability to transform his unconscious and instinctual sexual drive into erotic love as a means to attain spiritual enlightenment through his romantic relationship with Psyche.

In a natal chart, Eros is known to represent an individual’s sources of desire, sexual attraction and preference, as well as the foundation of vital energy and primal passion.

Understanding Eros, therefore, is essential in comprehending a person’s sexual desires and their underlying sexual motivations.

Eros in the 11th House Natal Chart

Eros in 11th House
Eros in 11th House

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1. You’re Drawn to Progressive, Unconventional People

With Eros in your 11th House, you feel magnetically attracted to progressive, non-traditional types. You’re not usually impressed by status or money. You want partners who shake up the system, forge new paths, and see beyond convention. Activists, artists, techies, dreamers, and weird thinkers might turn you on the most.

You’re likely energized by weirdos, misfits, and people on society’s outskirts. Their rebellious spirit excites you. You want someone who helps you question everything and acts as your partner-in-crime in creating real change. Boring, ordinary people don’t stand a chance with you. You crave someone eccentric and extraordinary.

This placement also increases your attraction to people of different backgrounds, cultures, or nationalities than you. You may want to be with those outside your social spheres who can expand your worldview. Cross-cultural connections can deeply fulfill you.

2. You Connect Through Shared Passions and Causes

With Eros in the 11th House, shared passions, interests, and causes can ignite your desire. It’s possible that you’re wildly attracted to people you collaborate with to make the world better in some way. Working side-by-side to uplift humanity feeds your soul and fuels your attraction.

You’re likely turned on by those devoted to social justice, environmentalism, high moral standards, and human rights. When you find someone who is strongly committed to their dreams, your libido skyrockets. You long for romantic partnerships rooted in changing society together.

Joining forces with dreamers, visionaries, and revolutionaries can get you fired up. You get excited imagining all you can co-create. Bonding over hopes for the future keeps the flame burning bright between you two.

3. You Like Partners Who Have Extensive Friend Networks

Your 11th House Eros often desires partners with large, vibrant social networks. You may love that your lover has so many friends from different walks of life. You admire their social butterfly nature and people skills. Their expansive connections tell you they’re accepting and popular and can bring positivity wherever they go.

You’re proud to have such a socially magnetic partner. You probably see their social capital as an asset and sign they’re a catch. It’s a turn-on imagining how you’ll now get to meet so many exciting new people through them.

4. You’re Drawn to Friends and Groups

With Eros in your 11th House, you likely feel a strong sexual, erotic pull towards people you consider friends or are involved in groups with. You’re energized by the exchange of ideas, causes, and innovations. Your platonic friendships often have an underlying sexual tension to them. Networking and joining groups feed your soul.

However, you may not be satisfied with surface-level chit-chat. You crave the excitement of diving deep into core values, deducing people’s motivations, and understanding what makes them tick. Intellectual, social, and emotional intimacy turns you on. You come alive through lively dialogue and connecting around shared interests.

With this placement, you’re not satisfied with mediocre connections. You seek out friends and groups who stimulate your mind, heart, and spirit. You want to find your “tribe” – those rare kindred spirits who “get” you and share your passions.

Alternatively, the 11th House Eros can indicate “friend-for-benefit” situations. You want to just make love with your friends while not being committed to a marriage or romantic connection. There are spiritual consequences of doing this.

5. You Make Friends With Ease

With Eros in the 11th House, you and your partner probably met through mutual friends or by being out socializing together. Even once coupled up, you may still retain an extroverted presence. You can make new friends effortlessly.

More so than the physical, you’re drawn to the merger of brilliant minds, empathetic hearts, passionate souls, and awakened spirits with Eros in the 11th House. You come alive when someone not only shares your worldview but can also intellectually spar, debate, and philosophize with you.

You’re fueled by the give and take of mutual teaching and learning. You want a partner who can challenge you to expand your thinking and see new perspectives.

With this placement, you may also crave the emotional intimacy of being deeply seen, understood, and valued for your authentic self. You want friends and lovers who sense your essence and what you uniquely contribute. For you, this feels profoundly sexual.

6. You Take Romance to Exciting New Heights

With Eros in the 11th House, you may continually seek novel ways to infuse thrill and excitement into your romantic relationship. You likely hate getting stuck in boring routines because freedom is important for you. Perhaps you’re always looking for adventurous date ideas and new ways to express your affection.

You might explore tantric practices with your partner or study powerful love techniques. You might try out toys, props, costumes, and technology to enhance your sex life. From bonding through role play or sexy card games, your romantic fantasy keeps things hot.

Life with you is never dull. Even in the long term, you can still surprise your partner with new romantic gestures and outings. You take pride in your sexual creativity and imagination. You can keep things unpredictable and steamy.

7. You Get Lost in Mesmerizing Conversations

Few things can captivate you like a lively, far-reaching conversation with someone on your wavelength. You come alive when ideas ping-pong energetically, perspectives are swapped, and you dive ever deeper into a topic. Hours slip by hypnotically.

You feel electric chemistry when someone not only holds their own in discourse with you but makes you see things in entirely new lights. Their mental sparring leads you to breakthroughs. You want to talk with them all night. Their intellect alone can be a huge turn-on.

8. You Want Equality in Relationships

Eros in the 11th House often needs total equality in relationships. You may loathe power struggles, control dynamics, and “keeping score.” You want a relationship where you uplift each other as true equals.

You believe the healthiest bonds come from mutual trust, respect, and teamwork. Either person trying to dominate or limit the other is a major turn-off. No one should wear the pants, because it’s best when both of you do not wear your pants. You support each other’s freedom and autonomy, which strengthens your connection.

You come together to be teammates, not create unhealthy dependence. You have no tolerance for jealousy, manipulation, or deception in romance. Maintaining equality, commitment, and loyalty keeps your fires burning.

9. You Make Romance a Playful Adventure

With this placement, you tend to see romance as a playground, not a battlefield. It’s a marathon only trained in bed and an Olympic contest to see who explodes better than the Big Bang explosion. Your partnerships center on keeping things lighthearted, fun, and friendly. Even in conflict, you can approach each other with care, humor, and open minds.

You likely engage in silly antics, inside jokes, funny memes, and laughter often. Being able to be goofy, raw, and unfiltered with each other keeps your connection authentic. Your childlike spirits help you stay present and joyful together. Your romantic spirit keeps your inner child alive.

Eros in the 11th House Transit Chart

When the asteroid Eros transits your 11th House of Social Networks, get ready for some exciting new connections. You may find yourself wanting to get more socially active and involved in interesting events.

Eros’ transit in the 11th House is a good time to go in search of a potential lover among your friends, social clubs, and associated organizations. You may feel motivated to find a romantic partner who shares your passion and interest in erotic activities.

This transit also encourages nurturing existing platonic relationships into something more flirty and intimate. A longtime friend you always had chemistry with but never pursued before could suddenly seem like a boyfriend/girlfriend potential.

This period also encourages you to put yourself out in the community more. With Eros energizing your 11th House, fresh connections – and maybe even love – could emerge when you least expect it through the company you keep and make.

Eros in the 11th House Synastry

When Eros is in the 11th House of a synastry chart, it fosters a connection that is intellectually driven by a shared dream and a yearning for intimate connection. Perhaps both people are attracted to one another because they want to belong to something greater than themselves.

They are each other’s closest friends and romantic companions, and their relationship is often characterized by a profound sense of camaraderie and mutual support.

When placed in the 11th House, Eros can also create an affectionate, playful, and mutually respectful bond between partners. With each other’s help, these two individuals can go after their goals and dreams with great vitality and passion. This placement also promotes personal and relational growth through community.

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