Ate Meaning in Astrology

Asteroid Ate Meaning in Astrology: Wrecking Havoc and Foolishness

Oftentimes, people will refer to Ate as the goddess of mischief, delusion, foolishness, blind folly, destruction, and ruin. She is the daughter of Zeus and Eris, the Greek goddess of discord, and is notorious for her destructive ability.

In astrology, the influence of Ate is often very straightforward and extreme – this planet can wreak havoc on your life.

In the birth chart, asteroid Ate can indicate criminal acts, misuse of justice, wrongdoings in public, accidents, lawsuits, and all other extreme behaviors you could think of.

Its energy is very destructive, and if you are not careful, your secret crimes or self-undoing habits will one day be revealed to the public when this asteroid is activated during transit.

According to Pathstrology, having this asteroid conjunct an angle or planet could imply a boldness bordering on intolerance, or responding too harshly to an imagined threat.

Disclaimer: The study of asteroids is still at its infant stage, so this article suggests tendencies and potentials. It serves as guidance for your self-development.

How to Find Ate in the Natal Chart

These are 6 steps to find the asteroid Ate in your birth chart:

  1. Go to (Extended Chart Selection)
  2. Enter your birth details, such as the date, time, and location of your birth
  3. Click “Additional object”
  4. Under “Manual entry”, enter “111” – the number of Ate
  5. Click “Show the chart”
  6. Boom! The asteroid will appear in your natal chart as “Ate”

Ate in Astrology

Let me give you some examples of how the asteroid Ate will play out in the birth chart.

According to Serpil Mostra, Boy George, for instance, has Ate in Scorpio conjunct his natal Uranus. In 2008, when his Neptune opposed natal Uranus and squared natal Ate, he was arrested for assault and false imprisonment.

Moreover, George Michael has a natal Ate in Taurus, which is square to his natal Saturn and 1-degree square to his natal Moon. He was imprisoned in 1998 for sexually offensive behavior in a public bathroom.

Astrologically, the asteroid Ate may also represent irresponsibility or foolishness – acting without thinking, aggressive words, and deliberate promotion of discord.

So please heed this asteroid whenever you see it in your natal chart!

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