Nessus Meaning Astrology

Asteroid Nessus Meaning in Astrology: Potential for Abuse

Nessus is a minor Kuiper belt asteroid that was found in 1993 by American scientist David Rabinowitz (not officially credited).

In fact, Nessus is one of four legendary centaurs who are widely recognized in astrology, along with Chiron, Pholus, and Asbolus.

Legend has it that Nessus was slain by the poisoned arrows of the Greek hero Heracles after he attempted to have intercourse with Heracles’ wife.

As he lay dying, Nessus informed Deianeira that his blood would ensure that Heracles would always be devoted to her, despite the fact that the blood was tainted with the hydra’s poison.

As a result, Nessus’ ultimate act of revenge was fulfilled when Heracles’ wife foolishly believed in Nessuss.

In astrology, Nessus has a twisted meaning, representing the shadow side of human nature and the potential for healing and self-transformation.

Abuse, rape, trauma, breakpoints in karmic cycles, deception, and sexual assault are all concepts linked to Nessus, which can take many forms in a person’s natal chart.

But according to most astrologers, the main meaning of Nessus is abuse, and the person may either be the aggressor or victim.

For example, Nessus in the first house could point to a past of physical or sexual abuse that has affected the person’s sense of self-worth and identity.

If Nessus is placed in the seventh house, it could mean that you have a tendency to be drawn to or engaged in unhealthy relationships where you are the abuser or victim.

Likewise, having Nessus in the tenth house could mean that you have a history of being mistreated by superiors or authority figures, which could have serious consequences for your professional standing and reputation.

However, it’s important to note that not everyone will experience abuse in their life. According to Amalthea, Nessus also suggests the deepest shadow material that we acquire as a “pre-existing” condition of our human birth.

Disclaimer: The study of asteroids is still at its infant stage, so this article suggests tendencies and potentials. It serves as guidance for your self-development. 

How to Find Nessus in the Birth Chart

Here are the steps that help you to find the asteroid Nessus in your natal chart:

  1. Go to (Extended Chart Selection) and enter your birth data
  2. Click “Additional object”
  3. Under “Common element”, choose Nessus
  4. Click “Show the chart” button at the bottom of the screen
  5. The asteroid should appear in your chart as “Nessu”

Nessus Meaning in Astrology

The asteroid Nessus, identified as the infamous centaur of Greek mythology, often stands for one of the lowest and darkest shadow aspects that we bring into the world with us as humans.

Astrologically, Nessus represents the collective reaction to traumatic events like mass murder, genocide, rape, abuse, and suicide.

According to Amalthea, Nessus is a symbol for the transmission of such experiences into the collective and familial unconscious, where they can have long-lasting effects on our health and well-being.

These experiences can gradually destroy our capacity for self-realization and self-awareness. There are some habits, like bad relationships, drugs, and self-destructive behavior, that can be traced back several generations.

Collective tragedies, such as persecution, war, or massacre, experienced by our ethnicity, religion, and/or country may also have a strong connection with Nessus’ placement in our birth chart.

When you see Nessus in your horoscope, know that you’ll have to deal with some serious challenges. It’s everything that doesn’t get discussed openly in a given household or culture.

However, facing these dark aspects of ourselves is crucial to our development and self-awareness. Recognizing and processing these experiences is key to healing and ending the propagation of trauma from one generation to the next.

Moreover, according to Astral Obscura, the astrological symbol Nessus encompasses several themes, including broken trust, intense jealousy, and primarily, inappropriate sexual behavior.

It can range from rape to workplace harassment. Consequently, Nessus often appears prominently in the birth charts of individuals who commit sexual offenses or engage in scandalous or publicly notable sexual behavior.

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Nessus in Aspects

According to Lookupthestars, here is the meaning of Nessus in aspects with your natal planets:

  • Nessus – Sun: Harassment with males, husbands, and fathers. Being victimized because of who you are.
  • Nessus – Moon: Abusive problems with your mother, wife, or some important women in your life. Expecting to be abused in intimate relationships.
  • Nessus – Mercury: Abuse related to learning capacity, intelligence, and communication. Suffered frome mental and verbal assault.
  • Nessus – Mars: Includes both bodily and sexual violence. Violence resulting from outbursts of anger. Sexual relationship abuse. The potential for reacting aggressively may be higher.
  • Nessus – Venus: Abuse of one’s self-respect, one’s finances, and one’s relationships are all forms of Nessus-Venus abuse. Predisposition to choose low-esteem activities and lovers.
  • Nessus Jupiter: Abusive behavior on the part of people in positions of power (Nessus) or those who educate (Jupiter) or those who practice law (Jupiter).
  • Nessus Ascendant: You can relate very well to the idea of mistreatment. This aspect is about the abuse of self-identity, personal outlook, and individuality.

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Nessus in Signs


Physical or sexual assault, if indicated by the presence of Nessus in Aries, can have a profound effect on a person’s sense of self-worth and identity.

This person tends to be obsessed with always being in control, winning arguments, or building up their self-importance. They might use anger, violence, and dominance to control others.

Self-confidence can be key in overcoming abuse or destruction. Self-empowerment also comes from leading and standing on their own (being self-sufficient).


If you have a Nessus in Taurus, it could be because you have experienced money or material abuse in the past, which could affect your sense of stability.

It’s possible to be extremely greedy, prone to self-sufficiency problems, or get sucked into dangerous financial circumstances.

If you have any unresolved issues with money or belongings, working with Nessus in Taurus can help you gain clarity and peace.


A past of verbal or communication-related maltreatment, as suggested by Nessus in Gemini, can have long-term effects on how one communicates, thinks, and expresses oneself.

People with this placement can be highly sensitive to criticism, rumors, and sharp words. On the other hand, they often lie and deceive others to achieve their own goals.

Healing from mental or verbal abuse is very important when working with Nessus in Gemini, which can also help one become more self-aware about language patterns that one often uses.


Nessus in Cancer may indicate a history of abuse within the family or home environment, which may impact one’s sense of emotional security and stability.

There’s a risk of falling into toxic family situations or being too serious about nurturing others. These people may also tend to become the dictators of their families.

However, people with this placement can be very caring and protective of their family members.


Sexual abuse or abuse related to one’s identity, as indicated by Nessus in Leo, can have a paralyzing effect on a person’s ability to be themselves creatively and uniquely.

People with this placement may have been hurt by the inability to express their self-confidence, self-sufficiency, and passion.

Perhaps they like to be in the spotlight, but they can be either too aggressive about it or too shy.


If you have the asteroid Nessus in Virgo, it could be because you have a past of mistreatment at work or in regard to your health and fitness, both of which could have an effect on your motivation to work efficiently.

There could be a propensity to be drawn to negative work environments or to be abused by superiors. People with this placement often become very obsessed with rules, cleanliness, routine, and perfection of everything.


If you have the asteroid Nessus in Libra, it could mean that you have a tendency to be drawn to or engaged in unhealthy partnerships.

Some people with this placement have trouble forming positive connections because of past experiences of abuse in relationships.

Moreover, people with this placement tend to become highly obsessed with peace, balance, harmony, justice, and fairness.


When the asteroid Nessus is in Scorpio, it may point to a troubled history involving sexual abuse, power conflicts, violence, or betrayal that has left psychological wounds and made it difficult to trust others.

If you were to experience abuse with this placement, it could be a very intense, violent, and destructive experience that had a lasting effect on your mind on all levels.

If you have any unresolved issues involving power, authority, intimacy, deception, or treachery, working with Nessus in Scorpio can help you gain insight and forgiveness.


The presence of Nessus in Sagittarius could be an indication of past experiences of religious, spiritual, or academic-related abuse. Toxic belief systems and emotionally or intellectually abusive people may be the main causes.

People with this placement also tend to be very obsessed with autonomy, liberty, and the ability to be free without any responsibility.


Having Nessus in Capricorn could be a sign of a troubled professional life or past abusive experiences at the hands of superiors or other authoritative figures. Attracting bad coworkers or a supervisor who abuses their power is a real possibility.

On the other hand, people with this placement tend to become extremely obsessed with power, fame, control, and influence.


If Nessus is in Aquarius, there’s a chance you’ve experienced abuse by a group of people, or you use your groups of friends to manipulate and dominate others.

Friends or acquaintances who engage in similar harmful behaviors, or toxic social circumstances, may be attracted to you.

People with this placement tend to be very obsessed with freedom, liberty, autonomy, and self-sufficiency.


If Nessus is in Pisces, it could be a sign of a troubled past involving drugs, dreams, visions of the future, or spirituality.

It’s possible to fall into the trap of dangerous spiritual practices, such as witchcraft, or to be emotionally manipulated by other people.

On the other hand, people with this placement can also become highly skilled manipulators who are very good at lying and deceiving.

Nessus in Houses

1st House

Natives may have trouble with self-identity and resist facing their darkest qualities when Nessus is in the first house. People with this placement tend to have problems related to their self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-sufficiency.

2nd House

When placed in the second house, Nessus can cause a person to place too much value on money, belongings, or their own sense of worth. It’s possible that these people have been financially taken advantage of.

3rd House

When Nessus occupies the third house, communication may be riddled with lies, manipulation, or power struggles. Sibling or neighbor conflicts may also be emphasized by this position.

4th House

When Nessus occupies the fourth house, it can be a sign of dysfunctional family dynamics that have been going on for generations and have yet to be addressed. This location may be indicative of an emotionally or physically abusive upbringing.

5th House

Nessus in the fifth house can cause difficulties in love relationships, a penchant for risky behavior, or issues with children. Creativity and self-expression may also be stifled or limited.

6th House

If Nessus is in the sixth house, it could be a sign that you’re having trouble drawing the line between your personal life and your professional life. People with this placement may overextend themselves too much or find themselves on the receiving end of power struggles at work. Health problems are also indicated here.

7th House

Troubled relationships that involve deception, treachery, violence, or abuse are possible when Nessus occupies the seventh house. This placement can teach important karmic lessons about partnerships and the value of establishing healthy boundaries, especially in marriage and business partnerships.

8th House

Conflicts over who gets what from joint finances, taxes, and inheritances can arise when Nessus occupies the eighth house. Another possible interpretation is a phobia of being hurt emotionally or past sexually abusive experiences that have left a lasting impact on one’s mind.

9th House

Having Nessus in the 9th house can indicate a propensity for taking advantage of people’s interest in the spiritual, the religious, or the academic for personal gain. Clashes with other people from different cultures are all possibilities with this placement.

10th House

Power conflicts, abuse, or deception in one’s professional or public life may be indicated by the presence of Nessus in the 10th house. These people may have trouble getting along with superior leaders or may become extremely obsessed with power and success.

11th House

When Nessus occupies the 11th house, it can be difficult to maintain harmonious friendships with those you know. Nessus’s position here may suggest a tendency for manipulation or power struggles within the group dynamics or being abused by groups of friends.

12th House

If Nessus is in the twelfth house, it may be an indication that you have an intense need to get past the impacts of previous abuse or trauma. Possible interpretations of this location include the presence of hidden enemies, the inability to recognize and overcome unconscious self-sabotage, or the difficulty in letting go of long-held control issues.

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