Eros in 2nd House

Eros in the 2nd House: Natal, Transit, and Synastry

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.”


Eros in the 2nd House holds the golden key to a secret garden of your sensual delights. You’re not just mindlessly enjoying things; you’re on a quest to discover what truly brings you pleasure and a sense of security.

You might find yourself more drawn to experiences that not only look good but feel good. It’s about the richness that comes from being in tune with what you truly value and the satisfaction of aligning your values with your resources.

Are you ready to tap into the energies of Eros in your 2nd House? To align with the things that give you a sense of abundance and well-being?

Let’s dive into this exploration together. 🌟💖💫

Disclaimer: The knowledge in this article serves as guidance. Each person’s situation will be different, and this post is a subjective guideline for your self-development.

Asteroid Eros in Astrology

In Greek mythology, Eros was believed to be the son of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and Ares, the god of war. As the god of erotic love, Eros had the power to make people fall in love by shooting an arrow into their hearts. His legend is often associated with romantic tales of couples falling deeply in love at first sight.

According to Asteroid Goddesses, Eros was also known for embodying the masculine sexual force, serving as the generative power that brought the world into creation. He represents the primal desire and vitality that fuels all living beings. With his godly powers, he could ignite the flame of passion within the heart of any living creature.

Astrologically, Eros is considered to be the higher octave of Mars, the god of war. It is said that Eros was able to transform his unconscious, instinctual sexual drive into the refined and transformative power of erotic love. Through his romance with Psyche, he found a path to spiritual illumination.

In the birth chart, Eros’s placement is an indicator of what turns you on, your sexual attraction and preference, as well as what keeps you going—the source of your vital energy and primal desire. This asteroid can give insights into your sexual nature, what you’re attracted to, and how you approach intimacy.

Eros in the 2nd House Natal Chart

Eros in 2nd House
Eros in 2nd House

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1. You See Romance as an Experience

With Eros in the 2nd House, you likely perceive romance as an experience to indulge all five senses. You want to be swept away on an adventure, taste exquisite flavors, hear beautiful music, touch fine fabrics of your lover, and smell enticing fragrances of your mate. You crave multi-sensory enchantment.

Ideally, you want to be courted with activities that engage your senses and make you see, feel, and experience the riches of life. For example, you may yearn for lovers who plan creative outings at art galleries, escapes to watch the moonlight, concerts under the stars, and getaways to exotic locales. You feel most romanced when all your senses are activated and awakened.

Regular dinner and movie dates won’t usually cut it for you. You need to feel continuously intrigued and surprised by ever-changing sensual delights. With you, dates are performances. Your goal is to appreciate life’s richness with someone special. I’ve also found that people with this placement want to be close to nature and in a place of security when it comes to dating.

2. You Want to Feel Pampered and Indulged

With Eros in the 2nd House, you crave pampering experiences that make you feel indulged, luxurious, and pampered. You want a partner who lavishes you with massages, bubble baths, fine wines, and chocolate-covered strawberries. Sensual indulgence is your pleasure and release.

Perhaps being spoiled ROTTEN romantically is your idea of heaven. You want a lover who treats you like royalty in and outside the bedroom. You may desire vacations to exotic locales, nights out in your finest clothes, making love under the full moon, and someone tending to your every need.

You simply flourish when you feel cherished through touch, gifts, and experiences. Knowing your partner relishes indulging you emotionally satisfies your heart’s deepest desires. You feel most loved when held, caressed, and treated like a queen/king.

3. You Express Affection Through Gifts

Since the 2nd House is an earth house, you may often show your love and appreciation through gift-giving. You may enjoy showering romantic partners with thoughtful presents, pampering sessions, and acts of service. Buying little luxuries for your loved ones makes your heart flutter with excitement. You feel cared for when others treat you to nice things too.

You have a knack for choosing meaningful mementos that show how well you know your partner’s tastes. From their favorite candy bar to that handbag they’ve been eyeing, the gifts you select make your loved ones feel truly seen. Give you a reason to shop for someone special and you’re in heaven.

Most likely, your love language is gift receiving/giving and acts of service. These tangible expressions say “I care about you” more than words. You pour your heart into presents, cards, flowers, and even covering checks. Spoiling your partner makes your sweethearts feel adored.

4. You Want Total Intimacy and Bonding

On a soul level, your Eros 2nd House placement desires a profound merging and bonding with your beloved where all barriers dissolve. You crave true vulnerability and openness. Holding anything back frustrates you, so you want to share all parts of yourself.

This translates into a need for sensual and sexual intimacy. Physically connecting with a partner helps you drop ego walls and merge spirits. Through sensual experiences, you feel their essence mix with yours. This total union is your ultimate Eros desire.

You also want a partner whom you can bare your full truth to emotionally. Someone you can share your innermost dreams, fears, values, and ambitions with without judgment. Your heart yearns to be fully seen.

5. You’re Passionate and Intense in Relationships

With Eros in the 2nd house, you tend to experience love, anger, excitement, and all emotions in relationships very intensely. You don’t really do casual or half-hearted when it comes to romance. You want all-consuming, life-changing love.

This placement can manifest as extreme passion at the start of relationships. You tend to throw yourself in headfirst, wanting to bond and merge completely right away. You might become jealous or possessive when the fire cools. Moderation doesn’t satisfy you, even though it is needed.

You want a partner who can match your powerful emotional intensity and desire for depth. Surface-level flings leave you empty. For you, it’s go big or go home when it comes to matters of the heart.

5. You Delight in Finer Things

Your Eros in the 2nd House gives you a passion for surrounding yourself with comfortable luxuries and the finer things in life. You work hard so you can play hard in style and elegance. You likely want your home and wardrobe to feel rich and opulent.

In romance, you likely seek partners who share your tastes and budget for sensual extras. You may especially be attracted to those who are financially stable and generous. You want someone who can whisk you away on romantic weekends and keep you feeling pampered like a puppy.

You simply feel in your element when immersed in beauty, good food, beautiful music, soft fabrics, and exquisite art. Your sensual nature craves visual and tactile splendor. You feel most romanced when you get a taste of the good life.

6. You Want Stability with Relationships and Finances

With Eros in this earth house, stability is sexy to you, especially emotional and financial stability. You desire commitment from a partner who is dependable, loyal, and willing to commit over the long haul. You don’t want just passion; you want enduring devotion.

Knowing your sweetheart has their professional and personal life together turns you on and puts you at ease. You feel most secure when you build assets and a happy home life with your mate. Comfort and sensuality go hand-in-hand for you.

With the 2nd House Eros, you aren’t a thrill seeker. You want romantic security with someone committed to growing financially and intimately for the long haul. Stable, sensual comfort feels like home to you.

7. You Have Expensive Taste in Fashion/Decor

Your Eros in the 2nd House can give you a refined sensibility and very expensive taste! You likely adore dressing in the finest designer clothing and selecting home decor from luxury brands. Your personal style leans rich and elegant.

You have fun shopping and decorating, even when you do it once in a while. Fashion and interior design magazines call your name. You enjoy beautifying your environment and dressing to impress. Looking and feeling your best in upscale garments helps awaken your creative spirit.

With your fashion sense, you may work in the beauty or design industry. Or you simply get complimented often on your classy, unique personal flair. Your eye for style naturally distinguishes quality craftsmanship from cheap imitations. You aim for timeless class.

8. You May Overindulge Senses or Spend

The main challenge with your Eros in the 2nd House is avoiding overindulgence. You feel so by nature that you may buy lavish gifts beyond your budget or overspend on pleasures. Or you may overeat rich foods or go overboard on sensual vices out of boredom.

You feel happiest practicing moderation and setting healthy boundaries around sensual luxuries. Reining in spending and indulgences actually allows more enjoyment long-term. You don’t have to deny yourself delight, just balance it with prudence so you can sustainably enjoy life’s treasures.

Aim to satisfy your senses with simplicity. In nature and relationships, you will still feel abundant. Keep your perspective focused on life’s essential pleasures like a good sleep.

9. You Prefer Giving Vs Receiving Gifts

With your 2nd House Eros, you generally enjoy gift-giving more than receiving. Selecting that perfect present and seeing your loved one’s eyes light up gives you a special thrill. You would happily research someone’s interests for hours to find meaningful surprises.

Of course, you appreciate well-thought gifts too, just not solely for the material item itself. It’s the feeling that someone took time to know your tastes that means the most to you. No present required can replace quality time and loving gestures.

You put a sincere heart into the gifts you give. You may periodically deliver flowers, cookies, or coffee to your loved ones “just because.” Your presents are never about obligation, only expressing affection beautifully through material symbols.

10. You Create Value Through Artistic Pursuits

Eros in this Venus-ruled house indicates creative gifts, especially when it comes to arts, design, and aesthetics. You likely have talent in visual mediums like painting, fashion, photography, or interior decorating. You have an eye for arranging spaces and objects in harmonious, pleasing ways.

You may express your originality through beautifying homes, clothing lines, album covers, and more. Monetizing your innate artistry comes naturally to you. You help spark inspiration in others and elevate their existence through your creations. You make the world lovelier through your unique lens. Embrace your inner artist.

Eros in the 2nd House Transit Chart

The transit of Eros through the 2nd House indicates a time when topics related to money, possessions, and self-worth are affected by feelings of ardor, lust, and enthusiasm.

This transit can cause a strong yearning for sensual delights or buying things to enhance your erotic experiences. Perhaps delicious food, erotic self-pleasure, soothing music, and other forms of bodily comfort are what you want at this time.

Also suggested is a desire to amass money and material goods and the motivation to go after these things with passion and vitality. Something to watch out for is that Eros’ transit in the 2nd House can indicate a time of overindulging in sexual pleasures and physical comforts.

Eros in the 2nd House Synastry

With Eros in the 2nd House of synastry, the relationship takes on a sexual and passionate tone. This position infuses the partnership with a wish for security, comfort, and a greater appreciation of the finer things in life.

In fact, the 2nd House rules over resources, money, and pleasures of the flesh. If Eros is in this house, the pair may be drawn to one another by their shared love for a security, delicious cuisine, and sensual experiences. They could work well together to build financial security and stability, encouraging one another’s financial objectives.

Because of the sensual nature of the 2nd House, both partners may also want to be physically near to one another. In other words, physical intimacy is highly valued by the couple, and they may have great pleasure in sensually touching and caressing one another.

However, both individuals may find it challenging to establish a balance between their material desires and their spiritual connection. Sometimes, they are so focused on the physical aspect of the relationship that they forget about the other important elements, such as emotional connection, mutual respect, and good communication.

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