Haumea Meaning Astrology

Asteroid Haumea Meaning in Astrology: Fertility

Haumea is one of many dwarf planets and asteroids that make up the Kuiper Belt, an area beyond Neptune’s orbit.

A group of astronomers at the California Institute of Technology headed by Mike Brown discovered it in 2004.

Haumea takes its name from the Hawaiian goddess of fertility and childbirth. According to initial estimations, it is the third-largest known trans-Neptunian object after Eris and Pluto, and is around the size of Uranus’ moon Titania.

In astrology, Haumea represents natural laws, childbirth, fertility, profundity, and creativity. This asteroid is also connected to the fertility cycles and other natural events as well as the concept of self-renewal, rebirth, and regeneration.

Disclaimer: The study of asteroids is still at its infant stage, so this article suggests tendencies and potentials. It serves as guidance for your self-development. 

How to Find Haumea in the Birth Chart

Here are the steps that help you to find the asteroid Haumea in your natal chart:

  1. Go to astro.com (Extended Chart Selection) and enter your birth data
  2. Click “Additional object”
  3. Under “Manual entry”, enter “136108” – the number of Haumea
  4. Click “Show the chart” button at the bottom of the screen
  5. The asteroid should appear in your chart as “Haume”

Haumea Meaning in Astrology

The concepts of natural fertility and creation are at the heart of Haumea’s symbolism. As the god of childbirth and reproduction, she symbolizes the power of life to prevail over hardship and to draw on inner sources of vigor and natural wisdom.

In my opinion, asteroid Haumea in the birth chart can represent your fertility level as well as the potential for having fertility/infertility issues.

Depending on her position in a person’s birth chart, this asteroid goddess can also serve as a wellspring of creative potential, a conduit to higher realms, and a catalyst for radical changes.

Haumea’s connection to nature is also important. She embodies an indispensable and powerful connection to the earth and the universe, and her inherent influence conveys this. That’s why she represents Mother Nature and all that she has to offer so well: vitality and sustenance.

As the goddess of the earth, Haumea has been reborn many times in her many incarnations.

She is the Egg of Creation, and her offspring are said to have emerged from different spots on her body, symbolizing the rich bounty and wealth of life.

According to Wessexastrologer, Haumea is also linked to stone, which represents the Earth’s sustaining and steadying powers.

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Haumea’s Power of Eternal Youth and Fertility

Haumea was able to produce an endless supply of fish and other foods thanks to her enchanted Makalei stick. Her ability to destroy and remake herself with each rebirth gave her the gift of everlasting youth.

Another element of Haumea’s symbolism is that she speaks to environmental concerns and the need for innovative solutions during times of shortage.

However, the risk of being creatively overwhelmed is a potential drawback of Haumea’s ability to create new ideas and concepts at a rapid pace.

You can prevent this by being selective about the seeds (thoughts) that you choose to water and tend to until they bloom.

Haumea’s powerful creative potential comes with a corresponding responsibility, which necessitates the use of deliberate thought and action.

Haumea in Signs

Haumea in Aries

When Haumea is in Aries, people often feel a burst of inspiration and a rebirth of identity. This enthusiasm inspires originality, bravery, creativity, and the will to begin new endeavors. With Haumea in Aries, you should be willing to adapt to new circumstances and take calculated risks.

Haumea in Taurus

When Haumea is in Taurus, the native can experience a surge of steadiness and resolve. Some of these people are interested in establishing stable relationships and financial stability as the cornerstones of their existence. The presence of Haumea highlights the importance of taking one’s time during the transformative process.

Haumea in Gemini

When Haumea is in Gemini, it stimulates interest in learning and a need to talk to others about what you’ve learned. People with this placement can be energized by fresh, creative viewpoints and motivated to learn more about a wide range of subjects. This placement fosters mental flexibility and promotes an upbeat attitude toward change.

Haumea in Cancer

Haumea encourages emotional development and inner changes for Cancerians. Some people may feel compelled to learn more about their family tree and ancestral history. The presence of Haumea in this area inspires people to mend broken hearts and build secure, loving homes for themselves and their families.

Haumea in Leo

With Haumea in Leo, individuals may feel more comfortable in their own skin and more motivated to share their unique perspectives with the world. This position pushes people to value and promote their own special skills and abilities. When Haumea is in Leo, it encourages people to follow their hearts and find the strength within to make positive adjustments in their lives.

Haumea in Virgo

When Haumea is in Virgo, it encourages change and development on a psychological level. It’s possible that people will want to better themselves in various ways, including by paying attention to their physical and mental well-being and developing healthier habits. This location can also inspire creativity at work and the pursuit of excellence as a means to realize one’s best potential.

Haumea in Libra

When in Libra, Haumea stresses the value of friendships, relationships, and partnerships. It’s possible that people, on some level, want to build communities characterized by harmony, nurturing, and cooperation. When Haumea is in Libra, it inspires people to work together and find common ground.

Haumea in Scorpio

When Haumea is in Scorpio, it motivates people to look deep within themselves and face their darkest impulses. This environment fosters self-development by motivating contemplation and facilitating psychological healing. When Haumea is in Scorpio, it encourages individuals to triumph over their fears and grow as a result.

Haumea in Sagittarius

People often feel an overwhelming desire to be close to nature when Haumea is in Sagittarius. This location encourages people to be young, wild, and free, and develop their spiritual potential. Haumea in Sagittarius inspires people to welcome change with an optimistic outlook.

Haumea in Capricorn

When Haumea is in Capricorn, it inspires the natives to set lofty goals and work hard to achieve them. With this placement, they often nurture and help others in practical and logical ways. This position also promotes a realistic and systematic strategy for protecting the earth in the long haul.

Haumea in Aquarius

When Haumea is in Aquarius, it stimulates original ideas and a yearning to be creative. People with this placement can become highly involved in environmental concerns at some point in their life. Haumea in Aquarius inspires individuals to find their own distinct ways to bring about change in the world.

Haumea in Pisces

A person’s intuition and sense of connectedness may improve while Haumea is in Pisces. This location encourages individuals to test the limits of their own goals, fantasies, and creativity. When Haumea is in Pisces, it encourages people to value their intuition and use them to enhance themselves.

Haumea in Houses

Haumea in the 1st House

Haumea’s presence in the first house is associated with a creative sense of self and originality. It’s possible that you’ll feel compelled to experiment with radical, novel methods of self-expression and self-determination. Resilience can be developed through this position, allowing you to face adversity with renewed vigor and a fresh outlook on life.

However, when Haumea occupies the first house, it can bring about restlessness and a need for continuous change. You may find it difficult to settle into a consistent sense of who you are because you are constantly trying new things and striving to improve yourself.

Haumea in the 2nd House

When Haumea is in the second house, it encourages creative thinking about how to handle money and possessions. You might be very good at coming up with creative methods to earning money or adding worth to existing assets. This position also provides an excellent opportunity to learn to value yourself and foster a positive attitude towards financial matters.

Haumea in the second house, however, can lead to anxiety about money or an unhealthy preoccupation with possessions. Maintaining financial security over the long run may be difficult if you feel the need for constant reinvention.

Haumea in the 3rd House

Your capacity for expression and teaching may be profoundly impacted by Haumea’s placement in the third house, which rules communication and early development. In other words, you may find yourself being more creative in your communication, languages, and the use of words. Putting things in this order can help you see how different ideas are interconnected.

On the other hand, having Haumea in the third house can make you thirst for learning so much that you end up drowning in details. You may find it difficult to zero in on a specific area of study because your interests are constantly developing and changing.

Haumea in the 4th House

When Haumea occupies the fourth house, it can bring about profound changes in the household and family life of the native. Changes in your outlook on your upbringing and childhood itself, as well as in your interactions with family members, are possible. This location may also inspire you to design a home that is truly warming, beautiful, and nurturing.

However, Haumea in the fourth house can also cause problems at home or a sense of uneasiness among family members. You may feel emotionally overwhelmed at times.

Haumea in the 5th House

Having Haumea in the fifth house can make you more open to creative methods of expressing yourself, creating, and finding love. Perhaps you excel at reimagining classic works of art or venturing into uncharted areas of creative pursuits. This placement can also indicate your fertility level is actually quite good for raising children.

However, having Haumea in the fifth house can make you yearn for variety and change in your artistic and love affairs. Due to your ever-shifting tastes and interests, long-term commitments may prove difficult for you.

Haumea in the 6th House

When Haumea is in the sixth house, new ways of thinking about health and working conditions emerge. You may find yourself drawn to nontraditional therapies, or you may come up with unusual methods to take care of your health. Your ability to think outside the box and come up with creative ideas for improving productivity at work could make you an asset to your company.

However, overanalyzing your health or work habits can cause unnecessary worry or disruption if Haumea is placed in the sixth house. If your hobbies and priorities are always changing, it can be hard to stick to a regular schedule.

Haumea in the 7th House

With Haumea in the seventh house, you may experience growth and transformation in your most intimate relationships. You may find that you are attracted to companions or relationship structures that push you to grow in new ways. You may find more tolerance and adaptability in your interpersonal interactions as a result of this location.

Haumea’s placement in the seventh house, while not necessarily bad, can cause relationship volatility or a craving for diversity. Because your needs and expectations are usually changing, it may be hard for you to sustain long-lasting connections.

Haumea in the 8th House

Having Haumea in the 8th house can help you gain insight into life’s metamorphic processes like birth, mortality, and rebirth. Your understanding of the natural world may be very deep and profound, giving you an edge when making decisions. Healing and regeneration after trauma or upheaval can be aided by this position.

However, Haumea in the 8th House can make you have an unjustified fear of death. Sometimes, this placement is not ideal or beneficial for your fertility.

Haumea in the 9th House

Having Haumea in the ninth house can stimulate a hunger for knowledge and understanding, especially in the areas of religion, spirituality, and advanced learning. You may have an unusual perspective on life and a penchant for out-of-the-ordinary ideas or practices.

In addition, this location has the potential to motivate you to set out on transformative journeys, both in the physical and spiritual sense. However, having Haumea in the 9th house can make it hard to commit to any one ideology or way of life.

Haumea in the 10th House

Having Haumea in the tenth house can inspire you to take radical new steps in your professional and public personas. Your unusual interests and outlook on life may lead you to pursue nontraditional careers. Professionally, this position can help you become more resilient, creative, and flexible.

But Haumea in the 10th house can also bring about insecurity and doubt about your professional future and reputation. Since your work aspirations and priorities often change, you might find it difficult to establish and stick to a consistent professional image.

Haumea in the 11th House

Growth, change, and unexpected connections may characterize your friendships and volunteer work when Haumea occupies the eleventh house. The pursuit of self-improvement and new ideas may cause you to connect with those who share your interests. As a bonus, this placement has the potential to foster adaptability and tolerance within your group and organization.

Haumea’s placement in the 11th house, however, can have negative effects on alliances and group activities. You may find it challenging to make and keep enduring relationships, or to adapt to the flexible dynamics of different social groups.

Haumea in the 12th House

Haumea’s placement in the 12th house is associated with profound spiritual growth and an enhanced awareness of the unconscious. It’s possible that you’d benefit from engaging in spiritual or esoteric practices that encourage self-awareness and development. Having this position can also improve one’s sensitivity to one’s own intuitive and subconscious processes.

Haumea in the 12th house, on the other hand, can cause you to be obsessed with the occult or the subconscious to an unhealthy degree. It may be difficult for you to strike a balance between your internal well-being and the demands of the outside world. A feeling of detachment from reality or solitude can result from a situation like this.

Haumea in Mythology

The Hawaiians were the first to attribute divine qualities to Haumea; they saw her as the goddess of procreation.

Many other gods and deities in Hawaiian mythology, such as Pele (the goddess of fire) and Kamohoali’i (the god of sharks), are said to have descended from Haumea.

According to Wiki, Haumea gave humanity the ability to give birth naturally. In one account, she went to see Muleiula, the daughter of a chieftain who was having a difficult childbirth and learned that humans only gave birth by cutting open the mother.

Seeing this, Haumea created a medicine from the Kani-ka-wi tree (Spondias dulcis) that permitted the mother to naturally push out the baby.

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