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Asteroid Bacchus Meaning in Astrology: Self-Indulgence

The minor planet Bacchus was found in 1977 by American astronomer Charles Kowal at the Palomar Observatory. Orbited around the sun once every 1 year and 1 month, this asteroid was named after Bacchus (or Dionysus in Greek mythology), a Roman god of wine, fertility, and exuberance.

Bacchus’s location in a birth chart indicates a person’s desire for festivity, pleasure, self-indulgence, and hedonistic tendencies. It’s typically linked with savoring the finer things in life, like food, alcohol, parties, and orgies.

Those with prominent Bacchus placements are often full of energy and vitality, with a heartfelt desire to take pleasure in every minute of life.

Disclaimer: The study of asteroids is still at its infant stage, so this article suggests tendencies and potentials. It serves as guidance for your self-development. 

How to Find Bacchus in the Birth Chart

Here are the steps that help you to find the asteroid Bacchus in your natal chart:

  1. Go to (Extended Chart Selection) and enter your birth data
  2. Click “Additional object”
  3. Under “Manual entry”, enter “2063” – the number of Bacchus
  4. Click “Show the chart” button at the bottom of the screen

Creativity and Substance Abuse

Creativity is a blessing of a Bacchus placement. A strong natal planet Bacchus is common among exceptionally creative people. They often become absorbed in their work in an ecstasy of creativity.

Bacchus is particularly supportive of musicians who thrive in the midst of creative fervor, such as those who are particularly skilled at performing in front of a live audience.

However, problems with drug abuse are a bad effect of having a strong Bacchus in the birth chart.

Indeed, those who struggle with addiction to drugs likely have a pronounced Bacchus in their natal horoscope.

They love to escape from the stresses of everyday life, especially through alcohol or anything that stimulates the mind into a very heightened state of perception.

This is the reason why you see drugs and alcohol are the main topics of so many popular pop songs nowadays.

Moreover, some astrologers believe that both asteroids Dionysus (3671) and Bacchus (2063) represent self-indulgence in the birth chart, so you should check both of these asteroids for similar meanings.

Bacchus in Retrograde

Overindulgence and hedonism are possible symptoms of Bacchus in retrograde. Those with a powerful Bacchus in retrograde may have problems with drug abuse. It may also be a sign that you need to work on striking a healthier balance between all aspects of your life.

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Bacchus in Transit

When Bacchus is in transit, it can stir up your desires and temptations, according to Serpil Mostra. Overindulgent actions, like binge dining or spending too much money, may seem more appealing. It’s crucial to be mindful of these effects and to practice self-restraint during Bacchus transits.

Bachus in Aspects

According to Eat Jupiter, a person with Dionysus/Bacchus square Moon may have been suppressed as a child, leading to a lifelong need of controlling the situation and a fear of letting others see their true emotions.

Likewise, a person with Dionysus/Bacchus square Mercury may be too afraid to speak their mind and instead stick to what is considered “safe” and “the norm.”

Moreover, a person with Bacchus in a square or opposition to Saturn may also be very anxious about intoxication, drunkenness, or a trance state because they worry they will lose control of their bodily functions, yet they desire the pleasurable sensations at the same time.

However, someone with Bacchus sextile or trine their Sun is free-spirited and genuine in every aspect of their being. Particularly, if Bacchus is conjunct with the Sun, the person is likely fun-loving, cheerful, and optimistic in his character.

Because Dionysus is also the deity of orgies, a person with Bacchus sextile/trine/conjunct Venus is probably drawn into having multiple relationships and group sex.

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Bacchus in Synastry

Bacchus’ position in one person’s birth chart in reference to another’s can reveal insights into how well their desires and satisfactions align.

A powerful Bacchus aspect between two individuals can signify a shared connection based on self-indulgent activities or a shared fondness for the pleasurable things in life.

Bacchus in Signs

Bacchus in Aries

Bacchus is the gasoline that keeps Aries’s desire and impulsiveness burning bright. These people are full of vitality and energy, taking in all that the world has to offer without holding back. Their bacchanalian spirit comes alive in competitive environments and daring adventures. These people tend to be fun-loving, cheerful, and confident in their manner.

Bacchus in Taurus

When in Taurus, Bacchus enjoys the finer things in life and tends to give in to his sensual side. Comfort, beauty, pleasure, elegance, and relaxation are what Bacchus looks for in this placement. The hedonistic qualities of Bacchus are amplified by residents of the Taurus zodiac sign, who delight in life’s little pleasures and take pleasure in the beautiful things.

Bacchus in Gemini

Bacchus stimulates the twins’ natural inquisitiveness and love of words. This vitality propels them towards the realm of ideas, where they love to engage in stimulating debates and arguments. Bacchus in Gemini often loves to indulge in thoughts, mental activities, and mind games.

Bacchus in Cancer

When Bacchus is in Cancer, it encourages introspection and the creative flow of ideas and feelings. These people often find great pleasure in a comfortable and familiar environment, and they can also find fulfillment in their own fantasy and imaginative world.

Bacchus in Leo

Bacchus-influenced Leos are charismatic and have a penchant for the theatrical. These are natural fun-lovers and seem to never stop having fun. They are also highly creative people, and it would be no surprise if Leos with Bacchus are amazing musicians or artists.

Bacchus in Virgo

Virgo in Bacchus can indicate someone who has a routine for having fun! Indeed, Bacchus in Virgo can indicate a desire to have fun daily, regularly, and consistently.

Bacchus in Libra

When in Libra, Bacchus looks for ways to inject their sense of self-indulgence into their personal relationships. These people often appreciate the company of others and thrive in situations where they can express their creativity.

Bacchus in Libra also encourages an appreciation for beauty and aesthetics, and this is a good placement for someone whose passion is arts!

Bacchus in Scorpio

When in Scorpio, Bacchus releases powerful emotions and an irresistible charm. People with this placement can be magnetically sexy, charismatic, and attractive.

Bacchus in Sagittarius

When in Sagittarius, Bacchus stimulates a desire to have wild parties like there is no tomorrow! These people are fun-loving by nature, usually eager to do more, play more, and try something new. Bacchus in Sagittarius people may never seem to stop having fun, and after their tomorrow is another tomorrow!

Bacchus in Capricorn

The fun-loving nature of Bacchus is often decreased in Capricorn. This placement can help the native to stay focused and driven in their creative pursuits, but it can also make them highly sensual with a consistent need of having fun in life.

Bacchus in Aquarius

The presence of Bacchus in Aquarius inspires creative problem-solving and unconventional thinking as a way to self-indulge. These people love experiences that stimulate their minds. Negatively, Bacchus can inspire Aquarians to get involved in group sex.

Bacchus in Pisces

Bacchus encourages Pisceans to be more creative, intuitive, and open to new experiences. These people have a profound link with their inner feelings and collective consciousness, and they often use art, music, or other forms of creative self-expression to communicate their inner experiences. When in Pisces, Bacchus inspires a dreamy outlook, but it can also make the natives prone to drugs and alcoholism.

Bacchus in Houses

Bacchus in the 1st House

If Bacchus is in the first house, the native will likely be flamboyant and sociable. These individuals often thrive in a group setting and make friends easily. They have an uncanny knack for keeping people entertained and enthralled, earning them a reputation as the party’s center of attention.

Those with Bacchus in the First House may find it difficult to prioritize their own personal growth alongside their societal obligations. They may become overly focused on seeking pleasure, which could lead to excessive indulgence and a lack of discipline.

Bacchus in the 2nd House

When Bacchus is in the 2nd House, it shows that a person values aesthetics, beauty, and elegance. They greatly appreciate comfort and pleasure, and they might have an excellent sense of style. These people might also have an innate ability to amass money and worldly comforts through artistic/creative endeavors.

One of the difficulties of having Bacchus in the Second House is the temptation to put too much value on worldly things. They need to develop an appreciation for the simple things in life and a willingness to be content with what they have.

Bacchus in the 3rd House

Those who have Bacchus in the Third House have a reputation for being vivacious communicators. They are gifted orators who are capable of initiating lively discussions with anyone. People like this are interesting to talk to because they are fun, playful, and insatiably curious.

Those who have Bacchus in the Third House need to watch out that they don’t become shallow or preoccupied with trivial matters. To form more meaningful relationships, they need to improve both their speaking and listening skills.

Bacchus in the 4th House

Individuals with Bacchus in the Fourth House often self-indulge within the context of their familial and domestic life. They tend to make their homes comfortable gathering places for friends and family to gather for special occasions.

These people often find immense enjoyment in familiar and cozy surroundings, as well as fulfillment in their own imagination and creative world.

Bacchus in the 5th House

Those who were born with Bacchus in the 5th House tend to have an innate fondness for the arts, love affairs, and entertainment-related activities.

They enjoy engaging in creative pursuits and risk-taking activities like gambling. In addition, they tend to be very cheerful, fun-loving, and creative when in a love affair.

Those who have Bacchus in the 5th House must be careful not to let themselves get sidetracked by hedonism. They need to learn how to harness their creative abilities and cultivate harmonious bonds effectively while keeping their morals intact.

Bacchus in the 6th House

When Bacchus occupies the Sixth House, it’s a sign that you enjoy stability and strives to bring pleasures into your everyday existence. Perhaps pleasure is a routine, and it should be!

People with this placement may also be attracted to activities that improve their health and wellness because they take delight in taking care of their bodies, or they can be overweight due to overeating.

Bacchus in the 7th House

Partners or relationships that offer joy, a sense of self-indulgence, fulfillment, and good times are sought out when Bacchus is in the Seventh House. People with this placement tend to do well in interpersonal interactions, but it’s likely that they also love to indulge in an orgy.

Bacchus in the 8th House

Those who have Bacchus in the 8th House can be sexually powerful and quite magnetic. Their power is the power of seduction, and perhaps they love to indulge in sex immensely! For them, sex should last at least 1 hour… and 1 more hour…

Bacchus in the 9th House

Bacchus in the 9th House can indicate hedonistic tendencies related to people of different cultures. In other words, people with this placement don’t like the old taste – they like to try something new and culturally different!

Bacchus in the 10th House

If Bacchus is in your 10th House, you are probably known in your social circles as a fun-loving and cheerful person. You are also likely to be involved in careers that organize parties and events.

Bacchus in the 11th House

People who have Bacchus in the 11th House are likely to be outgoing and enthusiastic participants in community events. These people often love to be in groups, and indeed, they also have a tendency to self-indulge in group sex or orgies.

Bacchus in the 12th House

Bacchus in the 12th House suggests a strong tendency to use drugs and alcohol to advance one’s pursuit of self-indulgence. This placement can be prominent in the charts of artists and musicians, as they often use addictive substances to stimulate themselves into a delusional yet creative level of thinking.

Bacchus in Mythology

One of the best-known legends about Bacchus (Dionysus) describes how he was born.

According to mythology, Semele, Bacchus’s human mother, fell in love with Jupiter, the king of the gods.

Out of envy, Zeus’ wife Hera encouraged the pregnant Semele to demonstrate her lover’s divinity by begging that he appear in his true form. Zeus agreed, but his power was too much for Semele, who got smashed with thunderbolts.

To protect his unborn son – Bacchus, Jupiter sewed him to his own thigh and hid him there until the time was right for his birth. Bacchus was finally born from Jupiter’s thigh, making him a twice-born god.

Ariadne and Bacchus

Bacchus and Ariadne’s tale is one of love and transformation.

Theseus, a nobleman from Athens, fell in love with Ariadne, the daughter of King Minos of Crete. After Theseus used her to defeat the Minotaur, he vowed to marry her but then left her on an island.

While on the island, Bacchus met the beautiful Ariadne. He wedded her, then turned her into the constellation Corona Borealis, also called the Northern Crown. Many cultures connect this myth to the yearly cycle of life and mortality.

According to another story, Dionysus asked Theseus to abandon Ariadne on the island of Naxos, for Dionysus had seen her as Theseus carried her onto the ship and had decided to marry her.

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