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Asteroid Achilles Meaning in Astrology: Vulnerability and Strength

In Greek mythology, Achilles was the son of the mortal Peleus, ruler of the Myrmidons, and the Nereid, or sea goddess, Thetis.

In astrology, Achilles symbolizes our weaknesses and the places where we must push through our limitations to achieve success. However, it’s also a symbol for drawing on our own reserves of fortitude in the face of hardship.

In other words, Achilles stands for the part of us that refuses to back down and will battle tooth and nail for what we believe in.

Indeed, Achilles, the warrior of great achievement, is a crucial asteroid in astrology that represents your desire to be the best and to leave a lasting legacy. This asteroid is deeply connected to your sense of self and also your ability to achieve greatness in life.

Disclaimer: The study of asteroids is still at its infant stage, so this article suggests tendencies and potentials. It serves as guidance for your self-development. 

How to Find Achilles in the Birth Chart

Here are the steps that help you to find the asteroid Achilles in your natal chart:

  1. Go to (Extended Chart Selection)
  2. Enter your date, time, and location of your birth
  3. Click “Additional object”
  4. Under “Manual entry”, enter “588” – the number of Achilles
  5. Click “Show the chart” button at the bottom of the screen
  6. The asteroid should appear in your chart as “Achil”

Achilles Meaning in Astrology

In astrology, Achilles represents a risky place where overconfidence or underconfidence can lead to disaster. It was in light of his event in mythology that we invented the term “Achilles heel” to describe a fatal flaw in an otherwise formidable character.

According to Alexasteroid Astrology, although Achilles is most often used to indicate a point of weakness or vulnerability in astrology, this asteroid can also signify strength, a military power, explosive anger, vengeful retribution, unrelenting stubbornness, and solid friendship.

Achilles Aspect

In astrology, the Achilles aspect is all about achieving greatness. When activated, this aspect can make an individual fiercely ambitious, constantly striving for excellence, and refusing to settle for mediocrity.

However, Achilles’ name meaning must also be taken into consideration – ‘pain’ or ‘the grief of the people’. Thus, Achilles suggests that even when one achieves success, one may still feel a sense of grief or dissatisfaction, as if it’s never enough.

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Achilles in Transit

When Achilles is activated in transit, it can raise interesting scenarios. You may feel smothered or over-protected, and your loved ones may have high expectations of you.

In some cases, you may even contemplate your own mortality. Outer planets, such as Jupiter or Pluto, contacting Achilles can trigger a sense of urgency, leading people to muster all their strength and resilience to overcome present challenges.

According to Serpil Mostra, if Achilles connects with a natal planet, you may be called to a battle, requiring you to summon all your strength and willpower to emerge victorious. This may involve seeking to win in business or navigating a tumultuous love affair.

With Achilles in action, heavy emotional transformations are indicated. But remember that even when victory is achieved, it can be a bittersweet event.

Achilles in Signs

Aries (March 21-April 19)

It’s simple to imagine an Aries Achilles being fearless and a born leader. He was so eager to prove himself that he would charge headfirst into any difficulty, regardless of the consequences. The weakness of an Aries Achilles is impulsivity, aggression, impatience, and recklessness.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

An Achilles born under the Taurus sign would be reliable and steady, with an iron will to see initiatives through to the finish. His devotion and fortitude make him a trustworthy companion, despite his occasional obstinacy.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

A Gemini version of Achilles would be a tactically flexible fighter. He would be an excellent communicator, adept at diplomacy and bargaining, but he might have trouble making up his mind.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

A Cancer Achilles would guard his family and country with his life. He would be motivated by strong feelings and passions, so he’d look for ways to express his emotions, but he might often experience mood swings and inner turmoil.

Leo (July 23-August 22)

A Leo Achilles would be confident in his skills and ability to inspire others with his charisma. On the battlefield, he would be a natural commander and a showman, but he might also have problems with arrogance and the need to be constantly praised.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

A Virgo Achilles would be a well-trained and methodical fighter who plans his attacks meticulously. However, his critical and nitty-picky nature could lead him to be too hard on himself and others.

Libra (September 23-October 22)

A Libra Achilles would be a fair and diplomatic fighter who strives for peace and justice. While his need for balance and justice would make him an effective arbitrator, they could be liabilities in a fight.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

A Scorpio Achilles would be a ferocious and fearless fighter who isn’t scared of the shadow side of life. He would be independent and hardy, but he might have problems with envy, violence, and resentment.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

An Achilles born under the sign of Sagittarius would be a fearless traveler and explorer with a thirst for knowledge. He would have an upbeat attitude and be independent, but he might also be impulsive and easily bored.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

A Capricorn Achilles would be a strong, goal-oriented, and disciplined warrior. He would be diligent and patient, but he could have problems with authoritarianism and be excessively guarded.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

An Aquarius Achilles would be a fearless fighter who is always looking for a new strategy and heading toward a better future. He would have a generous heart and be kind to others, but he might have trouble connecting with others and be inflexible at times.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

A Pisces Achilles would be an emotionally and spiritually attuned fighter with a high level of sensitivity. His empathy and sensitivity would make him a good friend, but he might have trouble setting limits and staying practically anchored.

Achilles in Houses

1st House (House of Self)

When placed in the first house, Achilles can represent a robust constitution and the determination to be in leadership positions. These people should be careful because their aggressive and competitive personalities make them more likely to suffer injuries and mishaps.

2nd House (House of Values and Possessions)

Having Achilles in the second house can contribute to excessive worrying about money and possessions. Such people are very determined to be rich! But self-esteem may be one of their main problems.

3rd House (House of Communication and Intellect)

When placed in the third house, Achilles indicates a potential for a highly developed brain. However, these people may often have problems with their learning capacity, socialization, or communication skills.

4th House (House of Home and Family)

If Achilles is placed in the fourth house, the natives are often strong emotionally and willing to fight for their own families and countries. However, their chaotic emotions can sometimes get the better of them.

5th House (House of Creativity and Romance)

The placement of Achilles in the fifth house can contribute to excessive activity and injury in the name of artistic or athletic pursuits. They should be aware of their physical limitations and take care of their body with regular exercise, healthy eating, and plenty of relaxation.

6th House (House of Work and Health)

Although having Achilles in the sixth house is indicative of a hard worker, it also increases the risk of injury on the job. In fact, these people tend to strive really hard to succeed at work, but they need to take care of themselves by getting enough rest too.

7th House (House of Partnerships and Relationships)

When Achilles is placed in the seventh house, it can indicate someone who is determined to succeed socially, legally, and in marriage. However, these people tend to have many problems in their relationships with others.

8th House (House of Transformation and Shared Resources)

Although having Achilles in the 8th house can indicate courage and the will to make changes, it can also represent a person’s weaknesses related to sexuality and intimacy. These people tend to be very determined to transform themselves, yet their inner demon is equally strong indeed.

9th House (House of Philosophy and Higher Learning)

When placed in the ninth house, Achilles can cause a person to be relentlessly curious and eager to learn. They may have a strong desire to teach, share knowledge, and impart wisdom to others. People with this placement also tend to be very determined to achieve their goals, but more often than not, their goals can be too high to reach.

10th House (House of Career and Public Reputation)

When Achilles is positioned in the tenth house, natives are driven to achieve great success in life. These people are blessed with great leadership abilities, ambition, and passion, but they can also be workaholics and dictatorial leaders.

11th House (House of Friendships and Groups)

Having Achilles in the eleventh house can make a person become very focused on achieving their dreams, helping others, and fighting for fairness, equality, and justice in society. However, be careful with your friendships and group associations with this placement as you can be stabbed in the back by those you consider friends.

12th House (House of Secrets and the Unconscious)

Having Achilles in the twelfth house may mean that your weakness is related to a sense of escapism and addiction. On the other hand, this placement gives you the willpower and courage to succeed in your spiritual journey or to overcome your subconscious negative habits.

Achilles in Mythology

The sea nymph Thetis gave birth to Achilles, who was the offspring of the mortal king Peleus. He was destined to become a great warrior, but also to have a short life…

The Birth of Achilles

The mythology surrounding Achilles’ birth is one of the most interesting tales told about the legendary warrior. Thetis, Achilles’ mother, reputedly sought to make her son immortal. She did this by submerging him in the river Styx, which was believed to bestow immortality and invincibility.

Achilles was completely submerged, but Thetis still managed to grab hold of him by the foot. Therefore, the expression “Achilles’ heel” originated from this idea, meaning that the heel is the only part of his body that was not protected by the water!

The Trojan War

Most people know Achilles from the tale of the Trojan War. Legend has it that it all kicked off when Hera (or Juno), Athena, and Aphrodite had argued over who among them was the most attractive.

They gave Paris, a Trojan prince, the option of these three goddesses, and he picked Aphrodite because she guaranteed him Helen, the love of his life.

Helen, however, was already married to Spartan King Menelaus. The Trojan War started when Menelaus asked the Greeks for assistance in rescuing his wife back.

While Achilles was the best Greek warrior, he clashed with the army’s leader, Agamemnon. When Achilles decided to leave the battle, the Greeks suffer heavy losses.

Hector, the best warrior for the Trojans, perished when Achilles returned to the battlefield. Later on, though, Paris shot Achilles dead by hitting him with an arrow directly in his weak spot: his heel.

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