Astraea Meaning Astrology

Asteroid Astraea Meaning in Astrology: Justice and Moral Values

Asteroid Astraea was discovered in 1845 and given the name after the Greek virgin goddess of justice, innocence, and purity. 

In astrology, Astraea symbolizes your fair thinking regarding the world at large and the injustices that lie there in. It also represents the concepts of justice, morality, integrity, fairness, and the rule of law.

Most astrologers believe that Astraea represents a synthesis between Virgo and Libra, which likewise signifies equilibrium, harmony, and the capacity to distinguish between good and evil.

The scale symbol is used to represent the asteroid Astraea, indicating the goddess’ reputation as a representation of justice and fairness.

In keeping with the asteroid’s nature of bringing harmony and balance into one’s life, the scale symbol likewise stands for peace and tranquility in all aspects of life.

Disclaimer: The study of asteroids is still at its infant stage, so this article suggests tendencies and potentials. It serves as guidance for your self-development.

How to Find Astraea in the Birth Chart

To find the asteroid Astraea in your natal chart, follow these steps:

  1. Go to (Extended Chart Selection)
  2. Enter the date, time, and location of your birth
  3. Click “Additional object”
  4. Under “Manual entry”, enter “5” – the number of Astraea
  5. Click “Show the chart” button at the bottom of the screen
  6. The asteroid will appear in your birth chart as “Astra”

Astraea Meaning in Astrology

When the asteroid Astraea is prominent in your birth chart, it may be difficult for you to follow the news because you detest the brutal reality of humanity. You desire tranquility and calmness, and find anything that moves outside of your imagined paradise unpleasant.

With a prominent Astraea, you can be biased and opinionated, ready to reject people or circumstances that deviate from your moral standards.

You would rather create a protective bubble around the beautiful and unspoiled parts of the world than go through the challenges of exposing yourself to different beliefs and experiences.

Interestingly, Astraea can be associated with the Justice card in the tarot in mystic circles; this energy is present when important decisions need to be made or new information about serious issues is being revealed. 

Astraea in Transits

According to Serpil Mostra, transits of Astraea can include legal or judgmental situations. This is a positive energy in motion that generally brings a stressful situation to an end in some manner.

However, there is also a tendency to remain too firmly within one’s own frame of mind and to be blind to some truths. Transits from or to Astraea can encourage people to be open-minded and consider different points of view and sources of information.

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Astraea in Signs

Astraea in Aries

As Astraea enters Aries, her dazzling brightness instills the sign of the ram with an unquenchable thirst for fairness. Astraea’s heavenly spirit inspires Aries, the zodiac’s crusader, to follow their convictions and fight for justice even when no one else would. When put together, Aries and Astraea are like a phoenix rising from the ashes of adversity.

Astraea in Taurus

Astraea’s divine presence within Taurus’ earthly dominion feeds the staunch bull’s unflinching commitment to fairness and stability. The angelic maiden speaks softly to the bull’s soul, convincing him to take a kinder, gentler (but still determined!) way to do justice.

The two of them together create a powerful team with a certain stubbornness to fight for fairness. Astraea in Taurus is like a haven of calm in the midst of stormy life.

Astraea in Gemini

When Astraea enters Gemini’s airy realm, her divine insight combines with the twins’ quick wit. Astraea bestows upon the Gemini an ability to speak eloquently, transforming them into a persuasive defender of justice and truth. 

Through the harmonious marriage of celestial wisdom and terrestrial wit, Gemini can sing a symphony of justice that reverberates throughout the universe, educating people about the value of fairness along the way.

Astraea in Cancer

Cancer receives Astraea’s tremendous empathy for the plight of others through her soft touch, which soothes the heavenly Crab’s fragile heart.

Astraea and Cancer’s heavenly connection fosters a safe haven of compassion, where victims of wrongdoing can find relief in mutual understanding. Collectively, they create a blanket of kindness for all of humanity.

Astraea in Leo

Astraea’s heavenly brightness magnifies the kingly spirit of native Leos when she visits their regal domain.

Leo’s noble nature is stoked by Astraea, the goddess of fairness, and they fight for justice with a gleaming, heartfelt fervor. Leo and Astraea shed light on inequity, paving the way for a more just and respectful world.

Astraea in Virgo

Astraea’s terrestrial wisdom is hidden somewhere in the maze of the heavenly virgin. As a result of her influence, natives of the Virgo constellation are blessed with an eye for detail.

Together, they analyze the fine line between good and wrong as they make their way through the maze of human complexity with a critical mindset. With Astraea’s help, Virgo can become a master of justice and incorporate principles of fairness into all aspects of life.

Astraea in Libra

Astraea, the goddess of the cosmic balanced scales, bestows upon Libra the enlightened understanding that comes from striving for cosmic harmony.

Libra and Astraea dance in perfect harmony, their common desire for balance and fairness gently shifting the scales in favor of cooperation, equality, and peace. When Libra and Astraea swirl together in the stars, they usher in an era where peace and harmony are king and queen.

Astraea in Scorpio

The mysterious depths of the scorpion’s domain are illuminated by Astraea’s ethereal light as the celestial maiden explores them. The master of transformation, Scorpio, uses Astraea’s knowledge to turn night into day.

As a team, they are formidable in the pursuit of fairness, willing to go where no one has gone before to expose the source of wrongdoing and bring about real, long-term reform. However, Scorpio Astraea can be quite intense and violent in their approach to justice.

Astraea in Sagittarius

As Astraea ascends into the archer’s vast heavens, her heavenly light combines with the archer’s inherent curiosity. When put together, they serve as a guiding light, leading people in the direction of a more just and fair society.

Inspired by Astraea’s heavenly knowledge, Sagittarius becomes a fearless advocate for equality and fair treatment, paving the way for a better, more peaceful tomorrow.

Astraea in Capricorn

Astraea’s presence in the sea-goat’s stoic domain serves to reaffirm Capricorn’s unflinching dedication to fairness and responsibility for society.

The unbreakable pillar of justice supported by Capricorn and Astraea’s heavenly connection ensures a world where honesty and accountability are valued. Together, they bear the burden of justice and truth on their shoulder, keeping society’s bedrock solid and true.

Astraea in Aquarius

When the goddess Astraea visits Aquarius, she brings with her a spark of altruism to the air sign. The marriage of Astraea and Aquarius in the heavens inspires a brave fight for equal opportunity, with both Astreaea and Aquarius acting as powerful allies for the cause of peace and harmony.

Through their shared commitment to progress and innovation, they create a world where fairness and compassion transcend the boundaries of race, creed, and culture.

Astraea in Pisces

In the psychedelic seas of the cosmic fish, Astraea’s heavenly essence combines with Pisces’ limitless empathy to form a sea of compassion and understanding.

Pisces, when the celestial maiden’s knowledge permeates their being, becomes a source of warmth, unconditional love, and courage for the oppressed and outcast.

Astraea and Pisces work together to create an alternate reality where injustice is balanced by compassion and everyone enjoys the calming effects of divine love.

Astraea in Houses

Astraea in the First House

Astraea appears in the First House of Self as the heavenly melody begins. The people of this land benefit from her presence because they are endowed with a sense of justice and the ability to easily distinguish between right and wrong.

These people are beacons of fairness, whose very nature demands peace of mind, integrity, and honesty. They are the cosmic torchbearers, guiding the way for others to follow their own moral compass.

Astraea in the Second House

As she enters the Second House of Values and Possessions, Astraea performs an elegant pirouette. A proper and equitable distribution of wealth is what her dance brings to the garden of prosperity.

Those who encounter Astraea here are endowed with an innate knowledge of financial harmony and a knack for establishing fairness in the sphere of the economy. Indeed, they plant the seeds of a wealthy society through their altruism and desire for fair distribution of resources.

Astraea in the Third House

As Astraea twirls into the Third House of Knowledge, her presence in this home has given its natives an unmatched capacity to distinguish truth from fabrication and a strong desire to promote truthful information.

In other words, they watch for the truthfulness of knowledge to make sure everyone benefits from it. These people can become the celestial scribes, writing the cosmic laws for the world to heed.

Astraea in the Fourth House

When Astraea moves into the Fourth House, she gives a feeling of fairness and cares to the domestic sphere. Those who are born under her protection also have a strong respect for justice in their own countries or nations.

They often take on the role of guardian angels, watching over their families from above, offering them the safe haven of a unified ethical framework, and providing the world with compassion, unconditional love, and utmost care.

Astraea in the Fifth House

Astraea enters the Fifth House like a seasoned performer, twirling gracefully. Inside the house, she encourages a passionate take on fairness and justice.

Those who choose to channel her power here become the cosmic musicians, their creative works resonating with messages of justice and honesty for all. They can create a fabric of childlike wonder that encourages others to discover the magic of a fair and equitable world.

Astraea in the Sixth House

When Astraea enters the Sixth House, she bestows to its natives the wisdom to serve others with dignity and fairness, particularly in a work setting.

They transform into angelic healers, returning a sense of balance to the lives of everyone they touch. Their commitment to equal opportunity heals the world’s inequalities and returns harmony to the universe.

Astraea in the Seventh House

Astraea knelt gracefully as she entered the Seventh House of Relationships and Partnerships. Those born under her benevolent influence are inspired to find stability and serenity in their interpersonal relationships.

They step into the role of mediators, using their innate sense of fairness to help them settle disputes, particularly in legal matters. The presence of Astraea in this house also bestows the ability to negotiate fairly and build mutually beneficial partnerships, whether in business or in personal relationships.

Astraea in the Eighth House

Astraea sinks slowly into the Eighth House’s unknown depths, the region filled with transformation and collective resources. She brings the power of justice to issues related to taxes, shared assets, inheritances, along with intimate relationships in this mysterious space.

Those who are graced by her blissful hand become the alchemists of equity, transforming the base metals of unequal power structures into the precious metals of mutually beneficial interactions and equitable distribution of goods.

Astraea in the Ninth House

As the Goddess of Wisdom and Understanding, Astraea now shines brightly in the Ninth House. Those who are born under this house are motivated to pursue truth and justice in the fields of philosophy, spirituality, religion, and academics by her very presence.

In their quest for a more just and equal comprehension of the world’s mysteries, they transform into cosmic scholars whose minds are always expanding and whose words are always aiming to help others. With Astraea’s influence, they open up and teach others, contributing to a more harmonious and egalitarian world.

Astraea in the Tenth House

As Astraea dances in the heavens, she reaches the pinnacle of human achievement and professional success known as the Tenth House. Here she inspires people with lofty goals to act with honesty and fairness, and she also encourages a legal profession related to the law and justice.

People with this placement take on the role of defenders of fairness, using their power for social good. With Astraea here, their legacy will live on as a witness to the power of justice, encouraging future generations to do the same. This placement can indicate a career in the government structure as well.

Astraea in the Eleventh House

As Astraea enters into the Eleventh House in perfect harmony, which represents social and community activities, those born in this home are inspired by her heavenly influence to build friendships based on mutual appreciation and tolerance. They are great defenders of justice, equality, freedom, independence, and fairness in society.

They take on the role of the universe’s conductors, conducting an orchestra of borderless brotherhood. All people are given equal opportunity to have their opinions heard and acknowledged under Astraea’s leadership in this house.

Astraea in the Twelfth House

As the crescendo of Astraea’s cosmic dance reaches its peak, she enters the Twelfth House, the abode of the soul. She imparts to the natives a sense of the interdependence of all things and the value of mercy and forgiveness.

They develop into enlightened mystics in the heavens, full of compassion and able to view reality for what it truly is. With Astraea’s aid, she also enables individuals who have strayed from the path of justice to find redemption, thus contributing to the recovery of cosmic harmony.

Astraea in Mythology

The tradition claims that Astraea was among the inhabitants and the last of the immortals to live with humans during the Golden Age. But she grew disgusted with the mortals as they got increasingly corrupt and selfish, and this prompts her to seek refuge in the heavens.

That is, Astraea tried to help humans by instructing them in the ways of justice and righteousness, but her efforts were fruitless and she was eventually forced to depart the earth.

The Greeks believed that the zodiac was made to celebrate the celestial deities. After leaving Earth during the Golden Age, Astraea supposedly created the constellation Virgo and settled into it.

According to legend, Astraea will return to the Earth one day, bringing with her the utopian Golden Age to which she was the ruler.

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