Eros in 10th House

Eros in the 10th House: Natal, Transit, and Synastry

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”

John Lennon

With Eros in the 10th House, you’re being invited to infuse your career and life goals with the kind of passion usually reserved for romances. It’s as if your professional life has become the canvas for your heart’s deepest cravings, turning every achievement into a love affair with success.

This placement is like the matchmaker between your innermost desires and your outermost pursuits. It propels you to chase your dreams with a lover’s intensity, to flirt with integrity, and to seek someone who is as accomplished as you.

Suddenly, your networking events could feel like dance floors where you looking for a potential partner alongside your ambitions. Nothing is sexier than someone who has the same ambitions, dreams, and core values as you. For you, career compatibility can be as thrilling as a first kiss.

Are you prepared to let your heart lead the way in your professional life?

Let’s embark on this exciting venture together! 🌟👔💕

Disclaimer: The knowledge in this article serves as guidance. Each person’s situation will be different, and this post is a subjective guideline for your self-development.

Asteroid Eros in Astrology

When we talk about Eros in astrology, we’re referring to the asteroid of passion and erotic attraction. Eros represents our capacity for romantic and sensual love. It rules the way we form intimate bonds and bonds with others on an erotic level.

Eros often gets a bad rap sometimes for just being about sex and physical intimacy, but that’s really not all there is to it.

As the embodiment of masculine sexual force, Eros is perceived as a generative masculine power, responsible for bringing the world into creation. This is precisely why Eros was considered the offspring of Aphrodite (Venus), the goddess of love, and Ares (Mars), the god of war.

According to Asteroid Goddesses, Eros is considered to function as a higher octave of Mars. Eros is able to refine and transform his innate and unconscious sexual drive into erotic love, utilizing it as a means to achieve spiritual enlightenment through his romantic relationship with Psyche.

In the birth chart, Eros is a definitive indicator of an individual’s sexual preferences, turn-ons, erotic attraction as well as their primal source of vital energy and desires.

Eros in the 10th House Natal Chart

Eros in 10th House
Eros in 10th House

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1. You’re Drawn to Influential, Successful Partners

With Eros in your 10th House, you’re attracted to partners who have prominent public profiles and are leaders in their fields. There’s just something magnetic about a successful go-getter that activates your erotic nature. You want someone driven, accomplished, and making waves in the world.

Power, status, and notoriety could hold undeniable erotic appeal for you. The more high-profile and influential your partner is, the more sexually charged the relationship becomes in your eyes. You feel great pride in standing beside someone so ambitious and want to support them in reaching the top.

In relationships, you tend to be very invested in your partner’s public image and career success. Seeing them excel turns you on and makes you fall deeper in love. You become their cheerleader, pushing them to manifest their biggest dreams.

2. You’re Drawn to Partners with Authority

Your Eros in the 10th House means you’re often attracted to partners who hold official titles and authority in their fields. There’s just something so sexy about someone commanding respect through their expertise, accomplishments, and decision-making power.

Bosses, executives, officials, judges, or anyone with fame and influence over others likely pique your interest. You love seeing your partner take charge and direct others with confidence and skill. Witnessing them in a leadership role can stir your passions and make you admire them.

However, this doesn’t mean that you always put your partner on a pedestal. In fact, you want an equal partnership where each person supports each other’s dreams, goals, and ambitions mutually.

3. You Want an Ambitious, Hard-Working Partner

Laziness and apathy are huge turn-offs for you, while drive and ambition really get your heart pounding. Since Eros inhabits your career zone, you need a partner as focused and motivated as you are. You want someone with big dreams they’re striving for.

Watching your partner pour passion into achieving their aspirations keeps the fire burning between you. You love seeing just how hard they’re willing to work to attain their goals. Ambition, self-sufficiency, or self-confidence is downright sexy.

You may also need someone career-focused who understands your own professional dreams. A supportive, goal-oriented partner who cheers you on is a must. You want a power couple connection where you encourage each other’s success.

4. You Make Powerful Professional Connections

Your Eros placement indicates that networking, social climbing, and making strong professional alliances often lead to romantic opportunities. You’re attracted to people well-connected in their industries who can open doors for you.

Joining influential organizations, attending business conferences or events, and getting involved with community leadership boards could allow you to meet potential partners. Seeking out movers-and-shakers may really excite you.

You’re also turned on when a partner helps you make advantageous career connections. Having someone established introduce or recommend you to others can make you desire them intensely.

5. You Impress Partners with Your Own Achievements

With Eros in the 10th House, you may love wowing prospective partners with your own accomplishments and status. Letting them know your job titles, awards won, and leadership roles you hold may sound enticing to you. You work hard just to dazzle them.

When trying to attract someone, you tend to emphasize your career achievements. You understand ambition is sexy, so you make sure potential partners see you as a standout in your own field. Being impressive gives your confidence a boost.

You also thrive when you and your partner work in related industries and can support each other’s professional growth. Collaborating and conquering goals together as a power couple is the ultimate turn-on for you.

6. You May Initiate Romance at Work Functions

Your Eros in the 10th House means you often initiate romantic connections at career-related functions – think conferences, office parties, industry events, etc. For you, business networking and career advancement activities could be ideal places to find love interests.

You’re energized being surrounded by go-getters, so your charm and magnetism shine brightest in these environments. You’re at your most outgoing and oozing with charisma when in rooms full of ambitious people and potential opportunities.

Even post-promotion engagements like happy hours or employee appreciation parties can get you socializing and connecting. For you, the professional and the personal spheres overlap beautifully.

7. You Have a CEO Aura That Attracts

With the 10th House Eros, you likely exude ambition, leadership, and personal authority in ways that draw relationship partners to you like a magnet. You have a natural CEO aura – confident, capable, and destined for greatness.

You can stand out in any room as someone who is respected. You carry yourself like someone important. This makes you wildly attractive as people want to latch onto your rising star. They may see partnering with you as elevating their own status.

Your self-assuredness also makes you more alluring. Potential partners are endeared by your take-charge attitude and know you’ll thrive in any endeavor. Your boss persona makes love prospects flock to you.

8. You’re Turned On By Workplace Power Dynamics

Since your Eros is in the House of Career, you may be attracted to workplace romances simply for the power dynamics they contain. The idea of secrecy, breaking rules, and managing authority roles could excite you and amp up your desire.

Having any sort of advantage or authority over a partner, even via work rank or job title differences, may fuel your passionate nature. The more complex and layered the power structure, the more thrilling the situation becomes in your eyes.

Even without actual overlap, role-playing boss/employee scenarios activates your libido and feeds your fantasies. The boardroom definitely stimulates your imagination in naughty ways.

However, do you know that if inappropriate behaviors and immoral conduct are shown in the workplace, it could ruin your whole career? Like a small fire in one day that can burn down the whole building which takes 10 years to build?

The 10th House Eros warns you just that. This placement requires you to improve your integrity, uphold your moral standards, and know where you stand among employers and colleagues. Set proper limits and channel your passion into your work instead of being distracted by potential romantic interests.

9. You Have Sexy Confidence

With your amorous Eros in the 10th House of Ambition and Achievement, you exude powerful charisma and self-assurance in your career realm that many partners find hopelessly sexy. They love seeing you excel.

Watching you take charge, answer questions with charisma, or master skills can make potential partners putty in your hands. Your competence and ability can command respect that also translates into raw sensuality.

When you are who you truly are in the bedroom, it turns up the heat. At the end of the day, your partner will not be enamored by your achievements, skills, and competence, but by your unconditional love and presence.

Your outer achievements and success are just like the bait for potential fish, but the real deal is your integrity and character – the honey for the bees.

10. You Take Work Home in Bedroom Fun

Your 10th House Eros indicates that you often incorporate career and ambition themes into your romantic fantasies and bedroom activities. Donning power suits, pretending boardroom scenarios, or using work props can spice things up.

You may also use dirty talk or role-play related to professional success and achievement between the sheets. These can be good foreplay that helps release your passions. It can be really fun!

Eros in the 10th House Transit Chart

When Eros transits the 10th House, it can indicate a period of increased attention on one’s career and public image, as well as how these aspects relate to one’s romantic and sexual life.

During this period, you may feel motivated to present yourself in a more attractive and alluring way in public or professional contexts.

This could include posting sexy photos on Instagram, editing your LinkedIn pictures to make you look more attractive, or looking for some hot celebrity images to satisfy your inner desire. The last option brings negative karmic consequences, however.

Finding someone with similar professional goals and ambitions may also be more important during this transit. You may also feel more attracted to partners who are older, more established, or more accomplished than yourself.

Eros in the 10th House Synastry

The placement of Eros in the 10th House of a synastry chart can indicate a committed, long-term partnership. This can be a bond based on a shared desire for achievement, honor, and respect.

At first, you may feel a little intimidated by this person if they outrank you professionally or seem higher achieving. But don’t worry – their drive and skills will likely inspire rather than intimidate you in the long run. With their confidence boosting yours, you’ll tackle bigger goals and take your talents more seriously.

Plus, this placement suggests collaborating together could be very fruitful. Maybe you run side projects, do work presentations as a duo, or even help promote each other’s careers down the line. Teaming up brings out the best in both your talents and makes achieving ambitions feel fun versus stressful alone.

Interestingly, Eros in the 10th House can also signify a couple who does not shy away from engaging in sexual activities in public. They may put on a “no shame face” and enjoy inappropriate public expressions of affection.

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