Sappho in 8th House

Sappho in the 8th House: Full Spectrum of Intimacy

Silence is a source of great strength.”

Lao Tzu

With Sappho in the 8th House, passion and intensity often characterize your connections, especially romantic ones. You crave deep merging on sexual, emotional, and even psychic levels – a true soulmate union.

Casual flings leave you cold. In relationships, you want nothing less than profound understanding and endless discovery of each other. Financially, you may depend heavily on partners. Or you could have talents in arts, investing, or the occult that bring in money.

Either way, you may not love handling funds alone – it feels better when pooled in some manner. Inheritances can also be indicated here.

Are you ready to journey with Sappho in your 8th House?

Let’s embrace this voyage together! šŸŒŸšŸ”šŸ’«

Disclaimer: The knowledge in this article serves as guidance. Each person’s situation will be different, and this post is a subjective guideline for your self-development.

Asteroid Sappho in Astrology

Sappho, also known as asteroid 80 Sappho, was discovered by Norman Pogson in 1864, representing the principle of romantic and artistic sensitivity.

Sappho lived on the island of Lesbos in ancient Greece in the 6th century BC. She was renowned as one of the greatest lyric poets of her era. Many of her poems expressed deep affection for female lovers. This led later cultures to associate her with female homosexuality, though the reality of her life and love is unknown.

According to Asteroid Goddesses, Sappho was renowned for her ability to express many kinds of love languages, including solo and multiple, married and unmarried, heterosexual and lesbian, and maternal.

Sappho’s energy is believed to be more subtle than Eros, representing aesthetic refinement, sexual preference, and creative self-expression in the birth chart.

By embracing the energy of Sappho, we can tap into the power of creativity, artistic expression, and love. Whether it’s through writing poetry, creating art, or exploring our true sexual nature, Sappho can help unleash our creative potential and experience the transformative power of love.

Sappho in the 8th House

Sappho in 8th House
Sappho in 8th House

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1. You Have Intense Emotions

With Sappho in the 8th House, you feel emotions in a very deep, intense way. Your passions run hot, and when you care for someone or something, you care with every fiber of your being. Love, excitement, hurt – you experience each emotion profoundly. For you, a true union must touch the marrow of your brain and run in the veins of your heart.

Your emotions also have a mysterious quality to them, even to yourself. You have very complex inner layers that reveal themselves slowly over time. Peel your onion, and you’ll find intensity, passion, and armor to guard your soft underbelly.

Sometimes, the Sappho in the 8th House suggests past hurts and emotional wounds tied to your intimacy issues or sexuality. You may struggle to entirely open your heart due to fear of pain. Deep down, your craving for total soul-merging in relationships battles with your guardedness.

You have a true heart, but one that must feel totally safe to fully open without caution or defenses. Earning your unbridled vulnerability is no easy feat. Protecting against further wounds or repeating past mistakes prevents you from recklessly loving others.

2. You Seek Depth in Relationships

With Sappho in the 8th House, you yearn for co-mingling souls in your relationships. Anything superficial could immediately turn you off. You want bonded souls over butterflies and spiritual intimacy over starry eyes.

For you, a true partnership means not two halves combining to create a whole, but two whole combining to make each other half of the whole. You desire relationships that leave you forever changed on a soul level, evolving you into a higher state of being. Casual flings could never satisfy you.

With the 8th House Sappho, you crave relating psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. Small talk and surface conversations drain you. You come alive when diving into the deep end with someone – exploring taboos, shadows, and secrets that bond you. A partner must meet your intensity.

Love, to you, is liberating repressed parts of yourself and giving someone else the key. It’s about the death of your ego and the rebirth of your spiritual self, facing fears together, and stripping down walls between two hearts. You need the finish line to be total spiritual consummation.

3. You Invest Emotionally in Deep Bonds

Your 8th House Sappho suggests you don’t open your heart often, but when you do, the floodgates open. You invest deeply in soul bonds and feel things profoundly for your cherished one. Your devotion is bone-deep.

Once you do fall, you fall hard. The object of your desire may consume all your mental space. You think about them constantly, and every cell of your body craves union. You may feel pulls so strongly that it’s like being magnetized.

Letting people get close to you feels risky, so if you grant access behind your walls, it’s only for those who genuinely wish to know and embrace your soul. With trusted companions, you join lives emphatically, sharing everything. Holding back is impossible; you’re all in.

Your passion comes out in dramatic acts of service, effusive affection, and tokens of commitment. You spare no expense or effort for true love. Those you welcome into your inner sanctum have you, wholly.

4. You Merge Intimately with Partners

In romantic relationships, Sappho in the 8th House gives you an intense need for intimate merging on all levels with your partner – emotional, sexual, financial, and more. You crave total sharing, naked vulnerability, and intertwining in every way.

Oneness is your goal; you want an unquestionable connection that abolishes separateness. The more you give to your partner, the closer you feel to them. Holding back any part of yourself is unthinkable. You want to be known and know completely in return.

Intimacy is your love language. Sex, bonding emotionally bare, or co-mingling finances can deepen your connection. Togetherness without barriers can make you feel most loved and secure. You may only want to feel yourself in unification with another. Half a relationship leaves you empty.

You tend to see relationships as sacred opportunities to interweave souls and journeys. Casual connections fall devastatingly short. With Sappho in the 8th House, soul satisfaction comes through intimate commitment to mutual growth.

5. You Have Healing Gifts

Sappho in the 8th House suggests you have natural talents for healing and empowering people on deep emotional and spiritual levels. You can gently yet powerfully help people release their pain and trauma to find wholeness.

You have a way of creating a safe space for vulnerability. Your emotional availability earns people’s trust. When you listen with compassion, it opens floodgates and starts therapeutic processes organically.

Your soothing energy can heal traumas and make people feel truly seen. You reflect back beauty that re-ignites people’s sense of purpose and self-worth. Your acceptance transforms lives.

You may excel at professions involving counseling, social work, psychology, massage therapy, life coaching, or other forms of nurturing. But even personally, your friends seek your emotional insight. Your warmth comes from the wisdom of your past hurts.

6. You Attract Intense Experiences

With Sappho in your 8th House, you seem to attract intense, transformative life experiences – both pleasurable and challenging. Your magnetic pull is strong, so events find you. The energy you emit invites significant encounters.

In other words, fated meetings, exciting upheavals, profound awakenings – these things can find you even if you’re reclusive. Your soul signed up for intensity.

So, expect transformative connections – even with strangers – to impact you profoundly with Sappho in the 8th House. Prepare for spiritual wisdom and dark nights of the soul. Death and rebirth is your rhythm. Your life force compels you to regularly shed old layers and be remade.

Ruled by Pluto, the 8th House is about extremes and primal forces, so you’ll know passion, suffering, healing, obsession, and more. “Normal” doesn’t satisfy you. Your soul needs purging and resurrecting in ways society may misunderstand. But you’ll emerge wiser and gain wisdom after each trial you overcome to prove your character.

7. You See Beneath Surface Reality

On energetic and psychic levels, your 8th House placement gives you the ability to sense what lies beneath surface appearances. You’re not fooled by pretense or artifice. Your intuition can detect hidden truths.

Like having X-ray vision, you can peer beyond masks and facades to know people’s core. Their secrets are safe with you, but avoiding your inner sight is impossible. You may simply read energies and true nature. This helps you avoid deception.

Importantly, you know yourself below social conditioning and ego. You courageously explore your own shadow self, fears, and motivations independent of social programming. Walking your talk matters, so you do the tough inner work to improve your moral standards and integrity.

You also have a keen eye for subconscious patterns – in people, society, nature, and spirit. Mysteries and symbols speak to you. You comprehend life’s subtleties and can intuit deeper meanings.

8. You Express Passion Creatively

Sappho in the 8th House suggests you have great potential to take your intense passions and channel them into powerful creative self-expression. Your art directly channels your innermost depths.

The arts can provide a constructive outlet for your feelings – positive and shadow alike. Poetry, songwriting, painting, photography, dance, ceramics – any medium where you can infuse pieces of your soul. Your pain and joy morph into beauty.

Your creations pulsate with rawness and humanity. You have the ability to express ineffable mysteries, from life’s euphoria to its unspeakable pains. Through touching people’s hearts, your gifts make life’s struggles meaningful.

9. You Have Regenerative Power

Like the Phoenix rising, your 8th House Sappho suggests you possess innate strengths to endure loss and reconstruct yourself after destructive life events. You can courageously rebuild.

By traveling into your darkest recesses and exploring your inner wilderness, you develop emotional muscles to overcome devastations that would break some. You learn to alchemically transmute poisons into medicines, wounds into lessons, and lead into gold.

You understand grief’s ebbs and flows intimately. You sit with darkness when it settles until it runs its course. You emerge more luminous. You don’t avoid pain, but you take full responsibility for the consequences of your actions. This regenerative power inspires hope in others. Loss awakens you to who you are in the absence of external things.

The 8th House in Astrology

The 8th House deals with sensitive matters like sexuality, transformation, deeper psychology, and shared finances. It represents the most vulnerable areas of life that require an intimate exploration.

Here are some topics that the 8th House illuminates:

  • Your values around intimacy, sexual attitudes, and relationship depths
  • Ability to confront difficult subjects and undergo renewal
  • Joint funds with others like taxes, alimony, inheritances
  • Empathy for those suffering and interest in taboo topics
  • Natural talents for counseling, psychotherapy, or healing
  • Presence of Scorpio-like qualities like passion, control issues, and trust

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