Sappho in 11th House

Sappho in the 11th House: Compassion for Humanity

The flame that burns Twice as bright burns half as long.”

Lao Tzu

With Sappho in the 11th House, you likely feel most at home among artistic, progressive people who share your ideals around beauty and love.

Your friendships often form based on creative self-expression and making the world a better place. You believe in the power of the collective.

In romantic affairs, you want a partner who shares your social concerns, and you tend to be attracted to prospects with integrity, wit, and intelligence who can challenge you to grow.

You crave a “best friend” connection along with romantic passion.

Are you ready to experience the fellowship of Sappho in your 11th House?

Let’s join hands on this journey of unity. 🌟🤝💡

Disclaimer: The knowledge in this article serves as guidance. Each person’s situation will be different, and this post is a subjective guideline for your self-development.

Asteroid Sappho in Astrology

Sappho was a female poet from the island of Lesbos in ancient Greece, who lived around 620-570 BC. She wrote beautiful lyrical poetry focused on subjects like love and desire between women. Because of this, the term “Lesbian” came to describe female same-sex relationships.

In astrology, having the asteroid Sappho placed in your birth chart is said to represent same-sex attraction, especially for women. It suggests an openness and connection to your femininity.

Through the poetry of Sappho and the astrological significance of this asteroid, we are reminded of the transformative power of love and the importance of embracing our own unique creative expression.

Unlike its counterpart Eros, the energy of asteroid Sappho is more subtle and nuanced, representing aesthetic refinement, sexual preference, and creative self-expression in the birth chart, according to Asteroid Goddesses.

Those who have strong placements of asteroid Sappho in their chart may find themselves drawn to creative fields such as writing, music, or art. They may also have a natural sensuality and appreciation for the beauty and aesthetics.

Sappho in the 11th House: Natal Chart

Sappho in 11th House
Sappho in 11th House

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1. You Connect Deeply With Friends

With Sappho in your 11th House, you experience profound emotional connections with your close friendships and communities. You don’t take these bonds lightly or casually. Your friends feel like family that you’d do anything for.

Your social circles tend to be tight-knit tribes based on love and shared ideals. You need to feel spiritually aligned with the groups you join. Your community could be your lifeline, so you invest deeply in those relationships and nurture them.

With this placement, your friendships may feel like soul mate connections. You share vulnerabilities, goals, dreams, and secrets. Your bonds feel fused together and you unconditionally support one another. Your friends inspire you and expand your world.

Overall, your social connections must feel meaningful with Sappho in the 11th House. Small talk doesn’t fulfill you like heart-to-heart connections. You crave that feeling of coming home when you find your people and purpose. Your friends are your sacred family.

2. You Care Deeply About Humanity

Sappho in the 11th House reflects your profound care for the collective – for people at large. You feel a heart pull to do your part in bettering society and making the world more beautiful.

You’re aware that we’re all interconnected. What impacts someone across the globe also impacts you. For example, you may want everyone to have clean water, food, education, healthcare, art, happiness, and justice. It hurts your heart to know others suffer. You understand that the wave is itself the ocean.

When you see injustice, you spring to action. Your empathy compels you to join movements protecting human dignity and rights. You support the underdogs and marginalized communities however you can. Their struggles may feel personal to you.

Your 11th House Sappho gives you faith in people’s goodness. You know humanity’s shadows but also its spectacular potential. You carry a torch of hope for our future and work to bring people together. You have integrity, inner values, and character if you learn to cultivate them.

3. Your Friends Inspire Your Growth

With this placement, your friends often serve as muses or mirrors who expand your perspectives and catalyze your growth. The right connections may arrive just when you need their help most.

Your friends often reflect back to you your highest potentials – gifts you can’t yet see within yourself. Through their encouragement, you discover your inner strengths. Your bonds ignite and empower each other’s journeys.

As the 11th House is the House of Community, the groups you join also further your growth. You absorb their wisdom, and you can shape them positively. Together, you cultivate new skills and passions. Your communities feel like incubators nurturing your unfolding self.

The 11th House Sappho also indicates that it’s wise to remove friends who limit or suppress you. Your true alliances should feel empowered, like soul friends who awaken your best self. They inspire you to live boldly and chase your purpose. With Sappho in the 11th House, friends are like family you choose and grow with.

4. You Express Yourself Creatively

Your 11th House Sappho suggests you have artistic gifts and talents you were born to share with the world. You likely have a deep need for self-expression. Making art can feed your spirit and connect you to humanity.

You might paint, dance, act, write, sing, or play music. Or your creativity could be expressed through cooking, photography, sculpture, poetry, and more. However you create, it channels beauty and truth.

Your art gives voice to human struggles and joys that unite us. You bare your soul to help people remember their own light. Your gifts can bridge divides by inspiring compassion and hope. With Sappho in the 11th House, your creations can heal on a collective level.

5. Your Relationships Feel Destined

With Sappho in the 11th House, your most significant relationships often start as fated friendships that blossom into something deeper over time. Your bonds grow from strong emotional foundations first.

You need to already feel aligned with someone’s spirit before passion ignites. That is, your best relationships tend to arise from heart-to-heart connections where you uplift each other’s dreams first, before romance. Soulmates feel familiar to you.

Once a friendship transitions to love, your devotion is endless. You’d sacrifice greatly for soul-bonded partners. Their needs and dreams become your own. You delight in helping them flourish into their highest selves.

You feel destined to love those who already know and cherish your essence in friendship. Your relationships exemplify love as an expansion, not a loss, of self. For you, the personal is always universal.

6. You Champion Progressive Causes

Your 11th House Sappho reflects a true progressive spirit eager to reform society and manifest utopian futures. You champion liberty, equality, and justice.

You likely support forward-thinking political goals like renewable energy, universal healthcare, arts funding, worker protections, civil rights, economic fairness, environmentalism, and more. Your mind naturally envisions how to build a better world.

You feel called to further social justice and moral causes that uplift humanity’s welfare. You have faith in progress and aren’t resigned to accepting injustice as “how things are”. You know positive change is possible through the power of unity.

With Sappho in the 11th House, you dream big and inspire people’s hope for the future. Problems that threaten human dignity and freedom spark you to take action. Apathy and immoral behaviors pain you. Making a difference gives your life meaning.

7. People Open up to You Easily

With Sappho in your 11th House, people tend to open up around you and share intimate details they wouldn’t reveal to most. There’s something soothing and trustworthy about your presence.

You have an emotional availability and lack of judgment that makes people feel safe being vulnerable. Your compassion puts them at ease and allows them to release bottled-up feelings or fears.

You know when someone needs an understanding ear, and you’ll listen for hours while they purge their innermost pain and dreams. Your empathy heals their hearts. You help people make peace with their shadows.

Your warmth dissolves barriers that alienate people from themselves and each other. Perhaps many seek your counsel when they need to voice things they’ve kept hidden. Your care empowers them.

8. You Thrive in Groups & Causes

Your 11th House Sappho indicates group settings and being part of causes greater than yourself can energize you. You shine when working collaboratively for change, growth, and human welfare.

While you can work independently, you flourish when uniting with compatible spirits for a shared purpose. You may form productive teams that become families. You always bring your heart along with your hard work.

You may avoid groups that lack soul, connection, and acts of human kindness. You need to feel you’re making a positive difference together. Being part of an organization just for status or fame doesn’t fulfill you.

Sappho in the 11th House encourages you to find your people and purpose. Grow empowering communities that make society better. Even small actions can make big impacts. Follow your heart to become a leader of your community. Don’t isolate yourself – channel your passions collectively.

9. You Have Innovative Spirit

Your 11th House Sappho placement reflects an innovative, ahead-of-your-time spirit eager to discover new horizons. You can intuitively envision better ways and inspire progress in society.

You may have visionary gifts especially when focused on technology, science, social reform, spirituality, art, or human services. Your ideas can excite and energize people, stirring hope for the future.

You may learn quickly and excel in unconventional subjects that expand human knowledge. Or you may develop very unique personal philosophies, faiths, or theories on existence.

You’re a fountain of brilliant ideas, radical yet full of heart. This Sappho placement asks you to dream without limits. The world needs your ingenuity. Don’t dim your inspired mind; let it guide humanity’s growth. The future awaits your revolutionary contributions.

Sappho in the 11th House: Transit Chart

With Sappho transiting the 11th House, we are inspired to communicate openly and creatively with those around us. She encourages us to be more imaginative, dream more often, and plan things out so that we can make those dreams come true.

In the 11th House, Sappho also encourages us to celebrate our individuality and welcome the world in all its variety, pointing out that our different perspectives and experiences make us stronger as unique people. She teaches the lesson of uniqueness, so don’t be afraid to be who you are.

Sappho is known for her poetic ability, but she also stresses the importance of keeping a level head in relationships and never losing track of what’s truly important. She teaches us that true friendship is built on honesty, loyalty, and commitment, and that we should always try to be a good influence for the people we care about.

The 11th House in Astrology

Being an air house, the 11th House represents your social networks, group affiliations, and future aspirations. This includes friendships, organizations, and how you hope to better society.

Here are some aspects of the 11th House:

  • Your interest and talents in team projects and clubs
  • Charitable ideals and political involvements
  • Dreams, goals, and what you envision for the future
  • Social circle and connections with associates
  • Your friendships

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