Diana Meaning Astrology

Asteroid Diana Meaning in Astrology: Survival and Protection

Diana, also known as Artemis in Greek mythology, is a virgin goddess and protector of childbirth.

In astrology, Diana represents the untamed aspects of your personality, such as survival, self-privacy, and self-protection.

Her placement in the natal chart points to a private, free, self-aware, strong, and survival-minded personality.

As Diana is associated with the Moon, her position in your birth chart can also reveal your intuitive and feminine side and how you strive to protect those in need.

Disclaimer: The study of asteroids is still at its infant stage, so this article suggests tendencies and potentials. It serves as guidance for your self-development. 

How to Find Diana in the Birth Chart

Here are the steps that help you to find the asteroid Diana in your natal chart:

  1. Go to astro.com (Extended Chart Selection) and enter your birth data
  2. Click “Additional object”
  3. Under “Manual entry”, enter “78” – the number of Diana
  4. Click “Show the chart” button at the bottom of the screen

Diana: The Virgin Goddess of Maidenhood

In astrology, Diana represents a woman in her virginal state. As such, she represents the sanctity of the virginal phase of life and safeguards young women as they enter womanhood, according to Asteroid Goddesses.

Diana symbolizes the strength, vitality, and hopes of a young woman, and the waxing, crescent moon represents this developmental stage. Her symbolism also includes the wisdom that comes from an instinctual understanding of nature and its laws.

Femininity, autonomy, freedom, independence, and individuality are all impacted by Diana’s influence.

People born under the sign of Diana are said to be independent, free-spirited, and passionate about the outdoors. They often have an intimate connection to the spiritual realm and are highly perceptive and intuitive.

In Roman mythology, Diana was known as the protector of women and children, and those born under her sign are said to possess similar feminine qualities.

Diana in Chart Analysis

Astrologically, Diana’s placement indicates an awareness of feminine power and a willingness to step in to protect those in trouble. Diana is also a symbol of feminism, independence, and freedom in astrology.

People born with a strong Diana placement are often viewed as naturally inquisitive, brave, and self-reliant. They’re often eager to explore the world and learn as much as they can learn about it.

According to Serpil Mostra, Diana in your natal chart is an extremely sacred place, a place that no one will touch. This may or may not be religious, but it is spiritual, and private – a sacred and personal element of the psyche.

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Diana in Houses

Diana in 1st House

For Diana, the 1st house is all about asserting her individuality and expressing her own personality. Independence, assertiveness, and self-assurance typically characterize people who have Diana in the first house.

They may have a warrior-like spirit and a desire to defend their beliefs or protect those they care about. There’s a chance that being here will pique your interest in many physical activities such as sports, fitness, hunting, or martial arts.

Diana in 2nd House

When the goddess Diana is in the 2nd house, we tend to be more concerned with our financial well-being as a means of self-protection.

People who fall into this category may be highly self-sufficient and able to think on their feet, working hard to accomplish their financial goals. They often protect their financial well-being fiercely.

They may also be people of high moral standards, placing a premium on honesty, devotion, and reliability in all their interactions.

Diana in 3rd House

In the 3rd house, Diana can encourage quick wit and agility of mind. The ability to articulate one’s thoughts clearly and concisely is a common trait among those who have this placement. That is, it’s possible that they will use words and skillful language as a means of self-protection.

Diana in 4th House

Having Diana in the 4th house emphasizes the importance of home, family, and history. For those who have this placement, it may mean they take on the character of protector or nurturer within the family.

Diana in the fourth house can make a person experience a deep connection to their roots and encourage them to learn more about their family history.

Diana in 5th House

Inspiring aesthetic expression and creative thought, the 5th house is where Diana loves to reside in. It’s possible that those with this placement have an innate aptitude for the arts and find great comfort and fulfillment in expressing themselves creatively.

Those with Diana in the 5th house are often autonomous and free-spirited, and they may look for partners who share these traits in a romantic partnership. People with this placement also tend to act as protectors of children.

Diana in 6th House

Diana’s placement in the 6th house affects how one thinks about and approaches one’s professional life, health, and everyday routines. Individuals with this placement may be very self-disciplined and committed to their job, able to grind their work from 9 to 5.

They may also place a premium on health and well-being, and they can often be drawn to help others compassionately.

Diana in 7th House

Having Diana in the 7th house can make you want to be treated fairly in all of your interactions. People in this position typically look for partnerships based on equality, trust, freedom, and shared objectives.

Alternatively, they can also be very cautious in intimate relationships. There’s a chance they also have a keen sense of fair play and justice in all their dealings, both personal and professional.

Diana in 8th House

Diana’s presence in the 8th house can represent an intimate bond to the transformative potential of events and relationships. This position can be indicative of a person’s resilience in the face of adversity and capacity for self-survival in the face of critical changes.

When Diana resides in the 8th house, its natives may feel a strong sense of responsibility when dealing with topics related to money, property, or inheritances.

Diana in 9th House

When Diana is in the 9th house, it can stimulate an interest in learning, traveling, and understanding higher knowledge.

They may act as a protector of a religious/spiritual organization, and they may be drawn to situations that challenge them intellectually or emotionally, or to journeys that take them far from home.

Diana in 10th House

The hunger for professional or public success is represented by Diana in the 10th house. People who fall into this group tend to be extremely goal-oriented and determined in their pursuit of excellence.

Because of their courage, fortitude, and dedication to their ideals, they are often looked up to as leaders, role models, or protectors of their community.

Diana in 11th House

Passion for societal causes and a strong sense of community are highlighted with Diana in the 11th house.

This placement is common among people who have a deep commitment to doing good in the world through activities like activism, philanthropy, volunteer, and community work.

Friendships may be very important to them, and they can establish very strong connections with those they consider dear.

Diana in 12th House

Diana shines her light on the 12th house, which represents the unconscious, the metaphysical, and the unknown parts of one’s personality.

Diana in the 12th house can represent a spiritual warrior or an intuitive mystic. She may act as the protector for disabled people in this placement.

The 12th house is also associated with the subconscious mind and healing abilities, so those with Diana there may be curious about these topics.

Diana in Mythology

There are many myths and legends surrounding Diana’s birth. In one version of her mythical origin, Diana was born to Jupiter and Latona in the island of Delos.

Later, she was there to assist her mother to deliver her twin brother Apollo right after she was born. This act of her established Diana as the protector of childbirth and infants in mythology.

Diana is frequently portrayed as a fierce and skilled huntress, armed with a bow and arrow and prowling the woods. Diana, in this legend, defends the environment and all living things. She has a connection to the moon, which helps her find her way in the woods at night.

Diana is also revered for her chastity; legend has it that she vowed to stay a virgin until death. According to the myth, Diana represents both purity and freedom. She is a symbol of women’s independence and the value of choosing one’s own path in life.

Perhaps the most interesting mythology of Diana is her story with Actaeon. Actaeon, a human hunter, encountered Diana while she was bathing in a pool.

Diana, furious at being discovered, transformed Actaeon into a deer, which was then devoured by his own dogs.

This story warns of the dangers of violating boundaries and disrespecting the power of the divine.

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