Sappho in 2nd House

Sappho in the 2nd House: Abundance is from the Heart

If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place.”

Lao Tzu

When Sappho is in the 2nd House, you likely value beauty, art, and relationships far more than cold hard cash. You prize emotional connection and passion over practical matters.

Basically, your sense of self-worth and resources are boosted through bonds with others. When single or lonely, you may feel a lack in this area of life. But when coupled up, you feel abundant and provided for even without loads of money.

Can you see the link? Your finances may ebb and flow alongside matters of the heart!

Now, does this mean you’ll be penniless or completely incapable of making money on your own? No way! You may have talents around music, art, or design that can bring income too.

But money just isn’t your main motivating force. You thrive when finances are shared generously with others. So, if you keep giving without expecting anything in return, the fruits will multiply.

Are you ready to let the spirit of Sappho guide your financial choices and possessions?

Let’s explore together how the material world can be a canvas for your deepest appreciation, where every purchase is a poem, every investment is a song, and every treasured object is a line in the sonnet of your life! 🌟💸🎨

Disclaimer: The knowledge in this article serves as guidance. Each person’s situation will be different, and this post is a subjective guideline for your self-development.

Asteroid Sappho in Astrology

Asteroid Sappho, also known as 80 Sappho, is named after the famous Greek poetess who represents the principle of romantic and artistic sensitivity.

Discovered in 1864 by Norman Pogson, Sappho holds a special place in astrology as a symbol of the divine feminine energy and the power of love.

Sappho’s poetry speaks to the deepest parts of our human hearts, triggering emotions of longing, desire, and ecstasy. Her love poetry explores all kinds of love, including solo and multiple, married and unmarried, heterosexual and lesbian, and maternal.

Sappho’s mastery of language and her delicate touch on the subject of love has earned her the title of “the tenth muse”. In myths, Sappho’s teachings remind us of the healing power of love and the importance of recognizing it in all its forms. Her legacy lives on through the asteroid Sappho, which serves as a powerful link in the octave progression that connects Venus and Neptune.

According to Asteroid Goddesses, Sappho’s energy is said to be more subtle than Eros, the god of erotic love. Sappho’s energy represents sensuality, same-sex attraction, sexuality, sexual likings, talents with words, true sexual character, and poetic and artistic sensitivity. This asteroid also signifies aesthetic refinement, sexual attraction, and creative self-expression in the birth chart.

Sappho in the 2nd House

Sappho in 2nd House
Sappho in 2nd House

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With Sappho in your 2nd House, you may gain deep enjoyment from acquiring and enjoying sensual pleasures. You feel most satisfied when you can use your resources to surround yourself with comfort, beauty, art, music, and delicious food. Quality experiences mean more to you than quantity.

You have refined tastes and you appreciate the finer things in life. You work hard so you can indulge in silk sheets, exquisite cuisine, luxurious bath products, fresh flowers, and other treats that activate your senses. You don’t deprive yourself.

Generating prosperity comes naturally to you because you’re motivated to create the lifestyle you crave. Making money feels joyful, not burdensome, because it enables you to soak in beauty, creativity, and sensuality. Finances are a means, not an end.

2. You Value High Quality Craftsmanship

Sappho in the 2nd House gives you an eye for quality craftsmanship and skillful artistry. You likely appreciate items made meticulously by hand with care and mastery. Shoddy workmanship is a turn-off to you, while excellent construction delights you.

You likely seek out pieces built to last from natural, sustainable materials. The story behind the item matters to you. You’ll perhaps pay more for organic fabrics, responsible sourcing, and humane working conditions. Ethical products enhance their value. As an artist yourself, you have an innate respect for mastery and creation done well.

3. You Enjoy Making Money Creatively

With this placement, you enjoy making money creatively. Your prosperity endeavors align with your values and ignite your talents. You have a natural skill for monetizing what you love doing.

You might earn income through arts, design, and creative projects. Or you may work in luxurious settings like spas, hotels, and boutiques. Since you link resources with enjoyment, a soul-deadening job won’t cut it. You thrive when you make money doing what you love.

Your finances might ebb and flow as you follow inspiration, but you trust that doing what you enjoy will sustain you. When you do good deeds, you attract more abundance naturally instead of using force. A heart of compassion is your secret sauce.

 4. You Value Togetherness

Sappho in the 2nd House gives you a powerful yearning for emotional intimacy and togetherness in relationships. Even more than grand gestures, you want quality time, physical affection, and deep companionship.

No material item can replace true presence and your lover’s undivided attention. You want their sensitive, empathetic ear more than any gift. Experiences spent connecting with your loved ones mean the world to you – that is life’s ultimate luxury.

While you enjoy nice things, relationships built on trust, commitment, and loyalty satisfy you most. You crave soul merging above all else. Your abundance is having people to share your whole heart with.

5. You Enjoy Sensory Pleasures

With Sappho in the 2nd House, your life’s luxuries may lie in enjoying sensory experiences, especially touch. You tend to delight in tactile pleasures – silky fabrics against your skin, warm baths, laying out under trees, massage, etc. Your sensuality runs deep.

You have a hedonistic streak and know how to pamper your senses. For example, cooking gourmet meals, listening to music, lying on soft sheets, or applying fragrant lotions could nurture you. Textural richness brings you into your body and soothes your spirit. You want to feel life fully.

This sensual orientation makes you highly attuned to your partner’s touch. Physical affection, stroking, massage, and skin contact can deeply bond you. You feel loved through gentle caresses and dedicated sensuality. Your senses crave pleasure.

6. You Value Your Voice and Self-Expression

Sappho in the 2nd House suggests your voice – literal and metaphorical – can be key to your prosperity. Perhaps you have a soothing voice that lulls others when singing, speaking, or doing voiceover work. Or maybe writing, dancing, painting, or other creative arts help you feel fulfilled.

Allow yourself to communicate your inner truth without censoring. This placement bestows sound financial intuition. The more you unapologetically reveal your essence through creative self-expression, the more wealth – material and emotional – you will attract. Your authenticity is your pot of gold.

The 2nd House in Astrology

Being an earth house, the 2nd House in your birth chart represents your values, worth, personal possessions, and resources. This includes how you view prosperity, money, and material goods. More symbolically, it also relates to your sense of self-esteem and personal security.

The 2nd House reveals how you earn and acquire resources as well as your attitude towards finances. It indicates whether you are cautious and conservative with money or spend freely without much thought. The energies of your 2nd House influence how you feel about material security and what you consider valuable possessions beyond money alone.

Some key things the 2nd House indicates:

  • Earning ability and career potential
  • Financial security or insecurity
  • Value system regarding material goods and self-worth
  • Spending habits
  • Relationship with personal possessions
  • Talents that can generate income
  • Ability to acquire and maintain resources

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